Free Workout Places Near Me: Try a Free Class Today!

Are you ready for something new? Tired of that repetitive run through your neighborhood or crowded gym with waitlists for machines? Sweat440 offers a superior experience that keeps members engaged, excited, and empowered by their results. We put members in total control of their membership. No contracts, no minimum purchase, and no waiting for classes or machines! Our classes start every 10 minutes, and our high-tech HIIT equipment is part of every class, so you never have to wait your turn for a class or a machine!

But best of all, we offer a free class to every newcomer! And it’s not just one class at a certain time that we’re offering free. Any day, any time, you can try a free class that fits into your schedule! Take a look at the awesome free classes you get to choose from.


Free Classes to Try at Workout Places Near Me

Each of our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) group fitness classes is designed for a diversified full body workout. Schedules vary by location, so click free workout places near me to see the lineup at your nearest gym. Here’s a typical sample of our classes which vary each day.

SHAPE — Lower Body:

Complete 40 minutes of intense circuits of compound exercises with specific attention to technique and form in this shaping and toning group fitness class! It’s a full body workout that targets the lower body and core.

SHRED — Upper Body/Core:

Upper body resistance training and core shredding exercises are fused in the metabolic conditioning circuits performed in this group fitness class. Expect to get lean and ripped fast in this session that’s ultra efficient at building muscle while blasting fat.

SWEAT– Core/Conditioning:

The combo of high-intensity intervals and core exercises in this class are the essence of our name. The “440” in Sweat440 means you get 4 exercise stations in 40 minutes, and also that you will sweat for the full 40 minutes! We allow just enough time to catch your breath in this heart-pumping class that gives you that enviable 6-pack.

SHRED — Lower Body/Core:

Want to banish the boredom of your current workout? Try this mix of agility, plyometrics, lower body resistance exercises, and killer core movements in metabolic conditioning circuits designed to get you ripped in a hurry!

SHAPE — Upper Body/Core:

Receive acute attention to technique and form while executing intense circuits of compound exercises that shape and tone your whole body, particularly your upper body and core. Our personal trainers circulate through this and every group fitness class to help you achieve your desired shape quickly and safely.

WARRIOR — Total Body Conditioning:

Want to maximize your weekend workout and still maximize time for social activities? Crush this full body workout in just 40 minutes! A blend of high-intensity intervals with core work and 3 sets of 12 exercises, this group fitness class targets optimal fitness.

Why Sweat440’s Free Group Fitness Classes Are the Best!

Sometimes you can find a free trial at a community center, or try free pilates or yoga classes. But there’s a big difference in what you get. For free yoga classes, many studios require you to sign a gym membership first, so you’re locked in before your free trial. Community center classes are often led by volunteers or amateur fitness buffs, rather than trained professionals.

At Sweat440, we have no contracts! So, that means your free class is actually free! There are no initiation fees, down payments, or membership dues required for you to try a class. You just show up and get a great workout! Each of our group fitness classes is led by a certified instructor who offers free personal training throughout each class. This means you not only get a safe workout, but you also get an effective sweat session, without paying a dime. Group fitness classes are more effective than going solo. So, give it a try for free today, there’s nothing to lose!

The Best Free Workout Places Near Me

Don’t just try a free class, try the BEST free class at Sweat440 today! We have convenient locations in cities around the world, with more gyms opening soon! Whether you live in Washington, D.C., Miami, FL, or New York, NY, keep an eye on our website for a Sweat440 opening near you! Here are our current locations that are either open or opening soon! And if COVID-19 prevents you from coming in person, check out the free workout resources on our website!

Sweat440 Locations With Free Classes:

  • Sweat440 Brickell –  Miami, FL
  • Sweat440 Palm Beach – Miami, FL
  • Sweat440 Kendall – Miami, FL
  • Sweat440 Coral Gables – Coral Gables, FL
  • Sweat440 Downtown Doral – Doral, FL
  • Sweat440 Miami Beach – Miami Beach, FL
  • Sweat440 Madison – Madison, AL
  • Sweat440 Austin – Austin, TX
  • Sweat440 Chelsea – New York, NY
  • Sweat440 FIDI – New York, NY
  • Sweat440 Montréal – Montréal, QC

For your free trial, give us a call, book a class online or simply stop by one of our convenient locations. We’ll show you the ropes and get you started immediately, with no financial obligation.


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Sweat440’s Free Classes & Locations

Free Classes at Sweat440:
  • SHAPE- Lower Body
  • SHRED- Upper Body/Core
  • SWEAT- Core/Conditioning
  • SHRED- Lower Body/Core
  • SHAPE- Upper Body/Core
  • WARRIOR- Total Body Conditioning
Sweat440’s Free Class Locations:
  • In Alabama: Sweat440 Madison
  • In NYC: Sweat440 Chelsea & Sweat440 FIDI
  • In Miami: Sweat440 Kendall, Sweat440 Brickell,& Sweat 440 Palm Beach
  • In Miami Beach: Sweat440 Miami Beach
  • In Austin: Sweat440 Austin
  • In Montréal: Sweat440 Montréal