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Are you looking forward to hitting the gym again, but a little concerned about whether it’s safe? We totally get it. With various reopening phases, restriction changes, and conflicting news, it’s normal to be a bit confused right now. The good news is, gyms are being held to the strictest standards to ensure a safe reopening. In addition, Sweat440 has added extra measures to protect your health and safety. So, is it safe to go to the gym? Yes, as long as you choose the right one.


If a Gym Has Reopened, Does That Mean It’s Safe?

While all gyms are required to follow certain safety procedures to reopen, some are better at enforcing them. The company culture of each gym is unique, and different owners have different perspectives. Additionally, the facilities, capacity, amenities, equipment, and staff oversight are different at each gym. Don’t assume that all “gyms open near me today” are using the same protocols. Here are some questions to ask the gym first.

10 Questions to Ask Your Fitness Center About Safety

  1. Is Proper Sanitization Frequently Performed?

It’s not enough to just wipe equipment with wet paper towels, or rely on members to clean the equipment. Ask the gym whether they use hospital-grade sanitizers, defoggers, and sprayers, and how often the gym is cleaned. Look for placement of sanitizer near each workout station for members to use.

  1. Does the Staff Have Touchless Temperature Checks?

If the staff members aren’t being screened for symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, and shortness of breath, don’t exercise at that gym. Make sure they use touchless temperature checks, since other methods might spread germs.

  1. Does the Staff Wear PPE?

Ensure that the trainers, instructors, and front desk team are wearing masks and gloves to prevent virus transmission. It’s also best to wear your mask when you aren’t actively exercising, for example, when using the restroom or checking in.

  1. Is Capacity Limited?

Make sure your gym is reducing the number of members exercising together. Look for smaller class sizes and ways to sign up online so you can select a time that’s less crowded.

  1. Is Social Distancing Enforced?

Ask if your gym has distinct markings to indicate proper spacing of guests. It’s best to choose a fitness center that only offers group classes, so there’s always an instructor overseeing member behavior. Trainers will not only keep up with sanitizing after each station, they’ll also make sure other members give you enough space.

  1. Are Members Clogging the Lobby?

Gyms should be rotating members in and out on a frequent basis to avoid clusters and crowds. A gym with group classes is best, since there’s a set start and end time to each member’s workout.

  1. Are High-Touch Amenities in Use?

Gyms should be postponing the use of things like showers, towels, lockers, and water fountains until further notice. If the gym is currently offering all amenities, despite local ordinances, they aren’t protecting you like they should.

  1. Are They Charging for Classes You Miss?

Some gyms charge for classes you miss. This tempts members to show up, even if they aren’t feeling their best. They might write it off as allergies, or a little sniffle, to avoid missing their class, when they’re actually coming down with a virus. Look for a gym that doesn’t charge for classes when you’re sick, and that encourages you to stay home if you are.

  1. Has the Gym Reopened Before It Should?

Unfortunately, some gyms reopened before they were cleared to do so. If the gym recommends you come in through a back door, or that you not book classes in trackable ways like through apps or online, stay away. Check the local guidelines to make sure your gym is allowed to reopen, and that they’re following all the guidelines for your area. Some areas are now requiring gyms to close again, so stick with a trustworthy gym.

  1. Does the Fitness Center Offer Outdoor Classes?

Although many gyms are now offering indoor classes, some members aren’t ready for that yet. Choose a gym with outdoor options too, if that is important to you. A gym that expands ways to meet your needs is one that won’t compromise your health and safety. 

Sweat440 Checks all the Boxes as a Gym Reopened Correctly

Sweat440 takes the worry out of your gym reopening, since we clear the checklist, and greatly exceed safety expectations. We don’t just use hospital-grade sanitizers, we deep-clean twice a day with Protexus Electrostatic Cleaning Sprayers. We also complete an endurance antimicrobial disinfecting fogging twice a week. In addition, we sanitize all equipment, surfaces, door handles, and more throughout the day.

Our team uses protective gear and clears a health screening before each shift. Our classes are smaller, with clear social distance markings on the floors to keep you safe. We even assign you to workout pods to ensure minimal exposure. As much as we love chatting with our members, we currently ask members to arrive no more than 5 minutes before class, and to leave when class is over. It’s just one more way we limit exposure and provide contact tracing. We’ve suspended all amenities that might harbor germs, like showers, lockers, and towels, for now. And we offer outdoor classes for an extra level of comfort.

Our classes start every 10 minutes, so we maintain optimal capacity. We never charge for a class if you need to skip, simply come when you’re well again. We’re closely following all guidelines for gym safety and adding additional measures to protect you. Sweat440 offers the safest gyms open near me today, so you can feel confident in joining us. Your first class is free, and we don’t use contracts, so give us a try and see how we prioritize health and safety.


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