Orangetheory vs SWEAT440, Be #neverlate!

Jan 8, 2020

Orangetheory vs SWEAT440, Be #neverlate!

Jan 8, 2020


Orangetheory vs. SWEAT440 #Neverlate

Orangetheory vs. SWEAT440? The hottest trend in workouts is High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. If you’re searching for a new “gym near me” to get results, you’ll have to read this article first.

What is HIIT or HIT Training?

If you’ve been into fitness or weight loss for any time, you’ve probably heard about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or High-Intensity Training (HIT). These styles of workouts are the best workouts for folks who are looking for fast calorie burn, weight loss, or muscle building and have time to hit the gym once or twice a week.

Orangetheory vs. SWEAT440

Generally speaking, all HIIT classes are incredibly effective and work the same way. They mix intense bursts of activity with a short rest cycle to boost your fitness quickly.

HIIT is so hot as a fitness routine because it works! Let’s take a closer look at these two programs:

  • Orangetheory is a one-hour full-body workout. Members will get the same, trusted workout every time, focusing on boosting their heart rate into a calorie-burning zone.
  • SWEAT440 takes a different approach. Workouts are shorter and much more focused on a specific body area every day of the week. Check the SWEAT440 workout schedule here.
  • At SWEAT440, members are free to target trouble areas until resolved, with close attention from professional trainers.
  • Where SWEAT440 clearly wins the day is with their innovative #NEVERLATE flexible schedule. Classes start every ten minutes, so you’ll never be late to your sesh!

Per Science Focus Magazine, few workouts have been as thoroughly researched and published as HIIT training. It’s highly adaptable and practical for everyone, whether you’re a professional athlete or a total newbie! Again, what really sets SWEAT440 apart for consumers is its class schedule. Classes start every ten minutes, so you’re #neverlate for a workout. You’ll never waste money on a class you don’t join.

If you’re tired of missing a workout session because you got stuck at the office or in traffic, SWEAT440 is the HIIT program for you!

Why SWEAT440 Is So Amazing

  • SWEAT440 is the only HIIT-style training where you won’t pay the total price for a class if you’re ten minutes late! Because you’re #neverlate!
  • The music, atmosphere, and trainers are always high energy and super positive. You’ll feel like a million bucks after a session.
  • It’s affordable – and flexible. Members have a varied set of options for workout plans and gym memberships.
  • Certified trainers take members through specific workouts every day of the week. Monday is lower body shaping day. Sunday is a total body “warrior workout,” for example. Members KNOW their workout will target the part of the body they want to be worked on.

SWEAT440 aims to elevate the fitness industry by combining the motivational mindset of small-group training with the convenience of flexible workout schedules.

What SWEAT440 Classes Feel Like for A Beginner

It’s a vigorous workout; we’re not going to lie. In the beginning, your arms and legs will feel like noodles. The music is pumping; your instructor is cheering; your new friends high-fiving each other. As well, they should! SWEAT440 provides an intense 40-minute HIIT workout, unlike any different modern HIT workout. The 40-minute classes incorporate a quick, effective combination of cross-training, strength training, and HIIT workouts aimed at burning fat and boosting your metabolism. Depending on the day of the week, SWEAT440’s clients use a variety of equipment:

  • Rowers
  • Assault bikes
  • Sleds
  • Battle ropes
  • Suspension Training and more.

SWEAT440’s Unique Schedule: Dedicated Days of the Week

Every Sweat440 class consists of 4 ten-minute stations. At each station, three exercises target various muscle groups. Perform an exercise for 45 seconds, then use 15 seconds to transition to the next exercise. This cycle is repeated three times (9 minutes), and then there is one minute to rest, hydrate, and transition to the next station.

  • Monday – Shape day – Lower body shaping – Expect intense circuits of compound exercises with acute attention to technique and form during this shaping and toning class, primarily for the lower body and core.
  • Tuesday – Shred day– Upper Body/Core – Metabolic conditioning circuits plus upper-body resistance training and core exercises will get you lean and ripped fast!
  • Wednesday – Sweat day– Core/Conditioning – Experience a mix of High-Intensity Intervals and core exercises. It’s a heart-pounding, 6-pack carving 40-minute class that will really make you sweat.
  • Thursday – Shred day – Lower Body – Expect intense circuits of compound exercises with close attention to technique and form. This shaping and toning class works your lower body and core.
  • Friday – Shape Day – Upper Body/Core – Metabolic conditioning circuits with upper-body resistance training and core exercises designed to give fast, visible results.
  • Saturday – Warrior Day – Total Body Conditioning – Take on a mix of High-Intensity Intervals and core exercises. Good luck catching your breath in this heart-pounding, total-body session!
  • Sunday – Warrior Day – Total Body Conditioning – Do you think you can do it twice in a row? Another mix of High-Intensity Intervals and core exercises. Hit it hard for amazing all-over body results!

Enthusiastic coaches are here to circulate throughout the classes, correct your form, spur you onwards, and offer modifications if you have an injury or issue to work around. After your session, capture your post-workout glow at SWEAT440’s photo booth, featuring a halo light and one-click sharing options for easy posting across all social media platforms. You will look and feel amazing!

Try a Free Session, and Never Be Late for a Workout Again

Newbies never fear! Those new to SWEAT440, or new to gym exercise in general, register easily through our SWEAT440 APP on iPhone & Android or at the front desk before joining the next group. SWEAT440 offers a free initial class to all new guests.

After your workout, new members are invited to purchase the following:

  • Single classes
  • 10-packs of classes
  • Monthly classes

Have questions? Find a studio today!



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