10 Reasons to Join a Fitness Group Right Now

Are you one of the many people trudging along on a treadmill, or pedaling aimlessly on a bike while watching others have a blast in group fitness classes? Do you wish you had the confidence to give it a try? Well, it turns out that fun is not the only perk of group exercise. It’s also good for your fitness, mental health, and social life, not to mention your confidence. That’s right, the confidence you lack to try group fitness will actually increase once you give it a try! Here are 10 reasons to step off that lonely treadmill and join a fitness group today!

1. Group Fitness Classes are Fun

If you’re one of the gym goers who gazes longingly at group fitness classes, wishing your own workout was half as exciting, it’s time to get in on the fun! The truth is, fitness groups DO make exercise more enjoyable, since you feed off of each other’s enthusiasm, willpower, and energy. The exchange of high-fives, spotting each other’s reps, and tackling tough moves together creates a synergy and burst of adrenaline that helps the workout fly by.

2. A Fitness Instructor Brings Out Your Best

Have you ever skipped a set when no one was watching? Ever hopped off the treadmill before your time was up? When we work out alone, it’s much easier to slack on our efforts. The irony is, we’re only cheating ourselves. If you want legitimate results, join a fitness group led by a qualified instructor who will push you to be your best. While it might be a bit more challenging, finishing the workout will improve the confidence you lacked to try group fitness in the first place! In addition, the rapid results you achieve with an instructor’s guidance will outpace anything you’ll do on your own.

3. A Fitness Group Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Are you working hard in the gym without getting results? Do you wish someone else recognized how hard you’re working? When you join a fitness group, that hard work turns into productive work, since trainers customize the right plan. If you lack the motivation to crush your workout, you’ll glean the energy of those around you to power it out. When everyone is working together toward a common goal, you’re much more empowered to keep it up.

4. Like Minded Individuals Enhance Your Weight Loss

Thinking of swapping your salad for a donut? Joining a fitness group helps keep you accountable on your weight loss journey. Those workout buddies become pre-workout protein smoothie buddies, and post-workout salad buddies too. If you’re working together to lose weight, you won’t want to let each other down. Group fitness always results in greater weight loss than going it alone.

5. A Group Fitness Program Keeps You Consistent

Debating whether to skip your workout today? A fitness group will notice if you aren’t there. Having a scheduled workout class is key to consistent fitness. If you simply join a gym, you might never go. But when you join a group and sign up for a class, you’re much more likely to show up. Research shows that consistent exercise is the key to getting fit.

6. A Group of People Exercising Become Comrades

Where else will you find a 20-year-old college student, a 60-year-old veteran, and a 30-year-old bodybuilder bonding over a common activity? Group fitness brings people of all ages and walks of life together for a single mission– better health. In a fitness group, diversity is celebrated, eyes are opened, and minds are expanded by the universal goal of physical fitness and longevity.

7. Group Classes Incorporate Cardio and Strength Training

When you exercise alone, you might spend 30 minutes jogging on a treadmill and then 30 minutes lifting weights, or doing crunches, squats, and push-ups. But when you join a fitness group, you maximize your efforts by combining those activities. Particularly with high intensity interval training (HIIT), you’ll burn more calories while building muscle through compound cardio circuits. Rather than yawning through an hour of repetitive exercises, blast out a killer HIIT group workout in just 40 minutes.

8. Group Fitness Helps You Lose Weight Faster

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out your best efforts. When you see the classmate beside you crushing another set or pushing past their personal best, you’re inspired to give your all too. Those who join groups while losing weight achieve quicker weight loss. Tell your fitness instructor and classmates your fitness goals, and just watch how fast you cross the finish line!

9. Those Who Join Groups Get Lasting Results

While group fitness classes help you get quicker results, they also produce lasting results. Working out alone gets boring and repetitive, which means you’re likely to hit a plateau, or even stop going to the gym. But the variety of tools, movements, and equipment used in a diverse group of people prevents that fitness stagnation. So, you’ll keep coming back for more, and you’ll keep your body on its toes. That’s a win-win for longterm fitness.

10. A Fitness Group Prevents Isolation

Those who join a fitness group have always seen benefits in their mental health. Exercising together creates a bond, a camaraderie, and a zest for life that you simply can’t achieve working out alone. But now that we’ve seen the impacts of isolating events like COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to join a fitness group. They’re your lifeline to continued health while things look a bit different. At Sweat440, our fitness groups enjoy online workouts, outdoor classes, and socially-distanced indoor classes to prevent isolation during gym restrictions.

If you’ve been wanting to join a fitness group, there’s no better time than now! Sweat440 offers free group fitness classes so you can try a class risk-free. With no contracts or cancellation fees, there’s nothing stopping you from finally getting in on the fun! Come join us!


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Reasons to Join a Fitness Group
  • Group fitness is more fun.
  • Fitness instructors bring out your best.
  • Fitness groups help you reach your goals.
  • Like minded people enhance results.
  • Group fitness keeps you consistent.
  • Fitness groups become comrades.
  • Group fitness expedites weight loss.
  • Joining groups creates lasting fitness.
  • Group fitness prevents COVID-19 isolation.