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5 Dangerous Secrets CrossFit Gym is Keeping from You


Intense exercise performed without appropriate interval training and coaching can cause muscle fibers to break down and release a byproduct, myoglobin, into the bloodstream. This clogs and poisons the kidneys, particularly in states of dehydration, when your kidneys can’t filter the byproducts. The electrolyte imbalance and possible kidney failure can lead to hospitalization or even heart failure or death when treatment is delayed. Unfortunately, treatment of Rhabdomyolysis is often delayed with due to the mindset of pushing past pain. Certain workouts, like crossfit, sometimes encourage participants to finish a set, regardless of pain or dehydration.

Many confuse CrossFit with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) gyms, like Sweat440. But it’s actually just high intensity. CrossFit trainers occasionally don’t utilize proper intervals, and many aren’t actually trainers. CrossFit uses a potentially dangerous method of performing the most reps, of the most weight, as quickly as possible.

5 CrossFit Secrets You Should Know

1. CrossFit Trainers are “Certified” in Only Two Days

CrossFit Level-1 trainers are certified after completing just a two-day seminar and a 50-question quiz. Literally, that’s it. There is no requirement of an exercise science degree, extensive experience, or any further certification. All you need to open a CrossFit gym is two days of training and the money. Level 1 is only the bare bones of what should be required to teach such intensive and dangerous workouts. And while many go on to further their training, any class you take could be taught by someone with two days of experience. The result is far more injury and drop-off than the average gym.

2. You Have to Pay for a Month of CrossFit to See if You Like It

CrossFit advertises that your first week is free. Here’s the catch- you are required to take 8 Fundamentals classes before you can move on to actual training. You can’t complete the 8 classes within a week, so you are forced to buy the monthly membership in order to complete those courses and give the real classes a try. Save your money, it’s not a wise investment. CrossFit focuses heavily on Olympic power lifting and gymnastics moves like handstands, rings, and walking on your hands. Gymnasts spend their whole lives working up to these skills, but CrossFit trainers can throw you into it with two days of training. Any gym with nothing to hide provides individual classes like Sweat440’s HIIT classes, so you can buy one at a time, rather than getting locked into a contract.

 3. Most CrossFit Members Can’t Move Past Beginner Level

If you read the fine print, you’ll see that CrossFit suggests most members remain at beginner level for at least a year, and for some members, indefinitely. So, those who sign up thinking they’ll be leaping hurdles, swinging across monkey bars, and winning trophies, the image is a facade. If you weren’t already a high-level gymnast with intense power-lifting skills and crazy cardio capability, you won’t turn into one in 3 months at a CrossFit warehouse. The CrossFit champions you see on TV have a lifetime of training that wasn’t acquired in a pop-up CrossFit gym. Your investment will either be wasted, or multiplied by the price you pay for injuries you sustain at the hands of ill-equipped trainers.

4. CrossFit Claims to Use “HIIT”, but They Eliminate Two Letters

High-intensity interval training is a safe and effective way to burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time, when executed properly. Some think CrossFit is a HIIT gym, but that’s a dangerous mistake. While CrossFit workouts are high intensity, the intervals and training are seriously lacking. In fact, they recommend full speed, with max weight, and max reps, a philosophy that’s proven to be both ineffective and incredibly dangerous. Power-lifting is not meant to be done in rapid succession with reps of 50 or more. Nor are pull-ups and push-ups meant to be done in sets of 300 without a rest. These are technique-oriented skills meant to be supplemented with ample rest and instruction to avoid injury. It’s well known that variations in speed and intensity produce the best calorie burn and prevent muscle wear and tear. HIIT training needs to be implemented by highly trained staff not people certified overnight.

5. CrossFit Trainers are Proud to Induce Pain and Injury

CrossFit trainers boast that they give people stickers and t-shirts when they puke, and members proudly flaunt images of themselves in the hospital with separated shoulders, broken ankles, dehydration, and Rhabdo. The founder, Greg Glassman, says, “If you find the notion of falling off the rings and breaking your neck so foreign to you, then we don’t want you in our ranks.” So, essentially, CrossFit members are paying not only for membership, they’re often paying for hospital bills, time off work, and possible lifelong damage. There’s also no consensus that CrossFit will help you lose weight or reach your goals. The intensity may burn calories initially, but most can’t stick with the program long enough for lasting results. And when you’re sidelined with a broken ankle, you can’t burn calories at all. The best gyms produce lasting results through a safe and proven method. For real results without doing damage, try Sweat440 instead.


Why CrossFit is So Dangerous

The Risks of CrossFit Gyms

  • Two-day trainer certifications
  • Gymnastic movements taught by rookies to rookies
  • Power-lifting executed too heavily, rapidly, and lengthily
  • Trainers that don’t circulate the room
  • Cavalier attitude about injury and pain
  • Outdated methodologies proven detrimental and ineffective

The Rewards of Sweat440

  • Thoroughly trained and experienced coaches
  • Full instruction as well as supplemental digital demos at each station
  • Weight lifting individualized to the member and overseen by trainers
  • Constant circulation of trainers during class
  • Intense focus on injury avoidance and adaptations for any condition
  • The most proven method of fitness executed in every single class

Don’t join a gym that keeps secrets from you, especially when those secrets impact your health. Sweat440 receives constant 5-star reviews for our winning combination of effectiveness, safety, authenticity, and proven results. We have nothing to hide, just ask our thousands of satisfied members. Come join us today, and see how we build bodies up rather than tear them down.