6 Tips to Choose a Safe Gym Near Me Now That COVID-19 Exists

Are you eager to get back in the gym? We couldn’t agree more! COVID-19 has derailed enough of life’s fun activities, not to mention, healthy pursuits! Gyms like Sweat440 are reopening gradually, with guidelines in place. But choosing the right gym near me now is even more important. Not all gyms are abiding by the same standards or cleaning with the same products or frequency. Gyms also come in a variety of sizes, with different capacities. It’s essential to choose the safest, cleanest gym near me now, since the virus is still circulating. Here are the things to look for.


1. Choose a Gym That’s Not Overcrowded

Some gyms are reopening but not necessarily monitoring capacity. Gyms that are open 24 hours aren’t fully staffed around the clock. And large gyms are tough to monitor fully to ensure members are socially distanced. Unfortunately, some gyms are more interested in recouping lost revenue than keeping you safe. So avoid large, overcrowded gyms with packed classes or a shortage of staff for oversight. Some gyms have had to furlough employees, so ask if staff members will always be present for assistance. Sweat440 keeps classes small and members properly spaced. We’re fully staffed at all times, including a trainer in every class.

2. Choose a Gym With Frequent Rotations

At some gyms, there’s no limit to how long members can linger, which inhibits contact tracing, social distancing, and adequate workout space. At Sweat440, our classes start every 10 minutes, so we rotate members out of the gym frequently. Our HIIT classes pack a powerful punch in just 40 minutes, so you get a full body workout without excessive exposure to others. We place you in workout pods, with clear markings on the floor, so you have maximum personal space. We love to linger and mingle with you, and we’ll do that as soon as it’s safe. But for now, we’re keeping everyone moving!

3. Choose a Gym With Hospital-Grade Sanitizing Procedures

At Sweat440, we conduct an endurance antimicrobial disinfectant fogging cleanse twice a week. We also deep-clean our studios twice a day with hospital-grade sanitizers, including Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers. We clean each machine and touch point between member rotation, and also have sanitizers near each exercise station for your use. Throughout the day, our staff regularly disinfects bathrooms, door handles, countertops and equipment surfaces to keep you safe. Since our trainers monitor every class, we’re able to clean each machine and piece of equipment after each use, unlike other gyms that rely on members to do the cleaning.

4. Choose a Gym With Safe Amenities

As much as we love providing fabulous amenities like our showers, lockers, and towels, we’re suspending the use of such things for now. Our water fountains can be used for refilling your own bottle, but not drinking out of, and we’ll sanitize the fountain before and after. We look forward to offering these perks ASAP, but we’re sticking with safety precautions for now. Luckily, we have several locations right near where you work, live, and socialize, so it’s easy to grab a quick workout and still have time to get ready.

5. Choose a Gym With Scheduling Options

Sweat440 lets you pick a class online or through our App. You can also give us a call or stop by to see what’s available. The best part is, if you get busy or if you aren’t feeling well, you aren’t charged for classes you miss. Some gyms charge for missed classes, or charge penalties for cancelling the membership. This makes people more likely to come to the gym even if they aren’t feeling their best. In light of the current pandemic, it’s important to stay home if you feel a headache or a sniffle coming on, and you can do that at Sweat440 without losing money. This keeps everyone healthier, so thanks for your compliance!

6. Choose a Gym With Staff Safety Rules

Just like we ask you to stay home if you’re unwell, we hold our team to the same guidelines. Each of our staff members completes a touchless temperature check before each shift, and stays home if they have symptoms or known exposure. Our team wears PPE like masks and gloves, and frequently washes their hands. We hold our team to the highest standards, and they’re more than happy to comply! It’s our goal to make fitness as enjoyable as possible for members, which includes providing the safest environment!

If you’re ready to join a gym near me now, remember the rules have changed. It’s more important than ever to pick a gym that values its members and expresses that through safety procedures. You can trust Sweat440 to safeguard your health and provide the optimal fitness environment.


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Choosing the Right Gym Near Me Now is Extra Important

How to Make the Right Choice
  1. Look for lower capacity.
  2. Look for crowd control on lingering.
  3. Look for sanitizers at your disposal.
  4. Look for smaller, shorter classes.
  5. Look for full staffing at all times.
  6. Look for frequent rotations.
  7. Look for hospital-grade sanitizing.
  8. Look for suspension of certain amenities.
  9. Look for penalty-free cancellations.
  10. Look for staff safety protocols.
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