Hi, Montréal! Have you heard about HIIT? Believe the hype- it’s legit. HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is mega-popular, due to its fat-blasting, muscle-shredding, calorie-torching abilities. But one thing that sets it apart from other popular fitness trends, is HIIT is not a gimmick or fad. In fact, the benefits of HIIT were published decades ago, but not all gyms know how to execute it properly. It’s not HIIT if it’s just an intense workout or a workout that incorporates intervals. Legitimate HIIT classes provide a dynamic, efficient blend of cardio, resistance, and weight training with various tools to give you the body no other workout can.

Why Some HIIT Classes Aren’t What They Claim to Be

Some gyms offer high-intensity interval cardio workouts like spin classes or treadmill routines. But they lack the essential components of explosive and weight-bearing moves that build muscle to burn calories at rest. And their one-dimensional cardio machines don’t provide enough variety or diversity of movement to prevent muscle memory and plateau.

Others offer a few HIIT classes in their generalized class schedule, but the instructors don’t specialize in HIIT. The person who teaches yoga or crossfit is not qualified to teach HIIT. Just because they name the class “HIIT” doesn’t mean you will get a true HIIT workout. Interval timing, diverse equipment, and workout length are crucial to maximizing impact. And some instructors don’t circulate through the class to keep any eye on your form, fatigue, and exertion. HIIT is not like a spin or yoga class where the instructor just sits at the front of the room. You can easily overdo it or under-do it in a HIIT class without professional oversight.

Why Sweat440’s HIIT Montréal Classes Are Legit

HIIT thrives on quick bursts of explosive movement through jumping, throwing, rowing, slamming, climbing, and compound cardio. When you combine running with pulling a sled, or throwing slam balls, you build muscle while doing cardio. Sweat440 implements the compound cardio circuits that treadmill or cycle-based high-intensity interval workouts don’t provide.

Our HIIT Gyms Specialize in HIIT

At Sweat440, every single one of our classes is a HIIT class, and our instructors are all certified in the method. Our classes are broken into 4 10-minute stations, with 3 exercises per station, that are performed for 45 seconds each. We push you to give it your all in each station, but you get 15 seconds of rest between rounds, and a minute between every station. This intensity shift engages your VO2 max, so you use the most oxygen and train your metabolism to burn calories long after you’re done. But it also allows sufficient rest to prevent injury, exhaustion, or overexertion.

Our Instructors Are HIIT Pros

Our team of instructors puts us in a league of our own with HIIT fitness. It starts with our founders, who are highly sought-after trainers themselves. With years of experience under their belts, they know exactly which exercises work, and exactly what gym-goers want. They hired certified instructors who specialize in HIIT, and teach it all day, every day. And to complement the trainers, they installed animated demonstrations at every station, so you always know exactly what to do.

Our HIIT Classes Are Scheduled Around You

Our founders knew that HIIT would be a hit with gym members, but they also knew that time, budget, and schedules can get in the way. So, they created the perfect gym concoction. Sweat440 offers the most powerful workout, performed in just 40 minutes. The classes start every 10 minutes, so you are #neverlate. The workouts are different every day, so Sweat440 is the only gym you ever need to join. And they infused upbeat music and positivity to keep you motivated while you sweat.

Our HIIT Classes Are All-Inclusive

Our HIIT classes are all about inclusivity. First, they are designed for people of all fitness levels, whether you are a novice or pro. Since the stations are geared for your personal best, you can work at your own speed and ability. Everyone belongs at Sweat440, and everyone receives high fives, too! Second, our pricing is all-inclusive, meaning personalized training, instruction, and support are free in every class you take. You aren’t on your own to figure things out or push past your hurdles. We spur you on every step of the way and show you exactly what to do. It’s the best of both worlds- personal training in an engaging and inspiring group setting. 

Try HIIT Today, Montréal, But Try it With the Experts

Right now, you get one week free at Sweat440 Montréal, plus a low monthly rate going forward. We don’t lock you into a contract or make you buy classes in bulk. You can come to class whenever it works for you, since there’s one starting every 10 minutes. Don’t waste time and money on a gym offering fake “HIIT” classes to get in on the trend. Stick with the gym that teaches HIIT all day, every day, since it’s the only workout you need. Trust Sweat440- we won’t let you down. Just ask our thousands of satisfied members.

What Makes a HIIT Gym Legit vs. Counterfeit

Legit HIIT Gyms

  • Are founded by trainers who understand HIIT fitness, not investors
  • Teach HIIT all day, every day, not just once a week
  • Provide a variety of cardio equipment, not just bikes or treadmills
  • Offer different HIIT workouts every day, so you can safely workout daily
  • Use personalized training in each class to produce results and prevent injury
  • Offer each class at multiple times so you never miss a workout
  • Design the workout for all fitness levels to deliver universal results

Counterfeit HIIT Gyms:

  • Offer classes with only one component, like intensity, but call it HIIT
  • Conduct HIIT classes with instructors not trained in HIIT methods
  • Provide only one form of cardio like a treadmill or bike
  • Utilize cardio that neglects necessary quick bursts and explosive movement
  • Offer HIIT classes only once or twice a week, so you can’t be consistent
  • Don’t provide individualized instruction, leading to injury or lack of results
  • Ignore the science of HIIT, providing classes of the wrong intensity or length

Are you ready to try HIIT, Montréal? We’re ready for you too! Come see why Sweat440 sets the industry standard by specializing in HIIT. Some gyms tack a name on a class, but at Sweat440, HIIT isn’t just a name, it’s our true identity.