The Best Cross Circuit Training Workout: Sweat440

You may have heard of cross training, but what is cross circuit training? Cross training simply uses different tools to complete the workout. That could be any combo, like treadmill plus weightlifting, or stair climbing plus cycling. It adds variety, and possibly dynamics to your workout, depending on how it’s done. But cross circuit training is an entirely different concept.


Cross Training vs. Cross Circuit Training

Cross circuit training involves different modes of training like cross training does, but the difference is in the circuits performed: their duration, intensity, and variations. Cross circuit training is a form of body conditioning with multiple benefits. It increases endurance both in cardio and strength training capacity. It also improves resistance ability through intense compound exercises that burn calories while building muscle. While cross training focuses on strength or cardio individually, cross circuit training fuses them for a better workout in half the time.

What are Circuits Exactly?

A “circuit” is essentially a completion of a station that includes multiple sets of an exercise. So, when you cross circuit train, you’re completing multiple circuits targeting multiple muscle groups in your body. While you sculpt and shape those muscles, you’re simultaneously shredding fat and calories.

Proper cross circuit training involves brief circuits with rapid transitions between stations. It also includes variations in intensity and short periods of rest between exercises. These degrees of intensity and intense bursts followed by rest are what target your VO2 max, allowing you to consume the most oxygen possible during your workout.

Why is Cross Circuit Training More Effective?

Since cross circuit training hits your VO2 max, you burn calories long after your workout is done. You also perform to the best of your ability for the duration of the workout, rather than burning out like you might in traditional cross training where no rest is built in. Steady-state cardio triggers muscle memory and muscle fatigue, which means you risk exhaustion, poor form, and the dreaded plateau. But cross circuit training targets each muscle group just long enough to create results without injury or improper form.

Circuits keep your body guessing and include quick transitions, so you burn maximum calories without burning out. Some cross training classes claim to provide a full body workout by just sticking you on a bike or treadmill. But the variations, dynamic movements, and perfectly timed circuits are what engage each muscle fiber to tweak and tone all of your stubborn areas.

Does Cross Circuit Training Include Strength Training?

The best cross circuit training gyms understand that strength training and cardio training should coexist. You can blast calories while strengthening your upper body with machines like a Ski Erg. You can perform functional body weight exercises that sculpt abs while shredding fat. It’s outdated and misguided to see strength and endurance as two separate things.

Compound cardio circuits improve both at the same time for a more effective workout. Traditional cardio burns calories but doesn’t build muscle, so calorie burning stops when you step off the treadmill. But cross circuit training allows you to increase both strength and endurance, and that additional muscle mass burns calories long after your workout.

Which Cross Circuit Training Workout is Best?

Since the circuits are so essential to the method, you can’t just choose any gym for cross circuit training. The scientifically proven method for superior cross circuit training is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT implements periods of intensity with periods of rest in quick intervals for incomparable results.

HIIT is proven to burn twice the calories in half the time of steady-state cardio. And it’s also proven to burn calories for hours after you stop exercising. HIIT’s potent blend of strength training, body weight resistance training, and compound cardio is unmatched in its efficiency. HIIT targets individual muscle groups but also provides a full-body calorie crushing workout. Most HIIT classes dedicate daily focus to a certain area, plus your core, since it guides most of your movement. A better body in 40 minutes? HIIT can do that!

Sweat440 Delivers the Best Cross Circuit Training Workout

Sweat440 is unique in its ability to deliver the ultimate cross circuit training workout. Sweat440’s gyms are dedicated HIIT gyms, which means we teach HIIT all day long! Each of our trainers is a HIIT specialist who knows the proper circuits and intervals to get results.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and designed to maximize each minute you spend in the gym through compound cardio movements that build strength and endurance together. We even have innovative digital animations on screens at each station to keep you in perfect form!

But two things that truly set us apart are our class schedules and trainers. Our cross circuit training HIIT classes start every 10 minutes, so you can work out whenever you want! You don’t have to rush to book a spot in a particular cross circuit training class– all of our classes provide a killer HIIT workout. And each of our classes includes free personal training!

Our certified personal trainers circulate and assist throughout the entire class, correcting form, keeping your heart rate ideal, and making adjustments as needed. Everyone from beginners to professional athletes is safe in our classes and guaranteed an effective workout. Since circuits allow you to perform at your own level, everyone is included, and everyone sees results! Come see for yourself! There’s a free class starting in just 10 minutes!


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Why You Should Try Cross Circuit Training

The Benefits of Cross Circuit Training
  • Intervals of intensity for more calories burned
  • Multiple circuits to target different areas
  • Prevention of injury or muscle fatigue
  • Avoidance of steady-state cardio plateau
  • Safe for all fitness levels with a trainer
The Sweat440 Cross Circuit Training Advantage
  • Dedicated HIIT gym with superior method
  • The latest equipment for quicker results
  • Free personal trainers in each class
  • Qualified instructors for safety, form, and impact
  • Expertly paced intervals for VO2 max