What Exercise Burns the Most Calories in 40 Minutes?

What Exercise Burns the Most Calories in 40 Minutes?

The exercise that burns the most calories is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). When it’s done correctly, it helps you improve your VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed during exercise. This optimizes your calorie burn while you exercise. But HIIT also incorporates resistance with cardio, if you follow a legitimate HIIT program like SWEAT440 on Music Row. This means you’ll keep burning calories for an hour or more after your workout. 

Exercises like running can burn lots of calories, but they stop burning calories as soon as you’re done. And running doesn’t build muscle unless you add resistance, so it won’t improve your metabolism like HIIT will. SWEAT440 uses varied intervals of intensity that enable you to burn more calories in 40 minutes than you would in an hour at another gym.

Which Sport Burns the Most Calories?

This question doesn’t have a definitive answer, because of several variables. For instance, singles tennis is more active than doubles tennis. Cross-country skiing requires more exertion than downhill skiing. Swimming breaststroke burns fewer calories than swimming butterflies. You get the idea. Plus, body weight, fitness level, and effort level impact the number of calories burned during sports. However, these sports are known to burn more calories than others, when performed at maximum capacity: soccer, running, flag football, basketball, Taekwondo, competitive swimming, and kickboxing.

Choose a workout that fuses cardio with resistance and uses interval training to maximize your calorie burn. When you alternate intensity, you can go harder for longer, which increases the calories you burn. For best results, visit SWEAT440 which fuses sports with HIIT using tools like Assault Bikes, SkiErgs, and VersaClimbers. By pairing athletics with exceptional trainers and specific intervals of intensity, you’ll get an incomparable workout. SWEAT440 adds elements of sports to circuit training for custom exercises that burn the most calories.

Want to Know How to Burn 500 Calories Fast?

Wondering how to burn 500 calories fast? Try a free HIIT class at SWEAT440. Our classes take you through four 10-minute stations, with three sets of three exercises each. So, you complete 36 sets in 40 minutes, with 15-second breaks between sets. We provide the best fat-burning exercises because our cardio always involves resistance. 

We help you build muscle, even when doing a workout for weight loss, since that’s key to burning calories at rest. The number of calories you’ll burn in a SWEAT440 class might even exceed 500, depending on certain variables. No one leaves a SWEAT440 HIIT session without shedding several hundred calories. 

Want to Know How to Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes?

Here are a few ways SWEAT440 helps you burn 100 calories in 10 minutes. We shove sleds stacked with weight plates. We throw battle ropes with intensity. We pedal against increasing resistance on Assault Bikes. We crush Everest-like sessions on SkiErgs. We climb against gravity on VersaClimbers, and so much more! 

In fact, 100 calories is a low estimate for what you’ll burn in 10 minutes at SWEAT440. And don’t worry, you’ll always get 15 seconds to catch your breath after each 45-second set. Our method is the best exercise to lose weight since we know how hard to push and how to recover while keeping your heart rate where it should be.

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Why Don’t All Exercises Burn 100 Calories Quickly?

If you want to burn 100 calories quickly, it’s not just a matter of increasing the intensity. Resistance, variations in intensity, and variety are all keys to keeping calorie counts high. Steady-state cardio, no matter how fast it is, will keep you in an aerobic mode which uses energy produced by oxygen. You need to enter an anaerobic state too, in order to use the energy stored in your body. Not every exercise burns the same amount of calories at the same speed. HIIT works in less time. Most people can’t spend all day at the gym. The best workouts to lose weight or build muscle quickly are HIIT sessions that combine cardio and resistance. 

Which Nashville Gym Has the Best Calorie-Burning Classes?

HIIT is best at burning calories. And SWEAT440 is best at HIIT. So, visit a SWEAT440 gym today to try a HIIT class for free! We offer classes every 10 minutes, so you can stop by any time. SWEAT440 offers contract-free memberships, so you don’t have to trust us that HIIT burns the highest amount of calories. Come see for yourself risk-free at our affordable gym near Music Row! We can’t wait to meet you! 

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What Exercise Burns the Most Calories Quickly?

How to Burn 500+ Calories Fast:

  • SWEAT440: SHRED- Upper Body/Core Class
  • SWEAT440: WARRIOR- Total Body Conditioning Class
  • SWEAT440: SHAPE- Upper Body/Core Class
  • SWEAT440: SHAPE- Lower Body Class
  • SWEAT440: SWEAT- Core/Conditioning Class
  • SWEAT440: SHRED- Lower Body/Core Class

Why HIIT Exercise Burns More Calories:

  • Intervals of intensity
  • Fusion of resistance and cardio
  • Variety of exercises
  • Quick rotation through stations
  • Rest periods prolong endurance
  • Improves VO2 Max