4 Reasons to Choose a COVID Safe Gym Near Montréal

Are you tired of the way things are? Are you ready to exercise like you used to: mask-free and surrounded by friends? We hear you. Things aren’t exactly like they used to be in gyms quite yet. But Sweat440 Montréal is opening soon with COVID-safe perks including socially distanced group fitness classes and COVID safety-trained personal trainers. If you’re looking for a “COVID safe gym near me in Montréal,” Sweat440 is your perfect match.  

When you step through our gym’s doors, your enthusiasm for fitness is revived by our upbeat music, inspiring trainers, and welcoming classmates. And the best part is, we offer all of it in the safest way possible. Our hospital grade, EPA-approved cleansers and state-of-the-art sanitizing devices eliminate fear of virus transmission so you can enjoy fitness again! Keep in mind the Québec government determines when Montréal gyms can reopen and move out of the Red Zone, but not all of them will comply or use the same standards and protocols and Sweat440. Here are 4 reasons to choose our COVID safe gym near you in Montréal.


1. Reducing Gym Occupancy Helps Prevent Spread of COVID-19

While the virus is still circulating, gyms have an essential responsibility to monitor occupancy. Some gyms traditionally packed a large number of people into their classrooms or weight rooms. Now, reducing class sizes and capping fitness studio capacity is essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19. When people remain 6 feet apart and wear masks, exercise is much safer than when people work out in close proximity.

As gyms reopen in Montréal, be sure to choose one that prioritizes your health over their revenue, by limiting the number of occupants at a time. Sweat440 has done this since our inception, long before the arrival of COVID-19. We’ve always kept class sizes smaller for individual instruction and personal space to work out. And our classes have always rotated groups of people out of the gym every 10 minutes for convenient scheduling. Now, we’re reducing occupancy even further, and asking members to leave promptly after class, so you have minimal exposure to other members.

2. Disinfectants, Masks, and Hand Sanitizer Help Save Lives

No matter where you stand on the political side of COVID-19 regulations, one thing is clear about all types of viruses. When you wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and cover your cough (wear a mask), fewer germs are spread to other people. This is true with colds, flus, and all contagious viruses, and it’s something doctors have been saying for decades.

So, how does that apply to gyms? You need a gym that reminds you to “wash your hands” with signage in the restrooms. You also need a gym that provides hand sanitizer to members free of charge and has sanitizing spray and towels available for you to wipe down your machines. In addition, you want a gym that goes the extra mile like Sweat440 Montréal does. Our gyms are cleaned twice a day with hospital-grade disinfectants, and also twice a week with an antimicrobial fogging disinfectant. We wipe down all high touch surfaces including equipment, door handles, and countertops consistently throughout each day. We require masks of everyone while indoors, until the Québec government says otherwise.

Some people who are young and super fit don’t feel threatened by a COVID-19 infection. But the virus has proven to be unpredictable, even in healthy individuals. It also poses a greater risk to certain others we interact with. Sweat440 uses the highest level of precaution to provide a safe workout for you, as well as the ones you love.

3. Social Distancing Helps Reduce COVID-19 Cases

There are strong and diverse opinions on COVID-19 gym closures. Many people are upset that they can’t exercise where and how they used to. But one thing everyone can agree on is that exercising close to fewer people exposes you to fewer germs. That’s not political, it’s just numerical. As some Montréal gyms reopen, they might rebel against the recommendations to spread equipment farther apart and use social distancing guides on floors and surfaces to keep people at a safe distance.

But this step is easy for gym goers to take, and it actually provides more individual space to exercise. Gym owners have had ample time during the closure to reconfigure equipment and plot out their walkways and common areas for optimal capacity. So, make sure you choose a Montréal gym that abides by these straightforward rules. Sweat440 assigns workout pods, provides individual equipment, and marks social distancing clearly on the floors so you know just where to stand. Less exposure equals less risk of infection. Pick the gym that lowers your risk.

4. Safe Exercise is Much Healthier Than No Exercise

With all the focus on the COVID-19 outbreak, we sometimes forget about other health risks that abound. The past year was rife with anxiety, depression, grief, anger, confusion, and other negative feelings for so many people. These impact our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing. In addition, pandemic lockdowns led to overeating, sedentary behavior, and poor sleep for countless individuals. Many people were forced to skip important doctor visits and contend with untreated ailments during the pandemic.

There’s no shame in however you coped with this ongoing adverse event; we are all doing the best we can. But there is an opportunity now to restore your healthy behaviors. Joining Sweat440 Montréal near public transportation stop Jean-Talon No/5000 is a safe way to replenish your spirit, reconnect safely with others, and revitalize your fitness routine. Try a free class when we open our doors, and you’ll see how COVID-safe fitness can be with the right Montréal gym.


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COVID Safe Gym Near Montréal: Benefits vs. Risks

Risks of Joining a Gym That’s Not COVID Safe
  • Greater risk of no masks and virus transmission
  • Greater risk of contamination when you touch surfaces
  • Greater risk of overcrowding without social distancing
  • Greater risk of no disinfecting or hand sanitizers
  • Greater risk of the gym being fined or shut down
Benefits of Joining Sweat440 Montréal
  • Better hospital grade sanitizing
  • Better amenities like hand sanitizer and cleansers
  • Better class sizes to limit capacity
  • Better markers to keep people socially distant
  • Better adherence to masks and symptom checks