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Our classes at SWEAT440 Miami Beach work your whole body in just 40 minutes: 4 10-minute HIIT circuits alternated with brief periods of rest. Burn up to 800 calories, challenge yourself, and crush your goals!


Make every move count.

You’ll never be late

At our South Beach, Florida studio, circuits start every 10 minutes–and you can join any circuit at any time. You’ll always be on time…so no excuses!


Show up for yourself.

Our coaches will empower you

Our Miami Beach coaches are compassionate, kind individuals who will support you through your fitness journey. You won’t just be going to the gym, you’ll also be part of the amazing SWEAT440 SoBe team!


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The SoBe studio is located on Bay Rd, near Sunset Harbour, and in front of Publix On the Bay at Miami Beach. Several healthy cafés and restaurants are conveniently located nearby, such as Sweetgreen and Pure Green Juice Bar.

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Immerse yourself in the energetic hub of Miami Beach where SWEAT440 stands as your ideal destination for fitness and wellbeing. We transform the conventional idea of a gym into an electrifying, community-oriented venture toward a healthier you. We are home to some of the most invigorating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions that begin every ten minutes, ensuring that your workout regime remains in line with your time constraints. At SWEAT440, we cherish every member as an invaluable part of our dynamic fitness community.

We embrace all fitness enthusiasts, from novices to pros, reflecting our belief in universal fitness. Our #NeverLate policy guarantees unparalleled flexibility, fitting snugly into your hectic schedules. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, well-seasoned coaches, and an encouraging community, we aim to make your fitness voyage rewarding, inspiring, and practical above all else.

What Makes SWEAT440 Miami Beach Unique?

SWEAT440 Miami Beach shines with its distinct charm that separates us from the crowd, morphing our fitness studio into a lifestyle destination for fitness lovers.

Introducing Our #NeverLate Program

Our #NeverLate initiative stands as one of our key attractions. Bidding adieu to inflexible class schedules, we have crafted a flexible timing model with a fresh session commencing every 10 minutes. This allows you the liberty to come at your convenience, free from the worry of stringent class times.

Now you can organize your day without compromising your fitness goals. Unexpected work pressure in the morning? Don’t worry, drop in later. Surprised by a free hour in the evening? We’re here, eager to help you sweat away the day’s tension. This flexibility, coupled with our vibrant workout routines, places SWEAT440 Miami Beach as the go-to fitness hotspot for both locals and tourists.

Join the 440 Squad: Where Everybody Fits In

At SWEAT440, we are passionate about the communal aspect of fitness. We nurture an environment of inclusivity, where everyone, from first-timers to workout pros, is embraced, nurtured, and appreciated. We are more than a gym; we are the 440 Squad, a collective bonded by our dedication to health, wellness, and mutual encouragement.

Becoming a member of the 440 Squad is about more than just enjoying our top-tier HIIT workouts. It’s about joining a community that shares your fitness aspirations, empathizes with your challenges, and applauds your achievements. From the moment you enter our Miami Beach studio, you’ll feel the camaraderie, the inclusiveness, and the dynamic energy that sets us apart.

Being part of the 440 Squad means you are seen, heard, and valued, no matter where you’re starting on your fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness aficionado or a complete novice, you’ll discover a place here where you can grow, evolve, and thrive.

It means guidance from expert coaches who don’t merely instruct—they inspire. They’re passionate about their work and are dedicated to helping you surpass your self-imposed boundaries. They are as invested in your success as you are.

Membership in the 440 Squad embodies our philosophy of “You get what you sweat.” It’s an understanding that every ounce of effort you put in counts, and each workout takes you a step closer to your goals. It’s a recognition that progress can be measured in various forms, not just by the digits on the scale or the size of your muscles.

This philosophy is supported by our innovative scheduling, where you can join a class every 10 minutes. We recognize the unpredictability of life and have thus designed a system that adapts to your needs, not the other way around. At SWEAT440, you’re given the flexibility to incorporate fitness into your life on your terms.

Lastly, being part of the 440 Squad means you’re never alone. You’re surrounded by others who, like you, are striving to be the best versions of themselves. You’ll forge friendships, build connections, and witness the incredible power of a supportive community.

So, are you prepared to be a part of the 440 Squad? We’re eager to welcome you into our family.

Sweat More, Gain More: Understanding Our Motto

SWEAT440’s guiding principle is encapsulated in our motto: “You get what you sweat.” This phrase mirrors our conviction that your effort is a direct determinant of your results. Our objective is to amplify these results through our meticulously planned, evidence-backed exercise routines.

Our 40-minute HIIT sessions are scientifically designed to maintain your heart rate within the optimal fat-burning range. Each class offers an opportunity to test your limits and surpass your expectations. The more dedication you put into your workout, the greater the rewards – better health, boosted stamina, improved mood, and a sense of accomplishment that leaves you rejuvenated and prepared to face life’s challenges.

Why Choose SWEAT440 for Your HIIT Workouts?

SWEAT440 is renowned for its superior HIIT workouts. Here, High-Intensity Interval Training isn’t just a phase; it’s the foundation of our fitness philosophy.

The Science Behind HIIT and Why It Works

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has revolutionized the world of fitness. It entails a combination of extreme exercise bouts interspersed with brief periods of rest or lower-intensity activities. But what makes it so transformative?

The real charm of HIIT lies in its capacity to optimize calorie expenditure, not only throughout the workout but also for hours afterward. This effect is attributed to ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ (EPOC) or the ‘afterburn effect.’ EPOC represents the amount of oxygen required by your body to return to its normal resting state following an exercise. Since HIIT workouts push your body beyond its regular limits, your body demands more energy, burning more calories as a result.

Moreover, HIIT workouts can significantly enhance cardiovascular health, as they’re shown to boost VO2 max (an important measure of cardiovascular fitness) more effectively than traditional cardio exercises. This implies that over time, your body becomes more efficient at utilizing oxygen, leading to improvements in your overall fitness and endurance.

HIIT is also an effective tool for fat reduction. It’s been demonstrated to decrease both visceral fat (the harmful fat enveloping your organs) and subcutaneous fat (the visible fat underneath your skin) more effectively than other forms of exercise. Moreover, it helps preserve muscle mass, which can often be compromised during long sessions of steady-state cardio.

HIIT’s advantages also extend to mental health, with research indicating that high-intensity exercise can enhance mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. This mood elevation is probably due to the secretion of endorphins, also known as ‘feel-good hormones,’ during strenuous exercise.

At SWEAT440, we have specifically designed our HIIT workouts to harness these benefits. Our workouts blend cardio, strength training, cross-training, and core exercises to keep your body on its toes and optimize results. With our experienced coaches guiding you, you can be sure you’re performing each exercise with safety and efficiency.

In essence, HIIT is an effective, versatile exercise method that offers numerous physical and mental benefits. It represents the science of fitness, delivered in an engaging and accessible format. We at SWEAT440 are proud to present the power of HIIT to our 440 Squad.

Advantages of Working Out at SWEAT440

When it comes to picking a fitness studio, there are numerous choices. So, why SWEAT440? Here are some reasons why our members relish being part of the 440 Squad.

  • Flexibility

We understand at SWEAT440 that one of the most significant obstacles to regular exercise is time. That’s why we’ve devised our #NeverLate system. Our unique class schedule commences a new session every 10 minutes, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and eliminating the stress of lateness. Whether you’re a morning person, prefer a lunchtime session, or like to wind down with an evening workout, SWEAT440 is ready for you.

  • Impactful Workouts

Our 40-minute HIIT sessions are crafted to deliver maximum results in minimum time. The alternating high-intensity and rest periods boost your metabolism, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and continue to burn calories long after your workout.

  • Professional Coaching

Each SWEAT440 class is directed by a certified fitness coach who is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness aspirations. They guide you through each exercise, correct your form, offer modifications if necessary, and motivate you to do your best. Their professional guidance guarantees safety and effectiveness in your workouts and their positivity creates an encouraging, supportive atmosphere.

  • Community Spirit

At SWEAT440, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of the 440 Squad. We encourage a strong sense of community, where everyone, irrespective of their fitness level, feels welcomed and supported. The camaraderie and encouragement at SWEAT440 are what keep our members coming back.

  • Inclusive Environment

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced athlete, there’s a place for you at SWEAT440. Our workouts are designed to be adjustable to accommodate different fitness levels. This inclusivity aligns with our belief that fitness is for everyone.

  • High-Quality Facilities

We pride ourselves on our clean, state-of-the-art fitness studios. From our top-tier equipment to our well-kept facilities, we provide an environment conducive to a great workout. After your session, you can refresh yourself in our clean and well-stocked changing rooms.

In a nutshell, SWEAT440 offers a unique blend of convenience, impactful workouts, expert guidance, community spirit, inclusivity, and top-quality facilities. That’s the SWEAT440 promise.

HIIT Workouts Tailored for Both Beginners and Experts

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) stands out due to its flexibility. At SWEAT440, our HIIT workouts can be customized to cater to all fitness levels.

For beginners, the prospect of a fitness journey, especially high-intensity training, can be daunting. However, at SWEAT440, our classes are structured to be approachable for beginners. Our coaches adeptly provide modifications for each exercise, allowing beginners to perform at a level that’s challenging yet achievable. They emphasize teaching the correct form and technique, vital for injury prevention and workout effectiveness.

Each class guides beginners through a varied routine comprising cardio, strength training, cross-training, and core exercises. This not only keeps workouts engaging but also ensures a comprehensive fitness program that enhances overall strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

As beginners progress and become more comfortable with the exercises and intensity level, they can slowly increase the challenge. This adaptability means as your fitness level improves, so can your workouts.

For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, our HIIT workouts offer the challenge you’re seeking. Our coaches will push your boundaries, helping you overcome plateaus and continuously enhance your performance. The fast-paced, high-intensity nature of our workouts is designed to test your endurance, power, and speed, helping you become fitter, faster, and stronger.

Despite the intensity, the emphasis on proper form and technique remains constant. Even for experienced individuals, there’s always room for refinement. Our coaches will provide the feedback and guidance you need to take your fitness journey to the next level.

In short, whether you’re a newcomer to the fitness scene or a seasoned athlete, our 440 Squad has a place for you. Our HIIT workouts are as inclusive as they are effective, providing a balance between challenge and adjustability. At SWEAT440, we aim to meet you where you are and help you grow to your full potential.

The SWEAT440 Miami Beach Experience

Welcome to SWEAT440, Miami Beach’s top-rated fitness hotspot. Here, we blend intense workouts, a tight-knit community, and the sizzling energy of Miami Beach to give you a one-of-a-kind workout experience.

A Tour Inside Our Fitness Studio

The moment you walk into our fitness studio, you’re enveloped in an ambiance of positivity and motivation. You’ll find our well-kept studio equipped with the latest workout gear, ensuring you have everything you need to power through your workouts.

Every corner of the studio is designed with you in mind. The layout is organized for seamless transitions between different workout stations during our signature 40-minute classes. And after your intense workout, cool down and refresh yourself in our spotlessly maintained changing rooms with shower facilities.

Meet Your Fitness Coaches

At SWEAT440, our team of certified coaches are the pillars of our fitness community. They are not just instructors, but mentors who take pride in helping you conquer your fitness goals. With their expertise, energetic personalities, and passion for fitness, they create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere in every class.

These fitness experts stand by you, guiding you every step of the way, pushing you to reach new heights, and celebrating each milestone you achieve. They’re adept at providing that much-needed push, offering motivational words, and ensuring your workout techniques are spot-on, maximizing your results.

Workout Classes Overview: What to Expect?

Our distinctive 40-minute classes promise an exhilarating, full-body workout that keeps you engaged and challenged. Every class is split into four 10-minute segments, each packed with a blend of cardio, strength, cross-training, and core exercises.

With a wide array of exercises focusing on different muscle groups, no two classes are alike, keeping your workouts exciting and new. The rapid pace promises optimal benefits within a short time, and with our coaches guiding you through each phase, you can be assured of the safe and correct execution of every exercise. You’ll finish each class feeling invigorated, triumphant, and ready to seize the day.

Get Your First Class Free: Start Your Fitness Journey with SWEAT440 Today!

Starting a new fitness journey might seem daunting, but we at SWEAT440 make it as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

How to Redeem Your Free First Class?

We believe there’s no better way to understand the unique SWEAT440 way than experiencing it yourself. That’s why we offer your first class to us! Simply sign up via our website or get in touch with our Miami Beach branch to arrange your first complimentary workout.

Our friendly team will be on hand to welcome you, address any questions you might have, and guide you through your first sweat-inducing workout. Once you’ve had a taste of our energetic HIIT classes and the infectious spirit of the 440 Squad, we’re confident you’ll be back for more.

What to Expect From Your First SWEAT440 Class?

Your debut class at SWEAT440 is your passport to our unique approach to fitness. You’ll participate in a standard 40-minute HIIT session, featuring a balance of cardio, strength, cross-training, and core exercises.

No worries if you’re new to HIIT or fitness in general. Our coaches will accompany you through every step of the workout, offering modifications and support when needed. We prioritize challenging ourselves but in a safe manner with an emphasis on correct form and technique.

You’ll undoubtedly sweat, push your limits, and it might be tough, but that’s part of the exhilarating journey. More importantly, you’ll enjoy it, feel embraced by the supportive environment, and experience firsthand the positive vibes that are at the heart of SWEAT440.

Joining the 440 Squad: The Next Steps

Once you’ve aced your free class and you’re ready to become part of our vibrant community, we offer various membership options to suit different needs and budgets. Our team will help you find the perfect fit for you.

As a proud member of the 440 Squad, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to our classes and the flexibility to arrange your workouts at your leisure. Plus, you’ll be part of an amazing community that cheers you on, shares your journey, celebrates your achievements, and keeps you motivated toward your fitness goals.

Welcome to SWEAT440 Miami Beach, a community that proves “you’re #NeverLate,” and truly, “you get what you sweat!”

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