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Pros and Cons of the HIIT 100 Workout for Muscle and Fitness

Have you heard of the HIIT 100 workout for muscle and fitness? The plan has some perks, but also some drawbacks. Our HIIT experts explain.

Pros and Cons of the HIIT 100 Workout for Muscle and Fitness

Have you tried the fitness tactic of “just cardio” to lose weight? Have you spent months pedaling, jogging, or walking without results? It’s not that you lack the effort or commitment. It’s that you’re doing the wrong thing. And you’re not the only one. Outdated exercise theories suggest skipping weights and enduring lengthy cardio to lean out. But research now proves that to be ineffective.  

Steady-state cardio, like 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on a treadmill, is now considered a waste of time if you want fast results. Athletes training for endurance races might benefit from hours of monotonous cardio. But those who want to build muscle, burn fat, or lose weight, will be disappointed by steady-state cardio.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has turned the fitness world upside down. The method fuses cardio with resistance completed at different intervals of intensity to maximize calorie burn. The beauty is it also maximizes muscle definition, since your cardio is enhanced with resistance in moves like kettlebell swings. Rather than a treadmill run followed by a dead curl press, you’ll run while pushing a weighted sled or pedal an Assault Bike with resistance. This not only creates a chiseled physique, it also revs up your metabolism and burns more calories while you’re at rest.

However, HIIT needs to be performed correctly for it to work. The HIIT 100 workout in Muscle and Fitness and some other fitness publications is not actually the safest or most effective way to do it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of HIIT 100s, as well as the better HIIT method.


Pros of the HIIT 100 Workout for Muscle and Fitness

The HIIT 100s carve and sculpt sessions are designed to complete 10 sets of 10 reps of each exercise per muscle group. In the first few weeks, you’ll get 60 seconds of rest between sets. As the weeks progress, the goal is to complete all 10 reps in all 10 sets with no rest in between. The pros are that you’ll burn a bunch of calories initially and increase your cardio endurance. But those pros don’t persist, and the cons outweigh the pros. Take a look at the downsides and read on to see what renowned HIIT trainers recommend instead.

Cons of the HIIT 100 Workout for Muscle and Fitness

  • Improper Intervals for Maximum Results

The downsides are that you eliminate one of the crucial components of HIIT, which is the intervals of intensity. Your goal shouldn’t be to complete sets without rests. Those rests are what allow you to reach your VO2 Max, or maximum oxygen consumed during exercise, and that’s what enables you to burn fat for hours after your workout is done.

  • Weightlifting Capacity Decreases

In addition, the structure of HIIT 100s carve and sculpt sessions requires you to lift 50% less, or even lower, than you’re capable of. As you move through the sets, you’ll often have to continually reduce the weight. This is counterproductive if your goal is to increase muscle mass or create a chiseled physique.  

  • Injury Can Occur

Since eventually you don’t take breaks between sets, you increase the risk of injury, overexertion, and muscle fatigue. When your muscles are tired, your form will suffer, causing you to use improper posture and technique. In addition, those brief breaks help you check in to see if you should keep going.

  • Leads to Muscle Memory and Plateau

When you perform 100 reps for one exercise, your body engages its muscle memory and is no longer challenged as much by the movement. As such, your progress slows and you’ll hit a plateau. The repetitive sets and lack of varied intensity sends you into the same mode as steady-state cardio and results come to a halt.

The Better Method Than HIIT 100s Workouts

If you want quick, lasting results, there’s a much better way to perform high intensity exercise. Sweat440’s HIIT gyms were founded by renowned HIIT trainers and are led by HIIT experts. Our gyms conduct HIIT classes all day, every day, using the ideal ratios for high intensity interval training (HIIT). We don’t just dabble in HIIT, or label every high intensity exercise as HIIT, the way some gyms and fitness magazines do.

Sweat440’s HIIT classes pack 4 10-minute stations with 3 sets of 3 exercises each. That means you get 12 different exercises, rather than 10. Our classes provide a full-body workout that targets different muscle groups each day. That way, you perfect each muscle group without incurring injury or muscle fatigue.

Since we incorporate 15 seconds of rest between each 45-second set, you get just enough time to regroup and crush it again. These intervals of intensity allow you to maintain proper form and to lift more and go longer than when there are no breaks in between. Our founders devised the perfect timing so that your heart rate and metabolism stay elevated, while you have just enough time to catch your breath and resume.

This formula draws the most out of your workout so you get quicker results. In addition, our classes are different each day, so you can do HIIT multiple times a week. The HIIT 100 workout doesn’t allow time for muscle fibers to rebuild, so you get less muscle growth and need longer between each workout.

Try Sweat440’s Superior HIIT Method for Free Today!

If you want to give HIIT a try, head to the gym that specializes in the method. Our gyms are dedicated HIIT studios, so whenever you come, you’re in for the best HIIT workout around. Our classes start every 10 minutes, so there’s one for everyone’s schedule. At Sweat440, your first class is free, and we don’t use contracts or charge activation fees. Come see why Sweat440 consistently receives 5-star reviews. Our HIIT classes are second-to-none!



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How Sweat440 Beats HIIT 100s:
  • Sweat400 increases lift ability.
  • HIIT 100 reduces lift ability.
  • Sweat440’s intervals achieve VO2 Max.
  • HIIT 100 uses improper intervals.
  • Sweat440 keeps muscles guessing.
  • HIIT 100 triggers muscle memory.
  • Sweat440 guards against injury.
  • HIIT 100 causes overexertion.
  • Sweat440 uses proper form.
  • HIIT 100 triggers muscle failure.
  • Sweat440’s results build on each other.
  • HIIT 100’s results taper off.
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