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The classes at SWEAT440 Montreal work your whole body in just 40 minutes: 4 10-minute HIIT circuits alternated with brief periods of rest. Burn up to 800 calories, challenge yourself, and crush your goals!

Make every move count.


At our Montreal, Canada studio, circuits start every 10 minutes–and you can join any circuit at any time. You’ll always be on time…so no excuses!

Show up for yourself.


Our coaches are compassionate individuals who care about your well-being and will support you through your fitness journey. More than a gym, we are a TEAM!

Join the SWEAT440 family.

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The Montreal studio is located near the Jean-Talon/No 5000 bus stop and the Jean-Talon/No 5005 bus stop. It’s just across from the City of Montreal Police Department- Station #26 and the SPCA of Montreal. The studio’s location is also ideal for employees at BAM Strategy and IO Solutions Call Center.

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Embarking on a fitness adventure need not be overwhelming or complex. SWEAT440 Montreal is devoted to delivering an accessible, potent, and enjoyable fitness journey to all. Our distinctive gym, specializing in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), provides workouts that are compatible with all fitness stages, from novices to seasoned workout warriors. We recognize that every person’s fitness path is unique, so we’ve crafted our exercises to match your individual ambitions and abilities.

Step into the energizing world of SWEAT440 Montreal – a fitness sanctuary where you can exercise on your terms, with regimes designed to challenge your boundaries and yield the outcomes you seek. We are more than just a workout space; we’re a lively, bustling fitness tribe referred to as the 440 Squad. Our venue promotes inclusivity, empowerment, and unity, inspiring everyone to reach for their personal peak.

SWEAT440 Montreal sets the bar in the fitness sector through our unique workout approach. Our fitness mantra is straightforward: you get what you sweat. This principle steers our emphasis on healthy workout habits, spotlighting the dedication and effort each member pours into their workout, rather than endorsing unrealistic body standards.

Our signature 40-minute workout sessions are grounded in the latest HIIT scientific research and masterfully constructed to maximize calorie burn, enhance metabolism, and bolster cardiovascular health. With our inventive timetable that launches a new class every 10 minutes, we guarantee that you’re #NeverLate. Our schedule’s convenience and adaptability make it a breeze to incorporate a workout into your bustling day, whether you’re slipping in a session before work or burning calories late into the evening.

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Montreal, SWEAT440 Montreal is ideally located in an animated, dynamic area, readily accessible for locals in search of a novel, efficient fitness strategy. Our cutting-edge facilities are decked out with premier workout machines and gear, supplying you with all you need to charge through your workout.

Commence a transformative fitness journey with SWEAT440 Montreal. Allow us to demonstrate that with the right ambiance, a supportive community, and potent workouts, fitness can be a journey that’s as fulfilling as it is demanding. At SWEAT440 Montreal, we’re not just working out; we’re fostering strength, cultivating community, and changing lives, one 40-minute workout at a time.

Why Choose SWEAT440 Montreal?

Montreal boasts a plethora of fitness opportunities, but what makes SWEAT440 shine? Is it our novel workout structure, our adaptable scheduling, or our diverse and energetic community? The answer is all the above – and so much more. Here are several compelling reasons why SWEAT440 Montreal should be your preferred fitness sanctuary.

The SWEAT440 Montreal Distinction

SWEAT440 is more than just a gym; it’s a ground-breaking fitness experience. Our distinguishing factor is our unique, scientifically supported approach to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). We provide our members an invigorating and dynamic 40-minute workout session that focuses on all muscle groups, ensuring you finish drenched in sweat and filled with accomplishment. The payoff? An extremely efficient, gratifying workout that enhances overall fitness and well-being.

Moreover, our workouts are scalable, accommodating a broad spectrum of fitness levels. Whether you’re a veteran athlete looking to elevate your performance, or a fitness novice delving into the world of exercise, we have you covered. Our expert trainers offer modifications to ensure you’re challenged yet not overwhelmed, transforming our gym into a safe environment for everyone to push their limits.

No Delays with SWEAT440

We understand that life is hectic and unpredictable. Therefore, we’ve engineered a unique class structure that initiates every 10 minutes, ensuring you’re #NeverLate for a workout. This flexibility enables you to squeeze in a workout into your schedule whenever it suits you, allowing you to maintain a healthy fitness routine without compromising other areas of your life.

Our commitment to providing a flexible fitness solution contributes to making SWEAT440 Montreal a top pick among busy professionals, students, parents, and anyone else requiring a gym that beautifully adapts to their lifestyle, rather than the reverse.

Regimes for All: Rookies to Professionals

Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, and at SWEAT440 Montreal, we fully embrace this notion. Our workouts are meticulously curated to be adjustable for every fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your fitness voyage or a seasoned pro aspiring to elevate your fitness to a new plateau, SWEAT440 Montreal has something for you.

Our skilled coaches guide you through each 40-minute workout, providing modifications for various exercises to ensure they’re tailored to your fitness level. They’re there to motivate and inspire you every step of the journey, creating an empowering and inclusive environment that fuels your drive to reach your peak performance.

Be Part of the 440 Squad

By joining SWEAT440 Montreal, you’re not just signing up for a gym membership; you’re becoming part of the 440 Squad – a dynamic, supportive community of individuals united by a common objective: to enhance their health and fitness. Our community thrives on the camaraderie born from shared effort and determination, forging a positive and supportive atmosphere that enriches your fitness journey.

Being part of the 440 Squad means you’re joining a gym that appreciates each member’s journey, celebrates every achievement, and provides support through every challenge. Our squad is unified by the belief that fitness should be accessible, achievable, and enjoyable for everyone.

Opting for SWEAT440 Montreal means choosing a unique, supportive, and potent path to fitness. It’s a gym that molds to your lifestyle and your needs, offering an inclusive, vibrant environment where you can test your limits, meet your fitness aspirations, and join a community that lauds your every triumph. Why pick SWEAT440 Montreal? Because your fitness journey deserves nothing but the best.

SWEAT440 Montreal’s Unique 40-Minute Workout

Stepping into the world of fitness with a refreshing approach, SWEAT440 Montreal presents a groundbreaking 40-minute workout system. This blend of intensity, efficiency, and result-oriented design offers a unique alternative to traditional gym workouts.

Breaking Down the 40-Minute Workout Structure

Every 40-minute workout at SWEAT440 Montreal is structured into four 10-minute stations, each engineered to combine cardiovascular and strength training exercises. By targeting different muscle groups at each station, we ensure a balanced, full-body workout. Our approach to blending cardio and strength training not only maximizes your calorie burn but also refines muscle tone and enhances metabolic function.

Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) format keeps monotony at bay. Your workout remains exciting and invigorating as the exercises keep changing, thereby maintaining a constant engagement level.

The Power of a 40-Minute HIIT Session

Research backs the effectiveness of HIIT workouts. With proven benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, increased metabolic rate, and accelerated fat loss, HIIT workouts also trigger the ‘afterburn’ effect, enabling your body to continue burning calories post-workout.

Our distinctive 40-minute workout is tailored to leverage these benefits. This concise, power-packed workout helps achieve results that might otherwise require hours at a conventional gym. The ease and efficiency of fitting a full-body workout into a 40-minute slot make our workout sessions a perfect fit for your busy schedule, enabling you to see results faster.

The SWEAT440 Promise: You Get What You Sweat

SWEAT440 Montreal stands by the philosophy of “You get what you sweat.” We vouch for the transformative power of commitment and hard work, and our 40-minute workouts embody this belief. We assure you that every drop of sweat contributes to your fitness objectives.

Our workouts aim to push you beyond your comfort zone. But remember, the journey isn’t about perfection—it’s about progress. Whether you can perform five push-ups or fifty, what counts is that you’re making strides towards improvement and putting in your best effort.

SWEAT440 Montreal’s unique 40-minute workout offers a path to transform your fitness journey. It’s compact, adaptable, and potent, catering to your needs and your schedule. Each session is an efficient, exhilarating journey toward your fitness goals. Experience the fitness revolution at SWEAT440 Montreal, where every minute, every movement, and every drop of sweat propels you forward.

A Closer Look at SWEAT440 Montreal Facilities

SWEAT440 Montreal extends beyond a traditional gym—it’s a state-of-the-art, inspiring arena designed to optimize your workout experience. Let’s explore the features of our advanced facilities.

Superior Equipment at SWEAT440 Montreal

At SWEAT440 Montreal, we place a strong emphasis on providing a superior workout experience, which extends to our carefully chosen, high-end gym equipment. You’ll find a wide range of advanced machines and fitness tools tailored to our 40-minute HIIT circuit.

From high-tech cardio machines that track heart rate and calories burned to versatile strength training equipment, our gym hosts everything you need for an engaging, dynamic workout.

All our machines are meticulously maintained, ensuring prime condition for your workouts. Moreover, we continually update our equipment to include the latest fitness technology innovations, promising the most efficient and effective workout experience possible.

The Energetic Atmosphere of SWEAT440 Montreal

Upon entering SWEAT440 Montreal, you’ll be instantly embraced by the lively, dynamic atmosphere that our members love. With motivating music, roomy workout zones, and a clean, inviting ambiance, we’ve crafted a space that makes you eagerly anticipate your workouts.

Our gym is bathed in natural light, promoting a sense of vitality and positivity. A well-ventilated environment and strict cleanliness standards ensure a comfortable and safe workout experience.

The Convenient Location and Accessibility of SWEAT440 Montreal

Nestled in the heart of Montreal, SWEAT440 Montreal provides easy access for both early-morning and late-night workout enthusiasts. Our central location simplifies your commitment to fitness, making it effortless to fit an effective workout into your hectic schedule.

With ample parking and several public transportation options nearby, your journey to fitness is as seamless as possible. At SWEAT440 Montreal, every aspect of your visit, from state-of-the-art equipment to a stimulating, clean environment, and a prime location, enhances your fitness journey. Our gym is more than a workout venue—it’s a sanctuary where you can push your limits, exceed your goals, and find joy in every step of your fitness journey.

Testimonials and Reviews of SWEAT440 Montreal

The authentic testament to SWEAT440 Montreal’s impact lies in the words of our valued members—those who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of our 40-minute HIIT workouts.

Life-Changing Workout Experiences

In a glowing five-star review, member Mark G. shares his transformation story, remarking, “I’ve never experienced a gym like this before. The 40-minute workout is intense but incredibly rewarding. I’ve seen more progress in a few months here than I did in years at my previous gym.”

Commendable Coaches and Staff

The role of our dedicated coaches in creating a positive, supportive workout environment does not go unnoticed. Member Rebecca T. appreciates our team, stating, “The trainers are remarkable. They constantly motivate you, correct your form, and provide alternatives for exercises if necessary. They make the workouts both fun and challenging.”

Never Late Concept Appreciation

The flexible scheduling of SWEAT440 Montreal is a huge hit among our members. Liam D. shares in his review, “I love the concept of a new class starting every 10 minutes. It makes fitting in a workout incredibly easy even on the busiest days. Plus, the workouts are amazing – never the same thing twice.”

Community Spirit of the 440 Squad

The positive, inclusive atmosphere of SWEAT440 Montreal’s 440 Squad is echoed in member reviews. Julie K. shares, “The sense of community at this gym is incredible. You’re always greeted with a smile, and the other members are friendly and supportive. It feels like a family.”

Top-Notch Facilities

Our clean, modern facilities and state-of-the-art gym equipment are another source of pride for our members. In her review, Sofia M. writes, “The facilities are first-rate. Everything is clean, the equipment is in excellent condition, and the gym layout promotes a comfortable workout environment.”

These testimonials illuminate the SWEAT440 Montreal experience: powerful, effective workouts, supportive trainers, flexible scheduling, a nurturing community, and superior facilities. They reflect the impact SWEAT440 Montreal has on people’s fitness journeys and exemplify why SWEAT440 Montreal is a top choice for those seeking to revolutionize their health and fitness.

Become a Part of SWEAT440 Montreal

Now that you’ve learned about the SWEAT440 Montreal difference, the benefits of our unique 40-minute workouts, our state-of-the-art facilities, and heard from our satisfied members, it’s time for you to become part of the SWEAT440 Montreal story. Here’s how you can join our growing community and start your transformative fitness journey.

Your First Class is on Us

Now that you’re familiar with the SWEAT440 Montreal difference, the potency of our unique 40-minute workouts, our top-tier facilities, and our satisfied members’ feedback, it’s time to start your transformative fitness journey with us.

Your First Class is On Us

We’re so confident that you’ll adore our gym, we’re offering your first class free. This allows you to experience our high-energy workouts, meet our dedicated coaches and friendly 440 Squad, all without any commitment.

You can book your first class online. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to acquaint yourself with our facilities and prepare for the experience. Remember, our coaches are there to guide and support you, regardless of your fitness level.

Flexible Membership Options

After your first class, you can choose from our range of flexible membership options, designed to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re a student, professional, or a parent managing multiple responsibilities, we have a plan for you.

Joining the 440 Squad

When you join SWEAT440 Montreal, you become part of a supportive and passionate community. The 440 Squad is a group of individuals who motivate each other, celebrate achievements, and sweat together. Here, you’ll find more than just a workout—you’ll find a sense of belonging.

Start Sweating Today

Are you ready to redefine your fitness journey? Come experience a unique workout, where every drop of sweat takes you a step closer to your goal. Join SWEAT440 Montreal today and discover why our members can’t get enough. From our effective 40-minute workouts to our state-of-the-art facilities and nurturing community, there’s no better place to kickstart your fitness transformation. Embrace a stronger, healthier, and more empowered you at SWEAT440 Montreal.

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