Exercise During Pregnancy: Journey, Benefits & Tips

Dec 13, 2023

Exercise During Pregnancy: Journey, Benefits & Tips

Dec 13, 2023


Embracing Exercise During Pregnancy: Myths & Truths

Being pregnant is a significant time in a woman’s life, but it brings a lot of opinions about working outsome are positive, while others lean towards the negative, but what I’m about to share is based on my own experience and perspective. There is a common misconception that exercising or lifting weights is risky during pregnancy, and I’m here to debunk that myth! Nonetheless, it’s crucial to consult with your OB before diving into prenatal workouts. Once you’re told it’s okay, there’s absolutely no reason you should skip exercising during pregnancyin fact, it’s often encouraged.

Before my first pregnancy, I was extremely fit. However, I suffered from Pelvic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD), so working out for me was not an option as I was in extreme pain for most of my first pregnancy.  However, with my second pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from extreme pain. I was able to keep working out, and let me tell you…. Totally different experience! I felt healthier, my cravings were less intense, and overall, I felt better.

I had a supportive OB, who confirmed that since I had been active (i.e., working out, lifting weights, swimming, running, etc.), it was completely safe to continue, emphasizing the importance of not overdoing it. Working out gave me the mental clarity I needed, and believe it or not, it boosted my energy, especially during the first trimester. For me, working out, letting off steam, and dedicating 40 minutes to a SWEAT440 session is just unbeatable.

Exercise and Pregnancy Journey

I’m a big fan of running and kept up with it throughout my first two trimesters, even participating in a 5k with my SWEAT440 fam! I continued my workouts at SWEAT440 with a few modifications. 

People often believe lifting weights or an elevated heart rate during pregnancy is a big “no.” But really, if you’re a healthy person, there’s no reason exercise will harm the baby. It’s all about balance. I kept an eye on my heart rate, made sure I wasn’t pushing myself too hard and listened to body cues. As long as you’re not struggling to breathe or lifting more than your body is used to… I’d say go for it (with your doctor’s blessing, of course)

Having professional advice is key. I steered clear of certain abdominal exercises my OB told me to avoid and swapped them for different exercises according to the day’s workout. On lower body days, I’d do lunges or squats; on upper body days,  I’d go for bicep curls or other dumbbell exercises. I opted out of cardio/core days and moderated my pace on cardio equipment to keep my heart rate steady, always tuning in to my body’s needs.

Just remember, this was my experience; everyone’s pregnancy is unique. Always talk to your OB before making decisions about exercise during pregnancy.


Workouts Tailored For Your Pregnancy

Whether or not you’re pregnant, SWEAT440’s coaches are always ready to provide modifications for any exercise. Everyone’s fitness journey is different; some may never require modifications, while some may need quite a few of them, and that’s perfectly okay! That’s what our coaches are there for. Exercise isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is one of the things I love about it.

Even though workouts at SWEAT440 are the same for everyone, the fact that you can personalize the exercises to what’s comfortable for you makes the whole experience so awesome. In the same class, you could find a 16-year-old, a 45-year-old, and a pregnant person, each with a tailored routine. The 16-year-old might need to learn how to exercise for the first time, the 45-year-old may need a modification to make the exercise harder, and the pregnant person might need modifications to make the exercise safer for the pregnancy.

For me, getting a peek at the exercises before starting was crucial. It allowed me to anticipate any necessary modifications before reaching a particular station, ensuring a better workout experience.

Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy offers a lot of benefits, and these advantages are even more common than you think, and it’s worth emphasizing again. Working out gives you mental clarity and energy, promotes healthy weight gain, and can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. For many, it can also help smooth labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. Beyond pregnancy, working out regularly decreases the risk of disease, promotes a healthier heart, and promotes longevity. 

Being a part of a team like SWEAT440 Miami Lakes is an experience I believe everyone should have. Your team inspires you to be your best; in return, you give them the best version of yourself.

Post Pregnancy & Exercise: Getting Back On Track

 Thanks to staying active during most of my second pregnancy, I felt so much better postpartum (PP) Since working out releases endorphins, I even believe it can help reduce the risk of postpartum depression (PPD)—a common thing in women not discussed enough.

Exercise is the best way to keep my mental health in check. It’s the time I used to disconnect and not have to worry about anything or anyone other than myself.  When you have a newborn, and you’re already running on fumes, the last thing you want to do is think of a gym routine. Your time is minimal, which means you have to go somewhere that you know will be quick and efficient. That’s exactly where SWEAT440 comes in.

Finding Balance at SWEAT440

Going into SWEAT440 and knowing I don’t have to create a workout routine or think about what to do next gives me peace of mind. It also removes the stress of having to wait around for machines when you only have an hour to workout. At SWEAT440, you’ll be in and out in 40 minutes — no need to think, just do. And the best part? I don’t even have to motivate myself to push through the workout; the coaches take care of that. All that’s required of me is to show up.

During those 40 minutes at SWEAT440, you’ll just need to focus on the exercise, yourself, and the screen in front of you; it’s only 40 minutes, just a small fraction of your day! As a mother, you tend to fill everyone else’s cup first, and that’s okay. However, I’ve realized that to be the best version of myself for others, I need to fill my own cup before I can pour into everyone else’s.


Lucia has been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years now. She has always been active her whole life. She played soccer for the better part of her childhood until college, which ignited her passion for all fitness things. Grew up in a Hispanic household, so eating “healthy” had a very different meaning, and as she got older, it showed. When she stopped playing soccer,  she had to learn how to properly fuel her body and stay active now that she was no longer in sports.

Through this, the fitness journey began; she taught herself how to count macros, cook, and lift weights, and ultimately decided to make a career change into the fitness industry. She is now a mother of 2 with a degree in nutrition and a certification in nutrition coaching. She hopes to transfer her love and passion for health and wellness to her children and anyone willing to make a change! It’s a blessing to do what I love and inspire others to do the same. 



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