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Does Sweet Sweat Gel Work? 8 Things to Know Before You Try

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Does Sweet Sweat Gel Work? 8 Things to Know Before You Try

Are you looking for a place to buy “Sweet Sweat near me?” Want to know if it actually works? Here are 8 things to know about the product and whether it lives up to the hype. Spoiler alert: perspiration from Sweet Sweat is not the same thing as sweating from exertion. Try Sweat440 if you want each droplet of sweat to actually count toward your fitness.


1) Yes, Sweet Sweat Makes You Sweat… But Why?

Sweet Sweat’s products claim to increase your rate of perspiration by encouraging thermogenic activity while you exercise. Their topical products come in jars or sticks and contain ingredients like petrolatum, jojoba oil, olive oil, fragrance, and coconut oil. These are the same ingredients you’ll find in most moisturizers like Vaseline and body lotion.

So, yes, they will make you sweat, because they reduce your skin’s breathability while you exercise. It’s also why they claim the product works best during cardio. If you slather on a coating of Vaseline before a run, you’re going to sweat more. Experts agree it’s not thermogenic activity at play, rather a layer of moisture that insulates you. Read on to see why that has nothing to do with fitness.

2) Extra Sweat Doesn’t = Extra Fitness

Our bodies sweat for multiple reasons: stress, fear, overheating, spicy foods, exertion, hormones, and tight clothing, to name a few. Simply sweating more doesn’t mean you are getting more fit. For example, if you take a low-impact hot yoga class, you might sweat more than running a marathon outside in the winter. But guess which one burns more calories?

Our bodies have both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands which react to different stimuli. In addition, the apocrine glands are located near hair follicles (armpits, groin, etc.) and these glands produce sweat when we are hot, which has little to do with exertion. Laying by the pool in the heat of summer won’t get you fit, but it will certainly make you sweat. It’s important to remember that the amount of sweat doesn’t correlate to the amount of fat you burn.

3) Each Person’s Sweat Level Is Unique

The amount we perspire is somewhat genetic. If you come from a family of heavy sweaters, you likely sweat more yourself. Someone who has more sensitive skin or is more sensitive to heat will sweat more when they layer on a moisturizer like Sweet Sweat. It’s similar to how we perspire when we’re overdressed in summer.

But perspiration without exertion is simply your body’s cooling mechanism. Two people completing the same workout with the same effort will excrete different amounts of sweat, but that doesn’t determine which one burned more calories. Excessive sweat might mean you need to hydrate more, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you worked harder.

4) Warming the Skin Doesn’t = Warming Up Muscles

Sweet Sweat claims that its warming properties act as a warm-up before you exercise. But experts agree there is zero correlation between warming up your skin and warming up muscles, tendons, ligaments, or your heart or lungs. Warming up for exercise is not about temperature. It’s about prepping the nervous system, activating muscles, loosening up joints, and stretching.

Claiming a topical cream can prep you for exercise is no different than saying that applying sunscreen or throwing on a cardigan will prime your body for a workout. It’s simply untrue. Their other wearable neoprene products like waist trimmers, arm trimmers and thigh trimmers make the same claims, also absent of evidence. It’s no different than wrapping your arm in an Ace bandage and assuming your biceps are ready to curl. Your best choice of waist trimmer, arm trimmer, or thigh trimmer is a HIIT workout at Sweat440!

5) Sweet Sweat Can’t Prevent Injuries but Can Cause Them

Another claim not approved by the Food and Drug Administration is that the products prevent injuries like shin splints and muscle strains by warming you up. This notion is one that experts call outrageous. None of the ingredients prevent sports injuries– those occur from overuse, poor positioning, overcompensation, or an accident. The surface of the skin has nothing to do with wear and tear on your bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, or cartilage.

In contrast, the products can lead to injury by sealing your pores which can lead to overheating. They can also cause injury if people believe that they’re “warmed up” by applying them and exercise without a real warm up. These products aren’t proven to treat, cure, or prevent anything. Only a doctor can diagnose, treat, or cure a medical condition, so consult your physician before exercise to avoid injury.

6) Sweet Sweat Seals Pores, Prevents Optimal Sweat

The lubricants and moisturizers in Sweet Sweat might have the opposite impact of what you’d expect. Sealing the pores with thick creams prevents seamless perspiration and actually clogs your pores. Just like you wouldn’t work out in heavy makeup, you don’t want to lather on petrolatum products before you exercise. For optimal sweat release and clear skin, exercise with bare skin in breathable fabrics.

7) EPOC and Afterburn Aren’t Caused by Moisturizer

These products also claim to cause an “afterburn,” burning calories after your workout. While it’s possible to experience excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) from exercise, it has nothing to do with what you put on your skin, or even how much you sweat.

EPOC, or “afterburn” stems from reaching your VO2 max during a workout, which is the maximum amount of oxygen possible to consume during cardio. This sets your body up to keep burning calories for hours afterward as it restores itself and rebuilds your muscles. The additional muscle you build with a workout also increases how many calories you burn while at rest. But, again, this has nothing to do with what you rub on your skin.

8) Sweet Sweat Can’t Take the Heat

Ironically, the products that claim to increase thermogenic activity actually break down when heated. Once the products hit 95 degrees, they liquefy, which means they’ll no longer stick to your skin. So, if you’re heading to a high intensity workout, going for a run in the sun, or planning to work up a real sweat, expect the product to dissolve. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

Sweat440 Generates Real Sweat for Real Results

Sweet Sweat can make you sweat, which is why some people leave favorable reviews. The problem is, more sweat is not the same thing as being more fit. If you want to increase your perspiration rate and get actual results, head to the nearest Sweat440 gym.

Our expert trainers ensure you sweat for the full 40 minutes, and that each bead of perspiration generates change in your physique. No overheating, over-insulating, or dehydrating involved. Just the best compound cardio circuit workout on earth. Instead of rolling a useless citrus mint gel on your skin, pair your favorite sweet with a killer HIIT workout, and enjoy a delicious reward for the calorie deficit you achieved.



Sweet Sweat vs. Sweat440

Sweet Sweat’s Disproven Claims
  • Causes sweat from insulation, not thermal activity
  • Extra sweat doesn’t mean extra calories burned
  • Each person has different sweat levels
  • Warming skin doesn’t warm up muscles
  • Can’t prevent injuries but can cause them
  • Clogs pores, rather than facilitating sweat
  • Can’t create afterburn
  • Melts in high heat
Sweat440’s Proven Method
  • Sweat from exertion not overheating
  • HIIT method burns more calories quicker
  • Each person works at their own level
  • Our warm-ups engage muscles, not skin
  • Qualified trainers prevent injury
  • Clean air circulation for optimal sweat
  • Compound cardio circuits facilitate afterburn
  • VO2 max in our classes generates EPOC