Which HIIT Workout Near Me Is the Best Full Body Workout?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is super popular because it produces the highest calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. It’s also equally effective at burning fat and building muscle. It’s no wonder countless fitness clubs are offering workouts labeled as “HIIT” to draw members in. The problem is, HIIT is a very scientific method with specific requirements to qualify. Unfortunately, a gym can call a class whatever it wants, whether it lives up to the standards or not. A Google search of HIIT classes even pulls up gyms that don’t offer HIIT at all! Many classes in Miami and New York City claim to be HIIT, but only Sweat440 offers total body workouts with certified HIIT trainers all day, every day.


Sweat440 Has the Best Full Body HIIT Workout Near You

Sweat440 takes each attribute of HIIT workouts seriously. High-intensity? Check. Intervals? Check. Training? Check. In fact, every one of our classes is led by personal trainers who circulate through the class to instruct on form, speed, intensity, and methods to get you ripped while keeping you safe. Our founders created a system that promotes total body fitness by rotating the focus so you can safely work out every day.

Other gyms’ “HIIT” classes cram all body parts into class every day, so none get full attention. The intensity of those classes is just enough to make you sore all over, so you have to skip the gym the next day. At Sweat440, you get a full body workout in each class, but we target certain areas each day, so you don’t have to skip days in between. And our variation ensures that each body part gets undivided attention. We fuse strength training with compound cardio circuits for the most powerful combo in town. Here’s an example of what to expect.

  • Monday: Shape- Lower Body
  • Tuesday: Shred- Upper Body/Core
  • Wednesday: Sweat- Core/Conditioning
  • Thursday: Shred- Lower Body/Core
  • Friday: Shape- Upper Body/Core
  • Saturday: Warrior- Total Body Conditioning
  • Sunday: Warrior- Total Body Conditioning

At Sweat440, you’re guaranteed to get a killer workout without killing your bones, joints, mojo, or bank account. We know how to help you reach your full potential because we use the only method proven to do so. Unlike some gyms that scam you into thinking you’re getting a full body HIIT workout, Sweat440 delivers one all day long. In fact, there’s another class starting in 10 minutes! Come on, jump in!


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Tips for a Full Body HIIT Workout

Full Body HIIT Workout Equipment to Look for


  • Classes with varied cardio like versa climbers, ski ergs, and assault bikes
  • Classes with full body weightlifting equipment like kettlebells, and dumbbells
  • Classes with compound cardio tools like sleds, slam balls, and battle ropes
  • Classes with body weight resistance like suspension trainers and TRX
  • Classes with trainers who target different areas and assist throughout the class
What to Avoid for a Full Body HIIT Workout


  • Classes that stick you on a treadmill for most of the time
  • Classes that don’t intersperse interval intensity frequently
  • Classes that cram all body parts into every workout
  • Classes where you rely on yourself to maximize the outcome
  • Classes that expect everyone to work to the same intensity