Top 5 Group Fitness Classes Near Me

Group fitness classes are ideal for long-term fitness goals because they make fitness fun and engaging. However, there are several types of group fitness classes focusing on different aspects of fitness, including dance fitness, resistance training, strength training, etc. In this article, we help you find the best group fitness classes near me, and we introduce you to the best full-body workout class — Sweat440.


Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Fitness is a lifelong marathon rather than a sprint. As such, you must find a fitness module that you enjoy if you want to achieve long-term fitness. People who go to traditional solo gyms often burn out after a few months if they don’t see results. Group fitness classes make you enjoy the fitness process, so you’re less likely to give up on it. As such, group fitness classes help you meet and beat your fitness goals.

Group fitness classes also have an inbuilt sense of peer pressure in the best way possible. That doesn’t mean your group will taunt you for not having a certain level of fitness. If they do, you should probably bail and find a healthier group fitness class. But the presence of a group will make you internally push yourself and do better. People opting for group fitness classes are less likely to give up in the middle of the workout.

Group fitness classes are driven by certified trainers who can help you set realistic fitness goals and milestones. Furthermore, group fitness classes add structure to your workouts, combining the right proportion of strength training, cardio training, and stretches. As such, group fitness classes are the scientific means of achieving your fitness goals. All things considered, group fitness classes are perfect for people of all fitness levels.

#5. P.volve (Glutes Strength Training)

Led by Victoria’s Secret trainer, Stephen Pasterino, P.volve is a strength training class with an interesting twist — it focuses solely on the glutes, the largest muscle in the body. As such, P.volve is a strength training class to sculpt a firm, strong, and voluminous booty. If you want a gorgeous beach bod, this is the way to go.

#4. Dogpound (Resistance Training)

Dogpound is a resistance training and strength training class with aspects of group fitness classes, solo training, and one-on-one personal training. During the group fitness classes, you’ll have to engage in high-intensity strength training with heavy weights, bars, etc. The class is designed to build muscle mass and help you get ripped as soon as possible.

#3. 305 Fitness (Dance Fitness Class)

305 Fitness, founded by Sadie Kurzban, is one of the most popular dance fitness classes set to a high-energy live DJ set. The group fitness classes feel more like dance clubs than gyms, making the process really fun.

#2. Mile High Run Club (High-Energy Interval Style Training)

Mile High Run Club is a group fitness class focused on high-energy interval-style training on treadmills. This fitness studio is populated with treadmills, and the classes are designed to help you lose as many calories as possible. Some of these group fitness classes may incorporate resistance training elements, but it’s mostly suitable for cardiovascular training.

#1. Sweat440 (Best Full-Body Workout)

Sweat440 is the best full-body workout program in the US. This is one of the few group fitness classes with a schedule that incorporates every aspect of fitness, including strength training, resistance training, high-energy interval style training, core training, and cross-training. Each 40-minute group fitness class is divided into four fitness stations, each comprising three sets of three exercises with different fitness goals. As you progress through the week, you target each and every muscle group on your body. The following Sweat440 schedule displays how they provide an optimal full-body workout:

  • Monday: Lower Body
  • Tuesday: Upper Body/Core
  • Wednesday: Core/Conditioning
  • Thursday: Lower Body/Core
  • Friday: Upper Body/Core
  • Saturday: Total Body Conditioning
  • Sunday: Total Body Conditioning

4 Stations & 40 minutes of Sweat!

Class starts every 10 minutes. #NeverLate

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