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6:00 AM – LAST CLASS AT 9:30 AM

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Our classes at SWEAT440 FiDi consist of 4 10-minute HIIT circuits: short, intense bursts of exercise with brief periods of rest. Burn up to 800 calories and work your entire body in just 40 minutes!


Make every move count.

You’re never late–literally

At our Financial District, New York studio, circuits start every 10 minutes–and you can join any circuit at any time. You’ll always be on time…so no excuses!


Show up for yourself.

Our coaches make sure you enjoy the journey

Our Financial District coaches are compassionate, kind individuals who will support you through your fitness journey. You won’t just be going to the gym, you’ll also be part of the amazing SWEAT440 FiDi team!


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The Financial District studio is located near both the Fulton Street Station and Wall Street Subway Station. The closest bus stops are Water St./John St. and Water St./Maiden Lane. Nearby landmarks include the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Pace University.

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Your Fitness Journey Begins with a Free Class

Experience SWEAT440 with Your Complimentary First Class

We at SWEAT440 are thrilled to offer you a free introductory class because we’re sure you’re going to love our distinctive fitness approach. This opportunity is our warm welcome to you into our active community. During this complimentary session, you’ll experience the dynamic nature and effectiveness of our HIIT workouts, get to know our professional fitness mentors, join our vibrant 440Squad, and catch a glimpse of what being a part of SWEAT440 FiDi truly means.

How to Claim Your Free First Class at SWEAT440 FiDi

Snagging your first session is straightforward. Visit our website, select SWEAT440 FiDi as your chosen venue, and pick a class time that fits your agenda. Thanks to our unique #NeverLate system, there’s a new class every 10 minutes – ensuring you’re always timely!

What Makes SWEAT440 FiDi Stand Out

The SWEAT440 FiDi Experience: Fitness Tailored to You

At SWEAT440 FiDi, we appreciate that everyone’s fitness journey is unique. Consequently, we strive to provide personalized fitness experiences. We understand that everyone’s workout needs are different and we recognize the uniqueness of your body and fitness aspirations.

Our HIIT workouts are skillfully created to cater to a wide array of fitness levels and goals. Regardless of your objective – be it increasing muscle strength, enhancing endurance, boosting flexibility, losing weight, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle – our workout routines are modified to help you reach your personal goals.

The SWEAT440 FiDi journey begins with our experienced fitness mentors who are ever-present to guide you. They assist in customizing your workout regimes, keeping in mind your fitness level, aspirations, and any specific needs you might have. This tailored approach means each member enjoys a uniquely created workout, leading to more effective outcomes and a heightened feeling of accomplishment.

What’s more, our lively fitness community, the 440Squad, fosters a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. With SWEAT440, you’re never alone on your fitness journey. Our mentors and your fellow members will be there to celebrate your victories and motivate you to tackle challenges.

Being part of SWEAT440 FiDi is about more than workouts; it’s about fostering a positive and empowering fitness culture. We aim to make your workout experience enjoyable, inspiring, and most importantly, effective in helping you attain your fitness aspirations.

#NeverLate: The Unique 10-minute Class System

SWEAT440 FiDi believes in making fitness fit your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve introduced the #NeverLate system, a unique concept that launches a new class every 10 minutes. Thanks to our #NeverLate system, you can squeeze a workout into your packed schedule at any time, without fretting about missing your class.

Our innovative 10-minute class cycle provides the utmost flexibility to our members. We understand that urban life is fast and unpredictable. Whether you’re stuck in meetings, traffic, or running late from an errand, the #NeverLate system ensures there’s always a class waiting for you when you arrive.

Our classes are organized into 40-minute sessions, featuring a mix of HIIT exercises to provide a comprehensive, full-body workout. Despite the fast transitions, each class ensures a thorough workout, encompassing a warm-up, a high-intensity training session, and a cool-down period.

The #NeverLate system isn’t just about scheduling convenience; we pledge to make fitness available for all. We strive to eliminate the hurdles that often discourage people from exercising regularly, and our distinct class system plays a vital role in that effort. With #NeverLate, there’s never a wrong moment to embark on your fitness journey at SWEAT440 FiDi.

The Benefits of HIIT Workouts at SWEAT440 FiDi

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has made a significant impact on the fitness world. At SWEAT440 FiDi, this impactful workout regimen forms an integral part of our core offering. But what exactly makes HIIT so effective, and what perks can you anticipate when incorporating it into your fitness routine?

To start with, HIIT workouts are incredibly time-efficient, consisting of brief periods of high-intensity exercise interspersed with short rest intervals. This structure allows you to accomplish a substantial workout in minimal time – a blessing for bustling city-dwellers who struggle to allocate an hour or more for daily exercise. At SWEAT440, our HIIT sessions last only 40 minutes, easily fitting into your hectic schedule.

Moreover, HIIT workouts are fantastic fat burners. They quickly raise your heart rate and keep your metabolism humming even post-workout, stimulating fat loss throughout the day. This ‘afterburn’ effect ensures you’re burning calories even during rest periods.

Furthermore, HIIT workouts at SWEAT440 FiDi are diverse and engaging. We understand that routine can hamper motivation, which is why our HIIT sessions keep you captivated with a blend of cardio and strength exercises. This variety not only spices things up but also ensures a balanced, full-body workout.

Lastly, HIIT is adaptable. Regardless of whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned enthusiast; HIIT workouts can be adjusted to match your fitness level. Our expert mentors at SWEAT440 FiDi are ready to assist you in modifying the workouts as necessary, ensuring you’re always working at a challenging but attainable level.

To sum it up, HIIT workouts at SWEAT440 FiDi offer a host of advantages, including time efficiency, effective fat-burning, workout diversity, and adaptability. Combined, these perks make HIIT an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their fitness game.

Meet the FiDi 440 Squad: Our Inclusive Fitness Community

The Strength of the FiDi 440 Squad: All Are Welcome

The spirit of SWEAT440 FiDi lies in its vibrant and diverse 440 Squad. This inclusive fitness community is a melting pot of fitness beginners, seasoned enthusiasts, and everyone in between. It’s not about age, background, or fitness level here; if you have a passion for fitness, you have a place in the 440 Squad.

Joining the 440 Squad is not about acquiring a simple gym membership. Instead, it’s about becoming part of a fitness community that motivates, encourages, and helps you to reach your fitness targets. The 440 Squad consists of like-minded individuals who share your passion for health and fitness. They’ll be your cheer squad, supporting you every step of the way.

Our fitness mentors play a significant role in nurturing this environment of inclusivity and positivity. They are dedicated to ensuring everyone feels at ease, challenged, and successful in their workouts. Their passion and expertise are the driving forces behind the dynamic atmosphere at SWEAT440 FiDi.

Being a part of the 440 Squad means you are part of our fitness family. Whether you are celebrating a new personal best, facing a challenging day, or marking a milestone, the 440 Squad is your source of motivation and support.

At SWEAT440 FiDi, we strive to create an empowering, inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed. It’s not just about getting fit; it’s about creating a positive and sustainable fitness culture. So, come and become a part of our exciting fitness journey with the 440 Squad.

Real Stories from SWEAT440 FiDi Members

The experiences of our members are our greatest endorsement. Their success stories stand as proof of the power of our HIIT workouts. From improved stamina and strength to remarkable weight loss and mental health improvements, our members reap benefits that transcend mere physical appearances.

The SWEAT440 FiDi Facility: State-of-the-Art and Welcoming

Explore Our High-End Fitness Equipment

At SWEAT440 FiDi, we pride ourselves on having the latest fitness equipment to ensure effective workouts. With everything from high-quality weights to cutting-edge cardio machines, we provide all the essentials for a comprehensive workout. The 4-station sequences in our classes ensure a holistic fitness experience, utilizing a variety of equipment.

Comfort and Cleanliness: Our Commitment to You

Your comfort and safety are paramount to us. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, and our attentive staff are always there to assist you. SWEAT440 FiDi provides a clean, spacious fitness environment with state-of-the-art amenities right in the heart of New York City.

Explore Workout Classes at SWEAT440 FiDi

A Variety of Workout Classes to Suit Your Needs

SWEAT440 FiDi believes in offering a broad array of workout classes to cater to the varying preferences, needs, and fitness levels of our community. While all classes are based around the proven concept of HIIT, we provide a fantastic variety within this structure.

We offer classes that concentrate on cardio for those looking to boost heart health and endurance, while our strength classes focus on building lean muscle and enhancing metabolism. We also offer classes that focus on particular body parts – upper body, lower body, and core. This approach allows you to focus on specific areas on different days, ensuring a balanced workout over the week and promoting overall wellness.

We also value the mental aspects of fitness. We understand the importance of a healthy mind alongside a healthy body and incorporate elements of mindfulness and relaxation in our classes.

At SWEAT440 FiDi, we aim to make each workout fresh, exciting, and challenging. The variety we offer helps to keep workouts interesting, challenging your body in new ways, and leading to improved outcomes.

Plus, with our unique 10-minute class system, you can sample different classes without committing to a long session. Whether you’re looking for a rigorous session or something more relaxed, SWEAT440 FiDi has a class that aligns with your needs.

Expert Fitness Coaches to Guide Your Journey

Guidance and support are crucial to any successful fitness journey. At SWEAT440 FiDi, our team of professional fitness coaches is at the center of every fitness story. They are not just instructors; they are your cheerleaders, your guides, and your mentors in your journey toward your fitness goals.

Our coaches come from various fitness backgrounds and bring their extensive experience in fitness and health to every class. They are certified, knowledgeable, and equipped to guide you through each workout with precision and care. They ensure you’re performing each exercise correctly, a critical aspect in preventing injuries and maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts.

But their role extends beyond just leading workouts. They provide valuable advice and feedback, helping you tweak your form, intensity, or routine as needed. They track your progress, challenge your limits, and celebrate your wins, big or small.

Regardless of your fitness level, our coaches can adapt workouts to your current state and help you progress steadily. They foster a supportive and positive environment, respecting your unique fitness journey and motivating you to continue even during tough times.

At SWEAT440 FiDi, our coaches are more than just staff; they are an integral part of the 440 Squad and an essential part of your fitness journey. They’re with you every step of the way, cheering you on, guiding you, and ensuring your SWEAT440 experience is enjoyable, effective, and rewarding.

Start Your Fitness Journey at SWEAT440 FiDi Today

Bringing our tour of SWEAT440 FiDi to a close, it’s clear to see this isn’t just another gym. It’s a tight-knit community, a strong support network, and the springboard to propel you toward your fitness aspirations. Regardless of where you’re starting from or what you’re aiming for, you’ll find a home in the supportive 440 Squad that balances pushing your limits with nurturing your growth.

We kick off our approach to fitness with a one-of-a-kind 10-minute class structure. This unrivaled convenience ensures our #NeverLate principle can integrate workouts smoothly into your daily life, making fitness an enduring part of your everyday routine, not just an intermittent engagement. We’ve crafted our classes to pack the punch of an extended, intense session into a brief, vibrant 40-minute workout.

The extensive array of classes we offer addresses a broad spectrum of fitness objectives and preferences. Whether you’re looking to focus on particular body regions or different fitness elements such as cardiovascular health or strength, our classes provide a diverse and balanced menu, guaranteeing a well-rounded workout throughout your week. Plus, you’ll always find our workouts fresh, stimulating, and attuned to your fitness stage, ensuring you remain invested and enthusiastic on your fitness journey.

At SWEAT440 FiDi, we harness the benefits of HIIT workouts to construct a fitness plan that’s exceptionally effective at burning calories, enhancing strength, and boosting overall wellness. Our scientifically validated methodology, fused with our coaches’ professional expertise, guarantees maximum results from every session.

Speaking of our fitness trainers, their proficiency and dedication are integral to SWEAT440 FiDi’s vibrant and empowering fitness environment. They’re on hand to guide, inspire, and assist you through your fitness adventure. Each class benefits from their varied backgrounds and a treasure trove of experience, offering support, wisdom, and encouragement.

The pulse of SWEAT440 FiDi is, without doubt, the 440 Squad — an assorted, inclusive community rallying and aiding each other in the pursuit of their fitness objectives. When you join the 440 Squad, you’re enrolling in a broader fitness family that celebrates collective triumphs and uplifts each other during challenging moments.

Having guided you through the nuts and bolts of SWEAT440 FiDi, there’s only one step left — come and try it firsthand! And the cherry on top? Your inaugural class is on the house! This is our way of rolling out the welcome mat to the 440 Squad, introducing you to our unique workout philosophy, and demonstrating why SWEAT440 FiDi stands head and shoulders above other fitness studios.

SWEAT440 FiDi warmly welcomes you to embark on this one-of-a-kind fitness journey. Whether you’re after an effective workout schedule, in search of a supportive fitness community, or ready to up your fitness game, SWEAT440 FiDi has something for everyone. At SWEAT440, you get what you sweat. So, come and join the 440 Squad, and let’s turn your fitness goals into reality.

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