Sweat and Skin Health: Is Sweating Good for Your Skin?

Nov 22, 2023

Sweat and Skin Health: Is Sweating Good for Your Skin?

Nov 22, 2023


Does Sweating Have Benefits For Your Skin?

As a lifelong athlete, I struggled with acne throughout my adolescence, particularly during middle school when I committed to rigorous training in competitive cheerleading and cross-country, dedicating 2-3 hours to training six days a week. I attributed my breakouts to the gym, and my skin condition was a major source of self-consciousness. To address my skin problems, I tried everything, including prescription pills and topical treatments.

Over time, I learned that what I thought was helping my skin was hurting it, and on the contrary, a lot of what I thought was bad for my skin was actually good for it! Is sweating good for your skin? This is the question I used to ask myself. I’ve discovered that the right skincare routine, especially regular exercise, can significantly improve your skin’s health. 

Benefits of Sweating for Your Skin

Sweat is good for your skin; in fact, it has a lot of benefits. The main job of sweat is to cool down our body’s temperature. It can significantly contribute to maintaining healthy skin. Dr. Kathleen S. Viscusi, a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Dermatology and Surgery Specialists of North Atlanta (DESSNA), points out that sweat contains potent antimicrobial peptides. These peptides naturally protect the skin from acne-causing agents such as germs and bacteria.

Moreover, sweating, specifically sweating related to exercise, is linked to anti-aging benefits. It plays a role in keeping skin looking youthful and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sweating induced by increased heat also causes blood vessels to dilate. This improves blood flow throughout the body and the skin’s surface, enhancing overall skin health.

Skincare Before And During Workout

Before hitting the gym, it’s essential to prep your skin to maintain its health. I keep it simple in the morning: I wash my face with water and apply sunscreen. This step is crucial for protecting my skin from harmful UV rays, a must-have even if I’m working out indoors due to indirect sunlight exposure.

In the evening, if I wear makeup, I remove it before my workout, as it can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Be careful not to over-cleanse because it can dry out your skin, so limit washing your face to twice daily. 

The golden rule while exercising? Don’t touch your face to prevent spreading germs. And don’t forget hydration – drinking water throughout the day can help keep your skin plump and youthful.

Skincare After Workout

After your workout, the best thing to do is shower off everything your body just purged out of your skin and wear clean clothing. However, if a shower is not an option immediately after your workout, we recommend a quick change of clothes. Sitting in sweaty clothes can cause many issues, including bacteria growth that can lead to acne. Always wash your hands before cleansing your face so as not to spread unnecessary germs or bacteria. 

Diet and Nutrition for Skin Health

Not only is sweating good for your skin, but your diet plays a crucial role in skin health. A diet heavy in refined sugars, processed foods, dairy products, and alcohol often exacerbates skin issues like acne. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and eating a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats can nourish your skin from the inside out, leading to a clearer, more radiant appearance. Remember, everything is a balance, and what you feed your body is often reflected in the health and appearance of your skin.

Exercise and Skincare: A Great Match

Stepping up your skincare doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to maintain your glow. Adopting simple habits like prepping your skin correctly, regularly washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, cleansing after a workout, selecting the right skincare products, and adding face yoga as a form of exercise for your face, can make a huge difference in improving your skin’s health. These easy tips have helped me maintain clear skin; I’m confident they can help you, too. Here’s to healthy skin and an active life.

Experience the SWEAT Glow at SWEAT440

Want to put these post-workout skincare tips into action and see the benefits for yourself? SWEAT440 is offering a free class to new members. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience how our workouts can boost both your fitness and skin health. Join us for a class and feel the difference a focused workout and skincare routine can make.


Katie Price is the Studio Manager at SWEAT440 South Miami, where her passion for health and wellness plays a pivotal role in the studio’s growth and success. Originally from Miami, Katie has also spent time in Denver, enriching her diverse experience. She brings a wealth of fitness expertise to the team as a competitive runner and CrossFit athlete. Beyond her professional endeavors, Katie’s greatest love is for her dogs, reflecting her nurturing and dedicated spirit. Her journey at SWEAT440 South Miami is more than a role; it reflects her commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive fitness community.



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