9 Essential Features of a COVID Safe Gym Near South Beach

How would you describe 2020? Stressful? Frustrating? Confusing? All of the above? We couldn’t agree more. That’s why Sweat440 is here to dispel those feelings concerning gym attendance. Crucial to both physical and mental wellness, gyms are integral to our health. Fortunately, Miami-Dade County reopened gyms, giving us back a piece of our normal routine. However, gyms must reopen correctly and protect their members to be considered a COVID-safe gym near South Beach.

Studies show that people who go to the gym are no more likely to get infected than those who don’t. And those who don’t exercise are more likely to experience other negative outcomes, like depression, anxiety, and weight gain. Rejoining a gym should be rewarding and exhilarating. Join a COVID-safe gym to ensure it’s a positive experience. Here are 9 features to look for.


​1. Facial Coverings Are Enforced

We know it’s less appealing to exercise in a mask, but part of reducing the spread of COVID-19 includes wearing facial coverings while in public. Join a gym that requires this of their staff, as well as their members, as long as the Centers for Disease Control and the local government require it. Coronavirus cases are sure to decrease as vaccinations and herd immunity become more widespread. Until then, choose a gym that follows this guideline. We promise, you’ll forget you’re even wearing facial coverings in Sweat440’s music-infused, exciting classes!

2. Occupancy is Monitored

Gyms that pack members in like sardines aren’t appealing anyway, but particularly not during COVID-19. Choose a gym that adheres to the 50% capacity regulation to limit possible exposure. Sweat440’s classes have always been small to allow ample workout space. But now, we’ve reduced class sizes even more so everyone feels safe to work out. We also encourage members to arrive just before class and leave promptly afterward, to minimize occupancy load.

3. Social Distancing Guides Are Visible

Make sure your gym has social distance markings on the floor or wall to indicate how to stay 6 feet apart. Also take note of whether the gym is allowing physical contact between trainers and members. While high-fives and pats on the back are much needed after this crazy year, a thumbs-up is a safer alternative for now. Gyms should have signs requesting members to wear masks and observe guidelines. Sweat440 not only marks our Miami Beach gym clearly, but we also assign individual workout pods to keep you free from exposure.

4. Equipment Is Well-Spaced and Accessible

Check to see if the gym has cardio equipment adequately spaced for social distancing. Any interior doors between fitness areas should remain open so you can move freely in the gym with minimal surface contact. Sweat440 assigns you your own equipment and we also provide your own sanitizer to use at your station.

5. Disinfectant Use Is Multi-Layered

Look for a gym that cleans its equipment regularly and also has disinfecting spray available to members. Sweat440 goes several steps further, cleaning and disinfecting the gym with electrostatic sprayers at our mid-day closing, and at the end of the day, and also with antimicrobial defogging procedures twice a week. Our staff cleans high-touch points like doorknobs, faucets, and countertops throughout the day. Our cleaning products are EPA-certified and safe for members and the environment.

6. Amenities Are Used Wisely

Some gyms profit from their amenities, so they offer them despite regulations. Sweat440 offers our towels, showers, lockers and water fountains as a courtesy to members. But we’re suspending the usage for now, until we’re instructed otherwise. Bring your own towel and water bottle, and we’ll take care of the rest!

7. Screenings Are in Place

Some gyms aren’t screening staff or members for symptoms of COVID-19. At Sweat440, we use touchless temperature checks and inquire about symptoms of each team member before their shift. We request that members stay home if they’re feeling unwell or have exposure to COVID-19.

8. Staff Oversight Around the Clock

A gym might have the best intentions, but if no one oversees the members, COVID safety isn’t a guarantee. Gyms with separate weight rooms, empty classrooms, and 24-hour schedules that aren’t always staffed are prone to member non-compliance. At Sweat440, our gyms are always fully staffed, and each of our classes is led by an instructor for oversight to reduce the spread of COVID-19. That means that whether you work out Monday through Friday, or Saturday and Sunday, you’ll always have that extra measure of protection.  

9. Online Scheduling Is Offered

Unlike most gyms in Miami Beach, we don’t require you to book classes months in advance. Instead, we offer classes every 10 minutes, so everyone finds a spot in a class within minutes of arrival. However, we do offer online scheduling and apps to help you get in and out of the gym quickly. No need to linger at the check-in desk, or wait around for your turn on a machine. When you arrive, you’re totally ready to go!

Sweat440 Is the Best COVID Safe Gym Near South Beach!

You’ve waited long enough to get back in the gym, so don’t settle for a gym that doesn’t deserve you! At Sweat440 in Miami Beach, we take member safety very seriously, and we work hard to provide a sanitized gym with ample space for safe fitness. Want to see for yourself? Try one of our free classes today, conveniently located near beautiful South Beach!


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Sweat440’s Tips for COVID Safety

Require Safety Adherence from Your Gym
  • Facial coverings and staff PPE
  • Temperature checks and symptom screenings
  • Hospital-grade sanitizing
  • Social distancing and equipment spacing
  • Suspension of common-use amenities
  • Monitored occupancy and staff oversight
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