Importance of At-Home Fitness & Workout Videos

In recent months, we haven’t had the luxury of working out at gyms. Most of us have been trapped in our homes, unable to hit the gym or attend our favorite group fitness classes. However, just because you can’t attend a fitness class doesn’t mean you have to give up on fitness altogether. At Sweat440, we believe it’s entirely possible to maintain fitness at home, and we help you maintain your fitness goals with daily free at-home workout videos.


Is it possible to maintain fitness without a gym?

Strength training and cardio training are the two most crucial components of fitness. Strength training, otherwise called resistance training, helps you grow stronger by building your muscles. Cardio training improves your cardiovascular health, allowing you to engage in more rigorous activities without fatigue.

Most people believe strength training and cardio training can only be achieved at gyms with expensive equipment. But that’s not true. Sure, gyms and fitness classes help you meet advanced fitness goals because they provide structure, beneficial equipment, and an engaging group dynamic that helps you push yourself. However, you can still maintain fitness without those additions.

Instead of using dumbbells and resistance machines, you can also engage in strength training with free bodyweight and resistance bands. You don’t need anything more than your own body’s weight or affordable resistance bands. If you’re really ambitious, you can also stuff books into a bag and put that on as an additional makeshift weighted vest! The options are endless!

As for cardio, you don’t need treadmills or elliptical machines for cardiovascular training. You can simply take a jog around the block or in a park. If you don’t want to step outside, you can also run on-the-spot in your home or perform a series of burpees, anything to get your heart rate up! After all, cardio training is all about getting your heart rate up, and you can do that anywhere.

Where can I get free at-home fitness workout videos?

Sweat440 wants to help everyone achieve their fitness goals, whether they’re doing it from a gym or their living room. Under normal circumstances, we would love to host you in our fitness classes, guiding you through complex workouts using advanced fitness equipment, such as rowers, assault bikes, sleds, battle ropes, etc. However, we don’t want you to give up on fitness just because that may not be possible.

To ensure at-home physical fitness, we provide free workout videos that take you through all the essential bodyweight strength training and cardio workouts. You can sign up for our free workout videos, delivered to your email address regularly. Signing up for the workout videos is entirely free, and you can also share it with your friends.

Steps to access Sweat440 workout videos and maintain optimal at-home fitness:

  1. Sign up for free at-home workout videos.
  2. When you receive your email, click on the exercise for an online workout video.
  3. Clear off about 5 square feet of space.
  4. The entire workout program includes four fitness stations, each comprising three sets of three exercises. Complete each fitness station in 9 minutes and catch your breath for 1 minute.
  5. Set a stop clock or timer to ensure you perform each exercise for the specific duration.
  6. Find a routine that works for you. Beginners can perform each set for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds of rest. Intermediates can perform each set for 45 seconds and take 15 seconds of rest. And advanced individuals can perform each set for 50 seconds, taking 10 seconds of rest.
  7. Complete the entire set within 40 minutes.

Sweat440 weekly fitness schedule

Sweat440 targets each muscle group at least once a week. We also take you through different workout modules to target different aspects of fitness. On Shape days, we focus on conditioning. On Shred days, we focus on strength training. On Sweat days, we focus on high-intensity interval training. And, on Warrior days, we combine all the modules for a supercharged sweat session.

The following is an overview of our Sweat440 weekly fitness schedule:

  • Monday: Shape — Lower Body
  • Tuesday: Shred — Upper Body/Core
  • Wednesday: Sweat — Core/Conditioning
  • Thursday: Shred — Lower Body/Core
  • Friday: Shape Upper Body/Core
  • Saturday: Warrior Total Body Conditioning
  • Sunday: Warrior Total Body Conditioning

Claim your first free class at Sweat440!

Sweat440 doesn’t just provide free workout videos. At Sweat440, we also provide a free on-location sweat session for newcomers. That’s correct — you can schedule a free class at Sweat440 in your closest location. Sweat440 currently has fitness studios in New York CityFlorida, and Montreal, Canada.

The following is the address and numbers for all of Sweat440’s fitness studios. Go to any of them and claim your first free sweat session!

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Fitness At-Home with Sweat440

Maintain At-Home Fitness with Sweat440
  • Sign up for free at-home workout videos.
  • Follow the instructions to access the workout videos.
  • Clear off 5 square feet of space in your home.
  • Set a stop clock or timer.
  • Perform three sets of three exercises to complete each station within 10 minutes.
  • Find an exercise/rest ratio that works for you.
  • Complete the entire series of exercises within 40 minutes.
Sweat440 Fitness Training Schedule
  • Monday: Shape — Lower Body
  • Tuesday: Shred — Upper Body/Core
  • Wednesday: Sweat — Core/Conditioning
  • Thursday: Shred — Lower Body/Core
  • Friday: Shape Upper Body/Core
  • Saturday: Warrior Total Body Conditioning
  • Sunday: Warrior Total Body Conditioning