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Crossfit vs. Sweat 440: Want to Pull Muscles or Build Muscle?

Crossfit vs. Sweat 440: Want to Pull Muscles or Build Muscle?

Crossfit and Sweat440 will both get your blood pumping. But Sweat440 does it safely and effectively. Crossfit classes implement techniques that many athletes have no experience in, and they’re taught by trainers who are certified in just two days. Most of the sweat you expend in a crossfit class comes from the overheated warehouse facility and the strain that you put on your connective tissues.

When your body is in duress, stress-induced sweat occurs. If you’ve ever sweat while trying to unscrew a lid or move a piece of furniture, you know that straining leads to sweating, whether it’s a good workout or not. Crossfit includes circus-like antics that are not only unsafe, they’re simply unnecessary. Take a look at how Crossfit compares to Sweat440 before you wind up with an injury.

Safe Sweating

Sweat produced from high temperatures is not the same as sweat produced from effective exercise. Many crossfit gyms utilize warehouse spaces with no air conditioning to create the sense that you’re working harder than you are. We all sweat when we’re hot, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting more fit. And working out in high temperatures is not advisable or advantageous. As your body’s core temperature rises, your internal organs and central nervous system are at risk. And the added heat leads to rapid fatigue that affects your posture and ability to control muscle movements.

Hot workouts are harder on your body, so they have the potential to burn more calories. But experts agree they also make you exhausted more quickly, so you work out with less intensity, counteracting the effect. The sweat you produce rids your body of essential nutrients like sodium, calcium, and potassium- not fat or “toxins” like some gyms claim. If you want to burn fat, stick to a climate-controlled gym, since as your body heats up, you burn carbohydrates, not fat. It may feel like you’re getting a “better” workout when you are overheated, but exercising in cooler conditions burns fat instead of carbs.

Sweat440 takes sweat seriously- we make sure each bead of sweat is earned by movement that blasts fat. We don’t subscribe to dehydrating our members; we emphasize hydration to maintain electrolyte balance and energy. Our gyms utilize proper ventilation and we even have showers where you can cool down. We implement strategic interval training so you get the best workout without taxing internal organs.

Safe Lifting

Power lifting is a serious pursuit that requires expert oversight. Many crossfit coaches are trained overnight and have no real experience in the risks. Crossfit is notorious for sending athletes to the hospital with torn ligaments and tendons, pulled muscles, ruptured disks in their neck and back, and shoulder and groin injuries. Part of the problem is they combine heavy lifting with high-volume reps, which puts excess strain on the muscles and connective tissues.

It’s common for crossfitters to blow out a knee, but even more ominously, crossfit participants are far more susceptible to rare conditions like rhabdomyolysis and cervical carotid artery dissections. Crossfit gyms often laugh in the face of such serious risks, flaunting t-shirts that bear the nickname “rhabdo”- a condition that causes muscles to release myoglobin into the bloodstream, with the potential for kidney failure or death.

Sweat440 is all about building muscle, as well as losing weight. But we eliminate the crazy notion that everyone should be giving themselves hernias and ruptured disks to achieve that goal. We utilize powerful weightlifting tools like kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, and sleds to get you ripped while keeping your body intact. Resistance exercises like sliders and suspension trainers build muscle with guidance to prevent injury. And our certified trainers circulate through every class to correct form, assist, and accommodate any limitations you have. Rather than pushing you past acceptable limits like crossfit, we push you past perceived limits to reach your full potential.

Safe Cardio

With cardio, it’s equally likely that you can over-perform or under-perform. When you step on the treadmill or go for a run, you may not know how intervals and intensity impact your workout. For example,10 minutes of HIIT cardio burns as many calories as 20 minutes of traditional cardio. Classes at crossfit recommended going all out in cardio for the duration. But research shows that intervals are better for burning fat and also for burning calories after your workout is over.

Steady cardio for a long period of time is counterintuitive to rapid results. Interval training keeps your body guessing so you don’t plateau or coast through the workout. And why spend an hour on a treadmill when you can burn far more calories in a 40-minute HIIT class? In crossfit classes, instructors don’t spend individual time with gym members to determine their fitness levels and goals. They teach generalized classes that may be too much or too little for you, depending on your endurance. Overexertion is dangerous, but under-exertion is also a risk, since it doesn’t produce results, making it likely you’ll quit working out.

At Sweat440, our classes are designed for all fitness levels, since you work to your own speed and ability. Our trainers help you reach your maximum potential without putting unnecessary strain on your body. Instead of the gymnastic circus crossfit puts you through, we use effective compound cardio circuits like assault bikes, rowers, versa climbers, and ski ergs to get you fit without humiliation.



Why Sweat440 is Safe and Effective for Everyone

Crossfit Hazards:
  • Two-day trainer certification
  • Maximum weights combined with maximum reps
  • Classes that aren’t catered to individual fitness levels
  • Lack of concern for risks like rhabdomyolysis
  • Power lifting for novices
  • Gymnastic routines for non-gymnasts
  • Overheated environments
  • Unsupervised exercises
Sweat440 Safety:
  • Experienced professional trainers
  • Ideal intervals for maximum output with minimum risk
  • Classes that are suited to all fitness levels
  • Heavy emphasis on proper form and injury avoidance
  • Weightlifting customized to ability
  • Diverse equipment for all kinds of athletes
  • Climate-controlled fitness studios
  • Constant coaching throughout every class