Which Gym Has the Top HIIT Workout with Weights in Montréal?

Which HIIT Training Gyms Near Me Use Weights?

High intensity interval training is a misused term by many gyms in Montréal. Only certain workouts truly qualify as HIIT. Circuit training and high intensity workouts aren’t necessarily HIIT. One essential component of legitimate HIIT is the combination of weights or resistance with high intensity cardio. The intensity should vary, interspersing recovery periods with intervals of high intensity. 

If you want a true HIIT circuit training workout, head to the gym that specializes in HIIT in Canada. Sweat440 Montréal is a dedicated HIIT gym that teaches HIIT circuit training classes exclusively, seven days a week. Our trainers incorporate weights and resistance in each movement, whether you’re slinging kettlebells, trekking on VersaClimbers, or gliding on SkiErgs. Our state-of-the-art HIIT gyms ensure you derive maximum muscle definition from every drop of sweat you shed.

Why Do the Best HIIT Workout Classes Include Weights?

HIIT workouts burn tons of calories during each class. But part of why they’re so efficient is that they also keep burning calories for hours after the workout. The way this is achieved is by hitting your VO2 Max, or maximum oxygen consumption during exercise. That’s not easy to do with cardio alone. Adding weights to the workout increases heart rate and engages muscles. 

As your muscles grow, your metabolism improves. And increased muscle mass burns more calories while at rest. So, getting the most out of circuit training HIIT workouts requires weights, not just cardio. Are circuit training and HIIT the same thing? No, some circuit training classes don’t involve resistance, and most don’t follow the right intervals of intensity to classify as HIIT. Stick to circuit training at Sweat440 where HIIT is central to every workout.

Should a Starter HIIT Workout Involve Weights?

Even starter HIIT workouts should include weights and resistance. One of the best things about HIIT is that it’s highly customizable. Class members use different weights and perform different numbers of reps in each station. Sweat440 Montréal offers free personalized training in every class, so we’ll select the perfect amount of weight to achieve your goals. You can work at your own pace and with your own resistance throughout a HIIT circuit training class. 

If you’re new to weights, you can start with your own body weight as resistance and gradually add more weight as you go. Exercises like pushing sleds can be done with no added weight or you can pile the plates on! Since you’re shoving a sled, and not just walking, there’s resistance built in. You don’t have to avoid the weight component of HIIT just because you’re a beginner. You’ll feel an instant and dramatic difference from cardio workouts when you add weights to your routine. 

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What’s the Best HIIT Workout Program for Toning vs Bulking?

If you’re seeking a workout for weight loss, the idea of adding weights to your cardio might be unsettling. But weights don’t bulk you up unless you use them in a specific way. Adding weights to your workout will slim you down faster than cardio alone, if you’re looking to lose weight. HIIT burns over 35% more fat than cardio alone, and it burns twice the calories in half the time of workouts like yoga. So, if you want to tone up without bulking up, HIIT is the quickest solution.

If you want to bulk up, HIIT is also the ideal method. Since HIIT is so customizable, there’s no limit to the resistance you add to each exercise. Plus, HIIT uses compound cardio, rather than steady-state cardio, so you don’t have to worry about burning through muscle rather than calories. Sweat440 takes you through 3 sets of 12 different exercises in each full body workout. So you can safely lift your maximum load, since you’ll move on to other muscle groups within minutes. We also take 15 seconds of recovery time after each 45-second exercise, so you don’t risk injury or poor form. 

What Are the Best HIIT Classes Near Me to Build Muscle?

If you want to build muscle, look for a “HIIT class near me” that is led by qualified HIIT trainers. If the instructor isn’t experienced with HIIT, they won’t know how to select the proper resistance for you. Too much weight could result in injury or overtraining your muscles. Too little weight won’t generate the results as quickly.

In addition, proper form is crucial to safe weightlifting. Sweat440 Montréal’s instructors circulate throughout each HIIT circuit training class, offering personalized training and recommendations for each class member. We have an extensive collection of fitness equipment, unlike many HIIT classes that rely solely on treadmills or bikes. 

Sweat440’s gyms are stocked with SkiErgs, VersaClimbers, rowers, and Assault Bikes to ensure you build muscle while doing cardio. We have all the latest weightlifting equipment including dumbbells and kettlebells to maximize muscle growth through full body workouts. And we offer all of this in affordable gym memberships with no contracts or joining fees! Try a free HIIT class at Sweat440 Montréal today!

Where Can I Try a Free HIIT Workout with Weights in Montréal?

If you’re looking for the best HIIT workout with weights in Montréal, head to Sweat440. HIIT is not simply a high intensity workout. Nor is it simply circuit training. Depending on the gym you choose, the difference in circuit training vs HIIT can be dramatic. So, choose Montréal’s top HIIT gym for a workout with weights that’s safe and effective for every fitness goal. Sweat440 Montreal is conveniently located near the MADA Community Center and offers free HIIT classes every 10 minutes! 

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What’s the Top HIIT Workout with Weights in Montréal?

6 HIIT Workouts with Weights at Sweat440:

  1. SHAPE– Lower Body
  2. SHRED– Upper Body & Core
  3. SWEAT– Core & Conditioning
  4. SHAPE– Upper Body & Core
  5. SHRED– Lower Body & Core
  6. WARRIOR Total Body Conditioning

6 Ways Weights Improve Your HIIT Workout:

  1. Burn fat faster
  2. Blast more calories
  3. Build muscle quicker
  4. Increase metabolism
  5. Burn calories at rest
  6. Reduce the workout duration