The Gym Near Work With a Flexible Schedule: SWEAT440

Oct 28, 2020

The Gym Near Work With a Flexible Schedule: SWEAT440

Oct 28, 2020


Sometimes, work, friends, family, and to-dos have you running in circles. That doesn’t leave much time for actual running, strength training, or health and fitness. If you’re skipping the gym, eating on the go, and running on fumes, it’s time to rethink your schedule. Fitness should be at the top of your list, not just because it’s good for you but also because it facilitates everything else. When you’re healthy, you perform better at work, have more energy for friends and family, and have better mental health. Fortunately, rather than you trying to squeeze exercise into your schedule, SWEAT440 fits exercise into yours! Our convenient fitness studios mean there’s a gym near work, home, and all of your errands to simplify fitness. Rather than you finding time for working out, SWEAT440 finds you wherever you are.

HIIT is more like a method of training. As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training. So, the key is to keep the intensity high for a particular interval and repeat, which is what we do at SWEAT440. There is no particular exercise or rule that can be applied to HIIT. You may do any exercise in our classes or resistance training; just that it should be split into intervals of ON and OFF. Just make sure you give it your all when you are ON!! Learn more about our NYC studios, and let’s do this!

Build Workouts Into Your Workday for Consistency

Building a workout into your workday is one of the best ways to stay on track. Once you get home from work, the dog needs to be walked, the kids need to be fed, and that binge-worthy show begs to be watched. It’s easy to lose track of time tending to household obligations, and before you know it, you’re dozing off on the couch. If you exercise on the way to work, after work, or during your lunch break, you won’t get sucked into those distractions. And when you commit to being fit, all of those other commitments are easier to fulfill.

For many people, working is different each day. You might aim to hit the gym on your morning commute. But then you realize your suit is wrinkled, you forgot to pack lunches, or you get stuck in 30 minutes of traffic. Maybe you plan to hit the gym after work, but your meeting runs 20 minutes long, or your child has a soccer game.

That’s why one of the best things about SWEAT440 is that our classes start every 10 minutes, so you’re never late to break a good sweat. Traffic, long meetings, and that unexpected stop for soccer team snacks are no problem, and now you’ve zero excuses. Simply come when you can.

At some gyms, when schedule conflicts pop up, your workout has to be skipped. But you still get stuck paying class fees and monthly membership dues, even if you can’t make it. SWEAT440 makes sure you never have to miss a sweat session! Our classes repeat all day, and our gym memberships don’t use contracts so you can buy as little as one class at a time. Don’t avoid the gym because you think you don’t have time to go. Joining a flexible gym near work keeps you consistent.

Track Your Progress With a Workout Routine Near Work

If you struggle to stick with an eating plan or workout routine, join a gym near work. Tracking your progress is easier when you make fitness part of your agenda. If your gym is on the way to the office, it’s convenient to stay consistent. That SWEAT440 sign is a visible reminder to crank out a session during lunch or after your conference call. Our scheduling app also helps you track your progress since you can book classes online. Keep track of which muscle groups you’ve worked on that week, and add in classes as needed.

Each class offers a different workout, as we target different muscles daily and change our exercises so it never gets boring. SWEAT440 is the gym near work that offers a full-body workout without cutting corners.

Some gyms just devote a set or two to each muscle group, but we blast through 3 sets of 12 different exercises in each class. Our website, apps, and posted schedule make it easy to track your progress. Our trainers and classmates love celebrating your achievements, milestones, and fitness success!

Health and Fitness Boost Work Performance

When you’re exercising and eating right, everything in life goes more smoothly. While you might feel like your workload prevents you from exercising, you’ll actually accomplish more at work when you exercise. Studies show that exercise and work productivity are linked. Exercise makes you more alert, which enhances your performance. It also increases blood flow to your brain, sharpening awareness and triggering a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) protein for improved cognitive abilities.

Exercise improves your health, both physical and mental, and increases your immunity. You’re less likely to sustain job-related injuries, illnesses, and conditions like anxiety and depression when you exercise. Workouts also help you manage your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Your employer will be grateful that you take less sick leave and perform at optimal cognitive levels.

In essence, you’re not only more likely to get the job, keep the job, and succeed at the job, but you’re also more likely to enjoy the job when you prioritize health and fitness. SWEAT440’s gym near work makes achieving career and fitness goals easy. Try a free class to see how joining a gym near work improves your life.



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