Why Is HIIT Beneficial for Weight Loss: Does it Burn More Calories?

Does HIIT Help You Lose Weight Faster Than Other Workouts?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is unparalleled in its ability to move the scale. Before discussing the benefits of HIIT, let’s unpack the HIIT meaning, since some gyms incorrectly dub their workouts “HIIT.” A HIIT workout isn’t just high intensity exercise. The formula includes varied levels of intensity and resistance and brief recovery periods, so you build muscle and sustain your efforts throughout the workout. 

Simply exercising at high intensity won’t burn fat or build muscle like HIIT does. At a singular intensity on a monotonous machine, calorie burn ends when the workout does, and muscles aren’t challenged; they shift into muscle memory. The right intervals of intensity enable significant calorie burn, even after the workout is done. Click HERE for a free workout at the best HIIT gym in Coral Landings- Sweat440! Read on to learn why you burn more calories with HIIT! 

Why Is Interval Training for Fat Loss So Effective?

Benefits of HIIT: #1

Interval training for fat loss is supremely effective because it kicks your body into fat-burning gear, rather than staying in an aerobic state. Other forms of exercise often lack the variations required for fat loss. Rather than spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, Swet440’s HIIT gyms infuse 40 minutes with varied exercises designed to blast fat. Losing weight and losing fat are not the same. Heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, and muscle engagement are all involved in successful fat loss.

You can lose weight by losing muscle or retained fluid, but that’s not fat loss, nor is it the key to long-term weight loss (learn why in benefit #2). A HIIT session changes intensity, plus it changes which muscles you’re using frequently. Our workouts include four 10-minute stations with three sets of three different exercises, to keep your muscles guessing. That’s crucial to prevent atrophy and plateau.

Benefits of HIIT: #2 

HIIT is also effective because it doesn’t neglect a crucial component of blasting fat– building muscle. Muscle burns fat while you’re at rest, so you’ll keep burning fat after your workout when you incorporate resistance. Some athletes wonder if this will make them “bulk up,” more than they want, but that’s only the case if you do HIIT incorrectly. 

Sweat440’s qualified HIIT trainers know how to maximize weight loss without increasing bulk, unless bulking up is your goal. One of the best things about HIIT is that it’s highly customizable. If you want to build muscle, we’re experts at that. If you want to lean out, we’re experts at that too. Unlike fitness classes where students all do the same thing, our HIIT classes are group personal training sessions in an affordable gym– extra instruction for no extra fee! 

Benefits of HIIT: #3 

One of the other health benefits of HIIT is that you maximize oxygen consumption during HIIT workouts. You’ll burn the most calories possible while exercising, and continue burning them after you’re done. Your VO2 max is achieved by alternating intense exercise with recovery periods, so you can go harder, longer. 

Maintaining high intensity for the full workout causes over exhaustion and poor form. Short rest periods (15 seconds) allow you to regroup and re-engage at full force. Specific intervals are required to achieve this, so choose a legitimate HIIT gym and try a free class first.


Do HIIT Sprints & Cardio Intervals Work for Everyone?

If the words “high intensity” intimidate you, remember that HIIT is designed for all fitness levels. Our innovative classes are led by a personal trainer who customizes instructions for each participant. Each member is shown what to do and what level of resistance to use. We have digital demos at every station, so you can confidently participate from day one.

You’ll work at your own pace with your desired number of reps and your optimal resistance. And we’ll guide you every step of the way! Our members are a diverse group who encourage each other wholeheartedly. Positivity, upbeat music, and high-fives are hallmarks of Sweat440!  

Can You Do HIIT Every Day & Is That Required to Lose Weight?

Can you do HIIT every day? That depends which HIIT gym you join. Sweat440’s classes are different every day, so you can work out daily while resting muscle groups. Some days, we sculpt cores. Other days, we shred lower bodies or shape upper bodies. You don’t have to do HIIT seven times a week to lose weight. However, at Sweat440, you can safely come daily, and our workouts are so fun and effective, you’ll want to come every day!

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What’s the Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss in Florida?

The best HIIT workout for weight loss is one that’s led by a qualified instructor. Since HIIT is renowned for weight loss, some health and fitness instructors call classes “HIIT,” when they don’t follow HIIT guidelines. But our founders are HIIT experts who created superior HIIT exercises to exceed your expectations. Is HIIT beneficial for weight loss? Absolutely, at Sweat440! Visit us in Coral Landings, right near La Brasa Grill

6 Weight Loss and Health Benefits of HIIT:

  • Burn more calories & maximize oxygen consumption
  • Burn fat and calories after the workout
  • Build muscle & lose weight simultaneously
  • Work with a personal trainer for free
  • Work safely at your optimal heart rate
  • Avoid plateau with varied exercises

6 Places to Try a HIIT Workout Near Coral Landings:

  1. Brickell- Miami, FL
  2. Coral Gables- Miami, FL
  3. Miami Beach, FL
  4. Miami Lakes, FL
  5. Doral, FL

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