How to Turn 4 Basic Exercises Into Great HIIT Exercises

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is not only highly intense, it’s also highly effective and highly innovative. Many of the tools and equipment used for HIIT are also high tech! Sweat440’s great HIIT exercises include the most innovative machines and technology for an incomparable HIIT workout. But our expert trainers also create great HIIT exercises out of basic exercises to maximize your workout. We take tried-and-true movements like push-ups, planks, squats, and mountain climbers, and infuse them with a dose of HIIT methodology to enhance your results.


Upgrade Basic Exercises With High Intensity Interval Training

If you’re nervous about trying HIIT, you should know that many of our exercises have a basis in common moves you learned in P.E. class. But we’ve fine-tuned them to work to your greatest advantage through tweaks, compound moves, interval spacing, proper form, and  strategic intensity. Take a look at 4 basic exercises you can transform into great HIIT exercises with the help of Sweat440’s trainers.

1. Power-Up Your Push-Ups:

Push-ups are powerful in their original form, strengthening your arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes, and legs. But with HIIT, you can make your push-ups work even harder for you!

Push-Up Interval Bursts: Performing push-ups at specific intervals of intensity will not only tone you up, it will also lean you out, since it maximizes calories burned while working out. At Sweat440, we crush each exercise hardcore for 45 seconds, then use 15-second rest periods to regroup so we can perform at peak ability for longer periods of time.

Push-Up Isolation Techniques: AtSweat440, we provide total body workouts that also isolate individual muscle groups. Since our classes change every day, we can target different muscle groups, allowing you to do HIIT multiple times a week. One way we isolate is through HIIT-infused push-ups like plyometric push-ups, which use fast twitch fibers to push hands off the ground. Hand-release push-ups increase strength, and single-handed, or single-leg push-ups target one side of the body while still providing a total body workout. Each is performed at ideal intervals of intensity to increase muscle tone and weight loss.

2. Squeeze the Most Out of Your Squats:

Squats are helpful in toning those trouble spots like glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It’s essential to perform squats with proper form to prevent injury, but also to reap the benefits. But traditional squats don’t achieve the full potential your body is capable of. Here’s how HIIT makes the most of your squats.

Squats for the Total Body: With Sweat440’s HIIT circuits, squats get an overhaul that includes your upper body. With the inclusion of kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, and slam balls, we make sure your squats shred your total body and burn through maximum fat while you work.

Squats for Compound Cardio: Sick of the treadmill? We hear you. All of Sweat440’s HIIT exercises use compound cardio techniques to meet your cardio goals while building muscle and moving through quick sequences that eliminate boredom. Single-leg squats, squats with hops, squat-thrusts, and squatting while sliding, throwing ropes, or slinging resistance bands means your heart and lungs reap every benefit that your muscles do.

3. Planks for Total Body Transformation:

Planks are polarizing. Some people love a good plank and take pride in how long they can hold one! Others dread the trembling limbs and the countdown until it’s over! Whether you’re an enthusiastic or reluctant plank-er, you want to get the most out of this move. Here’s how HIIT perfects your plank’s potential.

Planks That Are Steady, But Not Still: One of the key features of planks is the straight and steady position they hold. This provides excellent toning. But with HIIT methods, a plank burns calories and generates weight loss too! While remaining steady in a plank position, hop your feet from shoulder-width to beyond hip-width, and then back to starting position and repeat. Keep hips and upper body level and perform these plank-jacks for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest in between.

Plank Like a Pro: Professional athletes and military personnel perform this upgraded version on the plank. Place your forearms on the floor, with elbows under your shoulders, and legs extended behind. Keep your back flat and straighten your right arm to place your right palm on the ground, directly under your shoulder. Repeat with your left arm so you are in top push-up position, then lower one forearm at a time and repeat the sequence. With Sweat440’s intervals of intensity, these plank-ups make the most of planking in the least amount of time.

4. Mountain Climbers That Take You to the Top:

Ever feel like you’re climbing to nowhere? Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, climbing through a mountain of laundry, or climbing to nowhere on a stair climber, sometimes it seems like you’ll never reach the top. Mountain climbers are a great cardio exercise, but Sweat440’s HIIT instructors make sure your mountain climbers actually take you to the top.

Mountain Climbers That Make You Stronger: Traditional mountain climbers are good for your heart and lungs, since they keep you moving. But HIIT-infused mountain climbers add components like resistance bands, limb isolation, and compound movements between stations so each set burns calories but also builds muscle.

Mountain Climbers With Everything But Snow: At Sweat440, we use sleds to replicate the motion of mountain climbers, while providing resistance and increasing speed. As you push our sleds, you use similar muscle groups and range of motion to mountain climbers, but you’re also shoving a sled and running while pumping those knees toward your chest. Together, it’s the perfect combo of cardio and resistance for maximum impact.

Sweat440’s Great HIIT Exercises Enhance Weight Loss & Toning

If you want a total body workout that burns calories and generates weight loss, HIIT is the #1 choice! And if you want to increase muscle mass or tone up, HIIT is also the best solution! High intensity interval training maximizes every movement, yielding incomparable results.

At Sweat440, all of our classes are HIIT classes, which means you get the best possible workout no matter how many times a week you come. Our classes start every 10 minutes, which is the best schedule you’ll find! Most gyms don’t even offer classes every 30 minutes! Come try a class for free and see how quickly Sweat440’s great HIIT exercises transform your body!

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Why You Should Try High Intensity Interval Workouts

Advantages of HIIT Exercises:
  • Burns calories in half the time
  • Burns more calories than steady-state cardio
  • Fuses strength-building with cardio
  • Classes are shorter but more effective
  • Provides a total body workout
  • Isolates muscle for better definition
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves VO2 Max & EPOC
  • Banishes boredom and plateau
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