You’ve jumped on the kale train (and maybe jumped off). You’ve bid carbs farewell (at least for a while). You’ve green-juiced and cauliflower-riced, and protein-powdered your way to… mediocre results. “What’s missing,” you wonder? “Why don’t I have abs like J Lo or David Beckham? Do I have to hire a personal trainer to look like Chris Hemsworth?” Luckily, the secret to celebrity fitness is found in Sweat440’s New York fitness classes.

J Lo is a big fan of HIIT training, as are Britney Spears, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johansson. Even celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels and Jorge Cruise use HIIT for their own personal fitness. Our HIIT method incorporates the 4 components of celebrity fitness in one fun, convenient package. And guess what? Pricey personal training isn’t one of them. Neither is kale, in case you aren’t a fan.

1.  Celebrity Fitness Requires a Team: Sweat440 Provides That Team

Celebrities are on-the-go, which means their fitness has to follow them. They often employ a trainer, a nutritionist, and a mentor to travel with them and keep them on track. Sweat440 agrees that fitness goals are best achieved with a team behind you. The secret is, you need a team that’s available around the clock, wherever you are, just like celebrities have. Sweat440 offers classes every 10 minutes, in multiple locations, so you can always fit in a workout. Our classes are all team-driven, so you have several coaches spurring you on, as well as other teammates battling the bulge by your side.

Part of what makes our team so successful is our founders– two professional trainers who saw the shortcomings of personal training and wanted to innovate the experience through group fitness classes that tap into the team mentality. Matthew Miller and Cody Patrick of Sweat440 focus entirely on delivering the experience and results you’ve been looking for.

2.  Celebrity Fitness Requires Consistency: Sweat440 Keeps You Consistent

It doesn’t matter how good a celebrity’s trainer is or how hard a celeb works out, if they don’t stick with it. Likewise, the best nutritionist can lay out a perfect plan, but if they don’t follow through, even celebrities gain weight. Sweat440 knows that consistency is a key component to long term results and maintaining what you achieve. Our HIIT classes are designed to keep you coming back for more, because they’re so fun, you actually forget it’s exercise. High-energy music and enthusiasm make the 40-minute class fly by. People tell us frequently that they can’t believe the class went by so quickly! The best bonus? Our 40-minute classes torch far more calories than an hour in any other class. If that’s not enough to keep you coming back, wait until you see the results!

3.  Celebrity Fitness Requires Variety: Sweat440 is Packed With Variety

Let’s face it, celebrities have more people eager to meet their needs than the average human. If they get bored of an assistant, a trainer, or even a spouse, there’s probably a line out the door waiting to fill the role. This means they require variety in their workout, in order to keep it up. The truth is, we all need variety in life, and especially fitness, and Sweat440 delivers it in spades.

Our classes are constantly changing, so you never get tired of the routine. HIIT fitness classes consist of 4 10-minute stations, each broken up into 3 exercises, so you get to switch it up throughout each session. No mindless pedaling on a bike to nowhere, you move quickly and purposefully through our rotations. New York City is teeming with diversity, and New York fitness should be no different. At Sweat440, variety is the spice of life that keeps you coming back for more.

4.  Celebrity Fitness Requires Convenience: Sweat440 is Right Around the Corner

Celebrities might squeeze in a workout between filming scenes, or in their hotel room before a premiere, so they rely on convenient training methods. People in New York, Florida, and Canada also live busy lives, and need convenient fitness too. That’s why Sweat440 offers multiple locations to meet you where you are.

Our HIIT classes focus on certain body parts on different days, so we can be your one-stop fitness shop. Unlike other gyms which provide a diluted full-body workout that can’t be repeated on sequential days, our gyms facilitate varied intensive workouts, so you can count on HIIT every day. Want to hit the gym after a meeting in Chelsea on Monday, and a meeting in the Financial District on Tuesday? No problem- we’ve got you covered in both locations.



Celebrity Secrets to the Best New York Fitness Routine

The Do’s:

  • Do find a gym with plenty of time slots available.
  • Do find a gym that’s convenient, so you can be consistent.
  • Do work out where you can try a variety of exercises.
  • Do look for a team of support: workout buddies, classmates, or instructors.
  • Do join an affordable gym, so you can stick with it whether you land the big gig or not.
  • Do work out in a gym that’s fun- if you can’t smile through the sweat, you won’t prioritize it.

The Don’t’s:

  • Don’t join a gym with limited class times or waitlists.
  • Don’t join a gym all the way across town or with a single location.
  • Don’t sign up for things like yoga, where you’re stuck with one form of exercise.
  • Don’t go it alone- coaches and classmates help you reach your goals.
  • Don’t join a gym or a boot camp that you dread going to every day.
  • Don’t waste money on a personal trainer, unless you can afford for them to move in.

If you want a New York fitness regime that delivers red carpet results, look no further than HIIT classes at Sweat440. High-intensity interval training delivers proven results that the hottest celebrities swear by. The four key components of optimal fitness are woven throughout our 40-minute sessions that balance cardio and strength training for peak performance. The best-kept secret? HIIT training at Sweat440 is surprisingly affordable! Shhh- don’t tell the celebrities, their trainers might not thank you.