Best Gym Near Me: Location + Safety Protocols

In 2020, there are two primary factors to consider when looking for the best gym near me — location and safety protocols. You must look for gyms in convenient locations close to your home for obvious reasons. If the gym is far, you’re more likely to make excuses to avoid training. You must find a gym close to your location, ideally within 15 minutes from your home. It’s also worth finding a gym close to public transportation.

Besides the location, you must find a gym that adheres to the strictest COVID-19 safety standards and protocols. Gyms are considered super-spreaders of the coronavirus due to their small indoor spaces, a large number of members, and lack of social distancing. However, several gyms have started reopening their fitness centers with social distancing protocols in place, allowing you to resume your training without risking contamination.

If you’re in New York City, Florida, or Montreal, you might find that Sweat440 is the ideal gym near your location because we have accessible fitness centers with a wide range of social distancing and sanitization practices. This article introduces you to Sweat440’s safety standards and fitness centers.


Sweat440 COVID-19 Safety Standards

  • Pre-Bookings: Even though members can show up for our classes without bookings, we encourage all members to pre-book classes in advance. We try to limit the number of members within our center at any given time.
  • No Waiting: We encourage all members to show up for their classes about 5 minutes before classes and leave immediately after the class. We discourage members from simply waiting around.
  • Temperature Checks: The entire Sweat440 team goes through temperature checks before every shift. Our members must also go through touchless temperature checks.
  • PPE: All Sweat440 members must wear personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks.
  • No-Contact Workouts: We discourage members from physically interacting with each other. Instead of high-fives, you can try an enthusiastic thumbs-up!
  • Disinfectants: We provide all members with disinfectant sprays and cleaning towels. Please clean your workout pod or equipment after use.
  • Individual Workout Pods: We’ve installed social distancing lines around the gym to help you move around without entering someone else’s zone. We also provide individual workout pods with individual equipment, so you can work out and sweat within your zone.
  • Deep Cleans: We regularly deep clean all high-touch areas, door handles, and equipment with hospital-grade sanitizing equipment.
  • No Communal Spaces: We’ve temporarily closed the locker rooms and showers to minimize the risk of coronavirus spreading.
  • Stay at Home: We discourage members from showing up if they have signs or symptoms of COVID-19, feeling unwell, or have been exposed to someone else who’s sick.

Sweat440 Locations

About Sweat440

Sweat440 isn’t simply the best gym because of its safety protocols and convenient locations, but also because of its general workout structure. Sweat440 is one of the most innovative fitness centers because of a unique group fitness structure that allows new members to enter the class every 10 minutes, ensuring no one is ever late.

Sweat440 group fitness classes last for 40 minutes, and they take you through four 10-minute fitness stations. Each fitness station comprises 3 sets of 3 exercises, all performed according to the countdown clock. Once you complete a fitness station, you can move to the next station, allowing a new group to take your previous position. This circuitous training style ensures that you’re never late for a class.

Sweat440 is also known for its no-contract and flexible memberships. You can purchase a specific number or period of classes, and there’s no obligation to continue the membership beyond that period. You’re free to join or leave the gym whenever you want. Sweat440 provides free trial sessions to all first-timers — if you’re curious, feel free to schedule a trial sweat session today.


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Best Gym Near Me: Location + Safety Protocol

Sweat440 Safety Protocols
  • Pre-bookings for all classes.
  • Mandatory temperature checks and PPE.
  • Thumbs-up instead of high-fives.
  • Deep cleaning and regular sanitization of all equipment.
  • No communal spaces, such as locker rooms and showers.
  • Socially-distanced workout pods.
  • Members are encouraged to leave immediately after classes.
Sweat440 Locations