What Gyms Are Open Now and Are They Safe to Join?

Are you as excited as we are that gyms are finally reopening? In one of the most stressful years we’ve encountered, it was a total bummer not to be able to sweat out that stress at the gym! But the wait is finally over, as many of Sweat440’s gyms have reopened or are opening soon! Unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t evaporated into thin air like we wish it would. So, it’s very important to choose your gym carefully to avoid virus exposure.

Sweat440 takes tremendous precautions to ensure your safety. It was always our #1 mission, but now we’ve elevated our safety protocols to hospital-grade level. Below, we answer your pressing questions, including, “What gyms are open near me?” and, “Is it safe to go back to the gym?”.


1. Sweat440 Miami Beach- OPEN NOW!

Located at 1916 Bay Rd. in beautiful Miami Beach, FL, this dynamic fitness studio is ready to welcome you back, just in time to get South Beach ready!! Head into 2021 in your best shape yet, so you can confidently enjoy those carefree summer days we’ve all been waiting for! Join the fun at Sweat440 Miami Beach and leave looking better immediately! Contact Sweat440 Miami Beach at (305) 964-8653 to learn more!

2. Sweat440 Coral Gables- OPEN NOW!

Located at 301 Altara Ave., Suite 111, in Coral Gables, FL, this location is ideal for your work week, as well as your weekend adventures. Located near the Merrick Village, you can hit this gym after a long day of work, or before a day of shopping and dining with friends. Our showers, lockers, and towels make it easy to squeeze fitness into your daily routine! Contact Sweat440 Coral Gables at (305) 600-5451 to learn more!

3. Sweat440 Brickell- OPENING JAN. 16!

Located at 25 SW 9th St., Suite G100, in Miami, FL, this gym is a favorite for those who want to crush a sweat session on their commute. Equally distant from financial institutes, restaurants, schools, and neighborhoods, this gym is the epitome of convenience. Check fitness off your to-do list with ease at Sweat440 Brickell. Contact this location at (305) 417-5026 to learn more!

4. Sweat440 Montréal- OPENING SOON!

Our friends in Montréal will be thrilled to know that their favorite gym at 5000 Rue Jean-Talon O, in Montréal, QC, is opening soon! As with all of our gyms, we’ve completed intense safety measures to ensure a safe return and can’t wait to welcome you back! Contact Sweat440 Montréal at (514) 594-0440 to learn more!

5. Sweat440 Chelsea- REOPENING SOON!

Residents of the Big Apple are more than ready to sweat out their frustration with isolation and quarantine! Sweat440 Chelsea, at 600 6th Ave., in New York, NY, is preparing to reopen and provide that welcome stress release! We look forward to reconnecting with our fitness pals and welcoming new members into our fitness family soon! Contact Sweat440 Chelsea at (646) 906-9649 to learn more!

6. Sweat440 Austin- COMING SOON!

Texas has really felt the heat of COVID-19, but relief is in sight, and it includes air conditioning! Sweat440 Austin, at 507 Pressler St., in Austin, TX, is coming soon! Just in time to provide a cool place to exercise before that summer heat kicks in! Learn more about our new locations by clicking here.

7. Sweat440’s New Gyms Are Coming to a Town Near You!

Like many companies, Sweat440 had to pump the brakes on our planned expansion, in light of COVID-19. But new locations are back in the works, throughout FL, NY, and around the world! So, check our website regularly to find the Sweat440 coming to a town near you!

Is It Safe to Join the Gyms That Are Open Now?

After thorough analysis, experts agree it’s not only safe to return to the gym, it’s also important. Studies show that lack of exercise and isolation are detrimental to our mental and physical health. However, it’s important to follow the guidelines outlined by health experts to join the gym safely.

Unfortunately, despite mandates and restrictions, some gyms are cutting corners on safety to save money. Whether they’re skimping on staff and sanitization or allowing too many people at once, some 24 hour fitness studios and big chains aren’t adhering to protocols unless they get caught. Luckily, there are ways to avoid winding up at one of those gyms! Here are safety steps you can take and the safety steps Sweat440 takes for you.

*Check These Boxes for a Safe Workout

  • Call to make sure the gym is limiting capacity.
  • Ask about their sanitization procedures.
  • Inquire about staff’s mask and PPE usage.
  • Ask about temperature checks and symptom screening.
  • Determine their social distancing practices.
  • If possible, check in electronically.
  • Ask if you can book a time slot or appointment.
  • Wear your mask when not exercising.
  • Wash hands before and after a workout.
  • Maintain distance from other gym goers.
  • Avoid handshakes, high-fives, etc.

*Choose a Safe Gym Like Sweat440

  • Sweat440 offers small classes with individual workout pods.
  • Sweat440 uses electrostatic defogging and hospital-grade sanitizers.
  • Sweat440’s team wears masks and gloves and sanitizes equipment frequently.
  • Sweat440 uses touchless temperature checks and symptom screenings.
  • Sweat440 marks social distancing clearly on the floor and staff enforces it.
  • Sweat440 offers scheduling apps and pre-registration to limit capacity.
  • Sweat440 has new classes every 10 minutes to keep capacity low.
  • Sweat440 has safety amenities for our members, like sanitizer at each station.
  • Sweat440 has temporarily suspended certain amenities to keep you safe.
  • Sweat440’s members respect social distancing guidelines and stay home if sick.
  • Sweat440 has replaced high-fives with thumbs-ups until it’s safer to make contact.

Sweat440 can’t wait to welcome you back to our gyms, and now is the best time to jump onboard! We’re offering amazing reopening deals, including a Founder’s Rate and a week of free classes for the first 200 new members! Let’s get back in the gym and back to the life we’ve been missing!


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How to Head Back to the Gym Safely

Follow These Safety Steps:
  1. Ask about capacity and social distancing.
  2. Ask about sanitizing and PPE.
  3. Ask about temperature and symptom screens.
  4. Ask about appointments and electronic check-in.
  5. Wear your mask when not exercising.
  6. Wash hands and avoid personal contact.
Join These Safe Gyms:
  1. Sweat440 Miami Beach
  2. Sweat440 Coral Gables
  3. Sweat44 Brickell
  4. Sweat440 Montréal
  5. Sweat440 Chelsea
  6. Sweat440 Austin