Safe Group Fitness Classes at a Nearby Gym in Brickell

Are you ready to get back in the gym after a long hiatus with COVID-19? Sweat440 offers safe group fitness classes at our nearby gym in Brickell! We’ve covered all the bases of safety, from CDC-approved hospital-grade cleaning procedures, to PPE, to social distancing protocols. Our classes are led by personal trainers to keep you safe from injury, and also safe from virus exposure by ensuring member compliance. Take a look at how Sweat440 in downtown Miami provides a superior fitness experience.


10 Ways We Ensure Safety at Our Nearby Gym in Brickell

1. Our Cleaning Procedures

Our gyms are cleaned with antimicrobial disinfectant fogging procedures twice a week. They’re also deep cleaned twice a day with hospital-grade cleansers, including Protexus Electrostatic Spraying Machines, which are CDC and EPA approved. We also clean our equipment, bathrooms, door handles, and touch points after each rotation.

2. Our Protective Equipment

Our staff has touchless temperature checks and wears PPE in all of our gyms. We require masks for classmates and keep sanitizer and paper towels within your reach at all exercise stations. We’ve postponed the use of our showers, towels, lockers, and water fountains, except to refill your own bottle.

3. Our Personal Trainers

Each of our classes is led by certified personal trainers for your safety. They not only ensure safe social distancing and sanitizing compliance, but they also keep you safe from injury or overexertion. Our trainers work with small groups to provide expert training at no additional cost to you.

4. Our Social Distancing

Our nearby gym in Brickell, and all of our gyms, are clearly marked for social distancing. We assign you to a workout pod to maximize space between other members and equipment. Our gyms were already designed for individual exercise space, but now we’ve enhanced our protocols.

5. Our Small Group Fitness Classes

We’ve reduced the size of our classes to ensure minimal capacity while you work out. We provide ample space for you to safely exercise in each of our group fitness classes. You receive the benefits of individual instruction, group enthusiasm, classmate encouragement, and an upbeat environment, with the added benefit of a smaller group.

6. Our Faster Full Body Workout

We provide the quickest full body HIIT workout so you can get in and out of the gym quickly. Our classes pack 4 10-minute stations into 40 minutes. You get 3 sets of 12 different exercises performed at optimal intervals of intensity for impact. With classes like cycling, yoga, or martial arts, it takes a long time to see results, and classes last at least an hour. But you can maximize your fitness in minimal time at Sweat440!

7. Our Efficient Schedule

Our classes start every 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait around the gym. You can pre-register for class and be in and out in under an hour. We’re currently limiting how long members linger before and after class to minimize exposure to COVID-19. You can count on an efficient workout without the crowded environment of the typical nearby gym in Brickell.

8. Our Proximity to Downtown Miami

Research has shown that staying close to where you work and live for your outings minimizes your risk of COVID-19 exposure. Our nearby gym in Brickell is close to your job and your errands like the Navy Federal Credit Union, Bank of America Financial Center, and Brickell City Centre in Downtown Miami.

9. Our Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

Sweat440 offers the safest indoor gym environment, as well as outdoor fitness classes. We require members to bring their own towel, water bottle, and workout mat, and to wear a mask for safety. We provide ample space to socially distance ourselves in the fresh air which disperses respiratory droplets to minimize risk of infection.

10. Our Contract-Free, Risk-Free Memberships

If you’re excited to join Sweat440’s group fitness classes, but also nervous, we understand. The average nearby gym in Brickell might not provide a safe environment. But Sweat440 was committed to your safety long before COVID-19 happened, and we’ve increased our safety measures to the highest level in response. Our personal trainers circulate through every class to keep a watchful eye on the classmates and to sanitize frequently. Your first class is free, and we don’t use contracts, so you aren’t bound to a monthly fee or minimum purchase. Training is free in every class, and our outdoor classes are just $10! We offer multiple membership options to fit every budget and schedule with no initiation, cancellation, or hidden fees.

Try Free Group Fitness Classes at Sweat440 Today!

Come try Sweat440’s group fitness classes for free to see how Sweat440 excels at safety. We have several gyms close to downtown Miami, including the nearby gym in Brickell, as well as Miami Beach, Kendall, Coral Gables, Palm Beach, Downtown Doral, plus outdoor classes in Doral and SOBE. Contact us today to learn more about safe group fitness classes at Sweat440!


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Our Safety Precautions
  • Hospital-grade sanitizing
  • PPE and fever checks
  • Personal trainer oversight
  • Gyms near you + outdoor classes
  • Social distance markings
  • Smaller classes, efficient schedule
  • Faster full body workouts