Which Workout Near Me is Best for Building Muscle?

Want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock? Want to transform your body like Chris Pratt did for Guardians of the Galaxy or Chris Hemsworth did for Thor? Or, maybe you want to sculpt lean muscles like Jessica Biel or Carrie Underwood in their fitness campaigns. When your goal is muscle definition, many workouts aren’t up to the test. These celebrities all know what it takes to get ripped, and Sweat440 provides it in a gym near you!

Why Sweat440 is Best for Building Muscle

How Compound Cardio Circuits Makes a Difference

One thing these celebrities know is that traditional cardio burns calories, but doesn’t add much muscle mass. To develop a sculpted physique, you need compound cardio circuits that balance cardio with resistance. Carrie Underwood’s usage of kettlebells as cardio is one example of a workout that gets your blood pumping through aerobic movement, while building muscle through resistance. The quick interval circuits she follows mirror the HIIT classes Sweat440 leads which increase muscle while burning fat.

Jessica Biel follows a strength circuit training program that uses similar HIIT methods. Adding dumbbells to her squats, rows, and lunges, she builds muscle even while performing cardio. Our HIIT classes implement quick-changes between intensity and speed to cycle you through several different exercises with minimal rest in between. The explosive exercises in which muscles exert maximum force for short intervals targets your VO2 max, which means you burn calories long after the workout ends. Our assault bikes, rowers, and ski ergs put cardio on full blast while giving your muscles a powerful pump. Turns out you don’t have to be a wealthy celebrity to enhance your shape, just take the classes at Sweat440!

Bulking Up vs. Toning Up

While Biel and Underwood are lean fitness machines, you may prefer a more imposing figure like The Rock or Arnold. Sweat440’s stations are designed to max out your potential, no matter where your current fitness stands. Our battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and suspension trainers maximize strength without causing back injuries or blowing out your knees.

For Chris Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy transformation, he combined weightlifting with compound cardio circuits that fused bikes, treadmills, and rowers with weights and calisthenics in quick sessions of different intensity. Our small group classes use the same principles with assault bikes, rowers, sleds, and sliders coupled with weights and functional exercises.

Unlike crossfit or powerlifting, which send more people to hospitals than bodybuilding competitions, our methods utilize innovative technology for brawn without unnecessary strain. Check out our YouTube videos to see how our trainers and members get ripped without the wear and tear. Our personal instructors circulate through every class to customize your experience. We encourage you to attain your desired outcome, whether that’s legs like Cameron Diaz or biceps like Jason Momoa. Our classes build muscle quicker than any other class you’ll find.

Workouts That Won’t Build Substantial Muscle

While any workout has the potential to burn calories, building muscle is a separate ability. Some workouts trim you down, making muscles more visible, but don’t mistake that for increased muscle mass. Without additional muscle tissue, you lose the benefits of a quicker metabolism and more calories burned at rest. Cardio alone has short-term effects, but those can quickly be undone by overeating at your next meal. Increased muscle mass has long-term effects and the ability to transform your physique. Don’t expect the following exercises to significantly impact muscle mass.

  • Running- Running has some health benefits, namely to your cardiovascular system. At Sweat440, we incorporate running into our compound cardio circuits coupled with varied intervals and supplemental resistance work. But running alone will not increase bulk or enhance your fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Yoga- Yoga has restorative properties and increases flexibility. But if you’re looking to sculpt defined muscles, you’ll be disappointed with yoga. At Sweat440, we include stretching and warm-ups like yoga entails, but we empower them with versa climbers, rope throwing and varied intensity to keep your muscles on their toes.
  • Spin Classes- Cycling has an unbalanced approach to muscle building. While you can create some resistance on a bike, your upper body is left out. Some classes incorporate small hand weights in their spin classes, but they aren’t heavy enough to actually build muscle. And experts say the opposing motions are inefficient and lead to injury. The stationary position of cycling doesn’t engage your muscles the way dynamic, explosive workouts at Sweat440 do.
  • Dance- Classes like Zumba don’t take your body out of aerobic mode into anaerobic mode the way that resistance work does. Ballet Barre and other dance-inspired classes burn calories, but compound cardio changes your body composition so you burn calories even at rest. To truly increase muscle mass, you need more dynamics than dance can offer.
  • Swimming- Swimming is good for the heart and lungs, and it’s a pleasant beach activity. But save swimming for vacations in the Hamptons and South Beach if you want to tone up. It won’t add significant muscle to your frame.


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Muscle Building Myths
  • Weight training isn’t a form of cardio.
  • Weight training always makes you bigger.
  • All exercise builds muscle.
  • Deadlifts and powerlifting are required to bulk up.
  • Building muscle happens in bodybuilding gyms, not classes.
  • Building muscle makes you weigh more.
Muscle Building Truths
  • Weight training can also be a form of cardio and burn more calories.
  • Weight training can make you bulkier or leaner, depending on the regimen.
  • Not all workouts increase muscle mass.
  • You can safely maximize your strength without dangerous lifting practices.
  • You can build muscle in group fitness classes focused on HIIT.
  • Building muscle can be used to lose or gain weight.