8 Benefits of Having a HIIT Gym Membership Near Montréal

1. You Reach Your Goals Faster

No one joins a gym hoping it will take forever to get results! But that’s exactly what happens at some gyms, especially those that don’t use an effective method like high-intensity interval training (HIIT). If you want your gym membership to be a wise investment, join a HIIT gym like Sweat440 Montréal. Our founders formulated the perfect workouts to achieve your VO2 Max (maximum amount of oxygen consumed during exercise) and induce EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) so you burn more calories in less time at Sweat440. Our classes are just 40 minutes, but you’ll continue torching calories for several hours after you’re done, which means you’ll reach your goals faster than with any other gym membership near Montréal.

2. You Increase Weight Training Safely

If you want to include weight training and resistance in your workouts, you’re on the right path. While some people assume weight training is only to add bulk, it’s actually an essential part of any effective training program. Building muscle helps you burn more calories while at rest. In addition, it strengthens your supportive structure which enables you to go harder and longer during cardio without muscle fatigue. Weight training also helps prevent injury by strengthening muscles that brace you during things like an accident or a fall. Your muscles shouldn’t be neglected, even if you don’t want them to get any bigger.

Whether you want to bulk up or simply lean out to reveal muscle tone, it’s important to approach this endeavor carefully. Joining a HIIT gym like Sweat440 Montréal is the perfect way to increase weight training safely, to prevent injury. Some gyms leave members to themselves to navigate the weight room. This often leads to one of two things: injury/overexertion, or frustration/intimidation. Sweat440 incorporates weight training into each class through compound cardio circuits. As a result, your trainer oversees your safe progress to greater muscle definition.    

3. Personal Trainers Come With the Package

At Sweat440’s Montréal HIIT gym, there’s an added incentive to becoming a member. Our personal trainers aren’t just HIIT experts, they’re also included in your membership. Our gyms are class-driven, which means each of your workouts is led by a personal trainer. We keep our classes super small so that a trainer can provide individualized instruction throughout your workout. Rather than trying to book a trainer at a set time, our classes repeat all day, in 10-minute intervals, so that you’re guaranteed a trainer each time you come to the gym. You don’t have to wait for availability with our personal trainers; they’re always there waiting to work with you.

4. Your Strength Training Is More Efficient

Many people approach strength training inefficiently, through no fault of their own. The reality is that there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, and also a lot of gyms that don’t provide accurate instruction for their members. You might be doing the wrong number of reps, employing the wrong resistance, or using improper form– after all, you’re probably not a personal trainer. Our instructors are certified in proper strength training, but they’re also experts at customizing a workout suited to your unique abilities, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all strength training method. We determine your fitness goals, preferences, and abilities, and incorporate that into a HIIT formula that makes each rep of each set highly efficient.

5. Personal Training With HIIT Accelerates the Impact

It’s no secret that personal training expedites results, in part because it holds you accountable and pushes you to reach your true capabilities. But personal training with HIIT accelerates the impact of your workout to a greater degree. Since HIIT incorporates resistance with cardio, and also utilizes specific intervals of intensity, your results come much quicker, without any additional time or exertion in the gym. Personal training infused in HIIT classes is the most powerful workout you’ll get from any gym membership near Montréal.

6. State of the Art Equipment Prevents Injury

One of the top advantages of HIIT gyms in Montréal is access to state of the art equipment for your workout. Unlike the typical gym equipment, a true HIIT gym has cutting-edge, innovative machines that prevent injury, while allowing you to exercise at your peak level. Tools like Ski Ergs, Versa Climbers, and Assault Bikes offer a full-body workout, while keeping you perfectly positioned and minimizing impact on your bones and joints. HIIT isn’t only about using intensity in your workout. It’s also about weaving that intensity correctly between periods of rest and using the right equipment to achieve VO2 Max and EPOC without overexerting or injuring yourself. HIIT is not a DIY method– it requires certified trainers and specialized equipment.

7. Group Fitness Classes Keep You Consistent

Joining Sweat440’s HIIT gym in Montréal means you’ll benefit from HIIT’s efficacy, as well as the camaraderie of group fitness classes. Having a team on your side is one of the best ways to remain consistent with your workouts. A group fitness environment motivates, encourages, and holds you accountable when you don’t show up. These are serious advantages, since consistency is key to results. Simply taking a fitness class at another gym pales in comparison to joining a community of HIIT enthusiasts who inspire each other to be their best.

8. Get Rock Climbing, Yoga, Pilates, & Cardio in One

“HIIT” is a bit of an overused term in the fitness world, tagged onto everything from solo treadmill routines, to full-fledged, specialized HIIT gyms like Sweat440. The chief differences include the effectiveness of the workouts and the speed at which you reach your goals. A true HIIT workout isn’t achieved on a bike or treadmill alone, despite what some gyms claim. There’s simply not enough resistance or change in position and muscle group usage to provide a full-body, plateau-proof workout with a single machine.

Sweat440 Montréal incorporates countless tools like sleds, sliders, TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, Versa Climbers, Ski Ergs, rowers, Assault Bikes, battle ropes, and more to keep your body guessing. This change in motion, intensity, and muscle groups ensures that your body won’t get complacent during a workout. It’s like rock climbing, yoga, pilates, cardio, cycling, plyometrics, swimming, rowing, strength training, and more, all rolled into one expeditious package.

Our workouts never get old, and as a result, your body never stops improving. If you’re ready to see what a Sweat440 gym membership in Montréal can do for you, contact us, or stop by our Montréal gym at 5000 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, near Aréna Bill-Durnan today!


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Perks of a HIIT Gym Membership in Montréal

8 Advantages of HIIT Workouts
  1. Reach your goals faster
  2. Increase weight training safely
  3. Personal training incorporated
  4. Strength training is more efficient
  5. Personal training accelerates impact
  6. State of the art equipment prevents injury
  7. Group fitness classes prompt consistency
  8. Fuse rock climbing, yoga, pilates, rowing + more
8 Advantages of Sweat440 Montréal
  1. Contract-free HIIT gym
  2. Free trial of HIIT classes
  3. Expert trainers in every class
  4. Smaller groups for individual instruction
  5. Classes every 10 minutes
  6. Several membership options
  7. No penalties if you quit
  8. No annual or hidden fees