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We have several differentiators that put us well ahead of the competition, but the key to the SWEAT440 business model is that you’re #neverlate.

So what is our Flextime Fitness Model anyway?

How it works

the franchise process

What to expect


Initial inquiry

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Financial review

Your finances are reviewed by our team



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on-site visit

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Development agreement reviewed and finalized

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*Please note: Your application & business plan is solely for our assessment of your business experience. We can not modify, nor suggest corrections to it until after the Development Agreement has been executed.


Do you have to have fitness experience?

No. While it does help to have a good understanding of the fitness industry it is not required. SWEAT440 handles all scientific programming so franchisees are not burdened with that. The coaches that work in the studios are required to be certified but the owners are not.

How much does a franchise cost?

Opening a SWEAT440 studio costs between $250,000 and $550,000. The franchise fee for the first studio is $44,000 and decreases for multi unit developers. Equipment and technologies packages cost $82,000. The rest of the costs will fluctuate depending upon site selection and construction costs. We will help you with the selection of your location so that we can mitigate these opening costs as much as possible.

Am I protected from another SWEAT440 studio opening near me?

Yes, upon signing your development agreement we will determine a protected territory in which only you can open a studio.

How long is the franchise agreement and is it renewable?

Our franchisee agreement is 10 year with options to renew.

How long do I have to develop a studio under the franchise agreement?

Studios are expected to open within 8 months from signing. When developing under a multi unit development agreement a clear timeline will be agreed upon at the time of signing.

What are the ongoing royalty fees?

SWEAT440 has a 7% royalty fee, 2% brand fund fee and a 1% tech fund fee. All fees are collected weekly via ACH.

What does the franchise system include?

Site selection and market analysis. Store design and build out assistance. Pre opening training for owners and managers at SWEAT440 Corporate studios. Onsite training and opening support for your studio. Marketing support before, during and after opening. Ongoing corporate support at every level of the business to maximize business performance.

What is required to become a franchisee?

Personal traits must include – Positive Attitude and Energy. Passion for health and fitness and for helping people. Great people skills. Communication. Keen business acumen. Discipline. Honesty and integrity. Work ethic.