Los Mejores Gimnasios en Miami Para Distancia Social

¿Es Seguro Ir al Gimnasio? Is it Safe to Go to the Gym?

¿Quieres volver al gimnasio, pero estás preocupado por COVID-19? Sweat440 tiene la solución. Nuestros gimnasios ya utilizan el espacio adecuado y nuestros procedimientos de desinfección son superiores a otros gimnasios.

If you’re eager to get back in the gym, but concerned about catching COVID-19, Sweat440 has the solution you’re looking for. With all of the recent changes, it can be confusing to understand what is safe. The Mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Gimenez, has released new guidelines permitting gyms to reopen, with safety protocols in place. Sweat440 has the distinct advantage that our classes were already designed for adequate social distancing before COVID-19. Our smaller class sizes and individual exercise stations are now enhanced by the most stringent sanitization processes and visible outlines for safe distance.


¿Qué Gimnasios en Miami Son Seguros? Which Gyms Are Safe?

La Orden de Emergencia ahora permite que los gimnasios vuelvan a abrir con procedimientos de seguridad implementados. Pero elige tu gimnasio con cuidado. Sweat440 ofrece una protección superior que los gimnasios más grandes y los gimnasios abiertos las 24 horas no pueden ofrecer.

Emergency Order 20-20 has been, and continues to be, amended regarding COVID-19 safety procedures. One exciting amendment is that Miami-Dade residents can finally exercise safely at certain gyms! But, proceed with care, and exercise at gyms using proper sanitization and social distancing procedures. While the guidelines are clear and distinct, it’s a new world we are living in, with shifting dynamics, and proper monitoring of these safety protocols is not always executed.

Large chain gyms aren’t staffed to adequately oversee all areas of the gym, or sanitize equipment thoroughly between each use. Many rely on an honor system of members, rather than staff oversight for proper adherence. 24-hour gyms and gyms that aren’t staffed around the clock pose particular risk, as do the gyms that pack classes in too tightly or don’t schedule members according to safe occupancy. But Sweat440 ensures your health and safety with rigorous sanitization processes, and an expert scheduling system that minimizes the number of people in the gym at a time.   

¿Cómo Te Protege Sweat440? How Does Sweat440 Protect You?

Hemos implementado numerosas precauciones como tomando la temperatura de los empleados, EPP para el personal, uso de mascarillas, y desinfección frecuente, así como distanciamiento social.

Sweat440 has always taken your safety very seriously. It’s part of why we keep class sizes small and have certified instructors circulating through every class. In addition, we’ve added numerous security measures to guard against virus transmission. Take a look at how Sweat440 provides superior protection.

  • Deep-cleaning twice a day with hospital-grade products
  • Equipment sanitization after each rotation
  • High-touch areas like handles sanitized frequently
  • Locker, shower, and towel usage temporarily suspended
  • Water fountains for refilling only- bring your own bottle
  • Touchless temperature checks for all staff members
  • PPE (masks & gloves) worn by all team members
  • Individual disinfectant spray and cleaning towels for all equipment
  • Assigned workout pods to keep members in smaller groups
  • Social distancing marks on the floor
  • No lingering before or after class
  • Classes every 10 minutes for optimal occupancy
  • Scheduling apps to minimize waiting

Nuestra Adecuada Distancia Social: Our Proper Social Distance 

Algunos gimnasios afirman proporcionar distancia social, pero no tienen control sobre la ubicación de los miembros en el gimnasio. Nuestras estaciones de ejercicio y horario garantizan la distancia social.

It’s not enough for a gym to claim they offer social distancing. Proper execution requires scheduling and constant oversight. Our unique schedule has classes starting every 10 minutes, so we never exceed recommended capacity. Our front desk is always staffed to assist you with proper precautions and ensure other members are in compliance. Since each of our classes includes free personal training, there is always a professional nearby to ensure your safety. You can even choose your class based on times that are less busy. But no matter when you come, you’re guaranteed a small class with ample social distance between each station.

Gimnasios Seguros en Miami: Safe Gyms in Miami for COVID-19

Sweat440 tiene 6 gimnasios en Miami que siguen las Órdenes de Emergencia de Carlos Giménez. ¡Todos ellos están reabriendo o abriendo pronto!

Sweat440 offers superior sanitization, security measures, social distancing, and scheduling for safety during COVID-19. If you’re excited to get back in the gym, you’re in luck! Sweat440 has 6 gyms near Miami, including our Brickell gym, near the Brickell City Centre, that are either currently reopening or opening soon. Find a Sweat440 that adheres to all aspects of Carlos Giménez’s Emergency Order near you!

  • Sweat440 Brickell (305) 376-7350
  • Sweat440 Miami Beach (305) 614-9162
  • Sweat440 Coral Gables (305) 602-4011
  • Sweat440 Kendall (coming soon!)
  • Sweat440 Downtown Doral (coming soon!)
  • Sweat440 Palm Beach (coming soon!) 

¡Prueba una clase gratis hoy!

We know that these are uncertain times, and things seem to change daily. Sweat440 has always offered free trial classes before you sign up for a membership. In fact, we don’t use contracts at all, and you can cancel at any time. During COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to join a gym that lets you check out their safety protocols free of charge! Come try a free class today, and see how we make your safety our top priority! Email us at contact@sweat440.com to learn more!


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Ejercicio Seguro con Nosotros: Exercise Safely with Us

 Our Safety Precautions:
  • Hospital-grade sanitizers
  • Temperature checks and PPE for staff
  • Clearly marked social distancing
  • Smaller classes with professional oversight
  • Schedules that optimize flow
  • Suspension of showers, lockers, towels
  • Personal water bottles and masks required  
Our Safe Gyms Near Miami:
  • Sweat440 Miami Beach
  • Sweat440 Coral Gables
  • Sweat440 Kendall
  • Sweat440 Palm Beach
  • Sweat440 Downtown Doral
  • Sweat440 Brickell
  • Sweat440 is growing, check our location page often!