The Nearby Gym in Montréal With Affordable Personal Trainers

Looking for Affordable Personal Training in Montréal?

If you’re like millions of others, you could use a little help with your workouts. Maybe you’re starting a weight loss program and need some motivation. Perhaps you’re training for a race and need some expert tips. No matter what your fitness hurdles are, our trainers will help you cross the finish line without blowing your budget. Click HERE to work with our talented team at Sweat440 in Montréal.

Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes are led by instructors who provide personalized feedback throughout each class for no additional fee. Our fitness centers combine the best of all worlds: state of the art equipment, group fitness camaraderie, and individualized assistance with your physical fitness program. If you want quick results without the expense and schedule limitations of typical personal trainers, check out Sweat440’s nearby gym in Montréal!


​Which Nearby Gyms in Montréal Include Personal Training?

Sweat440 has a unique advantage over other gyms in Montréal. Our personal training is included in your membership. We’re founded by renowned personal trainers who believe in making customized workouts available to everyone. Unlike other fitness centers, we don’t charge a hefty fee for personal training. Instead, we infuse it into each small group fitness class for double impact. Our members benefit from the enthusiasm, energy, and accountability of the other members in their class, while receiving specific input from trainers at each station.

Our fitness pros correct your form, adjust your resistance, provide alternatives, and monitor your exertion levels for a safe, yet powerful workout. Our smaller classes allow us to view each participant throughout the duration of the 40-minute class, so no one is ever out of the loop. We provide animated demonstrations of each exercise, but more importantly, our trainers are right there to assist at all times. We don’t position ourselves at the front of the class like spin, yoga, pilates, and sports centre instructors do. We circulate around the room for maximum assistance. Sweat440 Montréal is a premium gym that offers multiple memberships options for every budget and free training for everyone.

Why Are Personal Trainers So Important?

It’s no secret that personal trainers have a tremendous impact on physical fitness. The main reason more people don’t hire them is the cost, combined with their busy schedules. The beauty of our physical fitness program is that our personal trainers don’t cost you any additional money. In addition, our trainers lead classes that start every 10 minutes, so you aren’t limited to a singular timeslot. Here are 7 reasons to add personal training to your gym routine.

  1. They Keep Injuries Away: Trainers know how much you can safely lift, how to prevent injury, and when you need a break. Don’t just follow along with a video or mimic what others are doing in the gym. Your body has its own potential and limitations, and our instructors will identify that for safe results.  
  1. They Keep You Safer: In times like a pandemic, trainers provide an extra measure of protection. They ensure that gym members are following CDC guidelineswith adequate spacing and that equipment is cleaned after each use.
  1. They Keep You on Track: Countless studies have shown that having a workout partner makes you more likely to work out. When that “partner” is a fitness expert, you’re guaranteed to see results.
  1. They Keep You Moving Forward: Fitness pros know how to prevent plateau and how to maximize each minute you spend in the gym. Our HIIT trainers capitalize on scientific methods for burning more calories, more quickly, while building muscle at the same time.
  1. They Keep You Honest: Have you ever exaggerated your efforts in your mind, or cut your workout a little short? We all need to give ourselves a break sometimes, but if you’re on a fitness mission, a personal trainer keeps you motivated so you aren’t discouraged by the outcome.
  1. They Keep Things Fun: If you’re living by a “no pain, no gain,” mentality where workouts feel like punishment, you won’t stick with them for long. Likewise, if you’re stuck in the same old fitness rut, you’re likely to quit going to the gym. But our trainers offer different classes each day of the week, with endless combinations performed on state of the art equipment. Between the awesome music, varied workouts, and expert input, you’ll never want to leave!
  1. They Keep You Coming Back: If you’re bored at the gym or aren’t seeing any progress, you might be tempted to skip. With our trainers, that simply won’t happen. You won’t even have time to get bored in our fast-paced classes, since we keep you moving from one station to the next. We provide accountability to keep you coming back, so you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Want to Train at Your Nearby Gym in Montréal?

If you’re debating whether to hire a personal trainer, check out Sweat440 in Montréal. We have the most affordable method for acquiring excellent, customized training. Our Montréal gym is located at 5000 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, right near RBC Royal Bank. Try a free class and you’ll see why we’re the preferred health club in Montréal. We don’t use contracts or require you to buy day passes or a certain number of classes. Simply come whenever your schedule allows, and our trainers will be waiting for you! From opening hours to closing time, each of our classes is trainer-led for a safe, affordable, effective workout!


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Ready to Train at a Nearby Gym in Montréal?

Benefits of Personal Training:
  • Keeps injuries away
  • Keeps you safer from COVID-19
  • Keeps you on track
  • Keeps fitness moving forward
  • Keeps you honest in your efforts
  • Keeps fitness fun
  • Keeps you coming back for more
Sweat440 Montreal’s Training Benefits:
  • Free trial class
  • Free training in each class
  • Free to cancel a class
  • Free to choose membership level
  • Free of annual contracts
  • Free of initiation and cancellation fees
  • Free of intimidation and exclusivity