10 Pieces of Gym Equipment That Are Great for Core Workouts

1. Rowers- For the Two Top Moves for Core Posture

Rowers aren’t the first thing most people think of for core workouts. But they’re one of the best tools to use. If you don’t have a rower, visit SWEAT440 in Huntsville to try one for free! Rowers can be used for two moves that enhance core posture and strength. For the first move, you sit on the seat and pull the handles straight toward you or to alternating sides. For the second move, you get in a plank position on the floor with your feet on the seat of the rower. You push your feet away from you, then pull them toward you, using core muscles the entire time. Both of these methods are guaranteed to torch your core!

2. VersaClimbers- For Sculpting Obliques

Another great piece of equipment for ab workouts is a VersaClimber. This innovative machine simulates mountain climbing and rock climbing in the safety of the gym. Since you raise your legs and arms on each side of the body alternately, you sculpt your obliques. These are the abdominal muscles on the sides of the body, that connect the ribs, hips, and lower back. You also utilize the central ab muscles because this exercise requires balance. SWEAT440 in Huntsville is one of few Alabama gyms with VersaClimbers, so come try a class for free!

3. SkiErgs- For Trimming Fat and Shrinking Waistlines

SkiErgs are a ton of fun, and they’re also incredibly effective at shrinking waistlines. The cardio involved burns major calories, and the motion applies smooth resistance, working your core, legs, and arms all at once. SkiErgs burn fat while you build muscle, and they tone your waist like cross-country skiing does. Luckily, they require less coordination and snow! SWEAT440 Huntsville is stocked with the latest equipment for core workouts, including SkiErgs. So, come hit the slopes with us! We’re located near Home Depot on Memorial Pkwy SW.

4.Assault Bikes- For Shredding Abs & Core

There’s biking, and then there’s Assault Biking. If you want to shred your abs & core, go with an Assault Bike. Regular bikes allow you to lean on the handlebars and coast. But Assault Bikes have handles that move, and they’re connected to a flywheel that increases resistance as you pedal. Your abs remain taut and in motion the whole time you ride the bike. Try an Assault Bike at a SWEAT440 HIIT session in Huntsville. You’ll get a full-body workout and shredded core within minutes.  

5.Battle Ropes- For Creating a Six-Pack

Battle ropes are a great arm workout. But toss a rope once or twice and you’ll feel how much they use your core. You can toss them up and down, side to side, or in circles to create that warm sensation in your abs that lets you know you’re getting ripped. The varied movements and different weights of the ropes make them a great tool for getting a six-pack quickly. A bonus of battle ropes? You can’t help but squeeze your glutes while throwing them, so you get toned everywhere all at once.

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6. Sleds- To Torch the Abdominal Muscles

Had a stressful day? Come shove a sled across the gym at SWEAT440! You can stack as many plates on it as you want, to challenge your tenacity. Pushing a weighted sled while walking or running uses abdominal muscles in a different way than steady-state cardio. These bursts of intensity burn calories better than traditional workouts.

7. TRX- For an All-Around Strong Core

TRX is an excellent way to achieve a strong core without doing specific ab movements. That’s because everything you do with TRX requires you to hold a position that uses stabilization in the core. It’s one of those awesome core strengthening exercises where your abs get a workout without you realizing it. 

8. Sliders- To Get Rid of Love Handles

Despite their cute name, some people don’t love their love handles. Sliders work great for trimming fat above the abdominal muscles on your sides. The quick twitch movements from one direction to the other require you to tighten your abs to keep from losing your balance. And sliders are an absolute blast to use. They feel like a combo of dancing, ice skating, and sliding around the house in your socks. But you get fit while having fun!

9. Kettlebells- For Shaping and Toning

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile for ab workouts. You can do kettlebell swings, Russian twists, Turkish get-ups, standing side bends, and so much more. While dumbbells are also useful in these movements, kettlebells are easier to hold. This helps prevent injury, especially when your hands are sweaty. 

10. Cables- To Sculpt and Flatten the Tummy

Cables have endless possibilities for sculpting the tummy. Jack knives, ab pull-downs, hanging knee raises, and standing oblique crunches are a few options. Visit SWEAT440 to give cables a try. We offer contract-free memberships with no cancellation fees. And at SWEAT440, there’s no such thing as ab workouts for women or ab workouts for men. Our affordable workouts are designed for everyone since you work at your own pace. 

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Top 10 Core Workouts for Quick Results 

10 Top Tools for Abs & Core

  1. Rowers
  2. VersaClimbers
  3. SkiErgs
  4. Assault Bikes
  5. Battle Ropes
  6. Sleds
  7. TRX
  8. Sliders
  9. Kettlebells
  10. Cables

10 Top Moves for a Strong Core

  1. Rowing machine knee tucks
  2. Russian twists
  3. Turkish get-ups
  4. Romanian deadlifts
  5. Standing oblique crunches
  6. Wood chops
  7. Hanging knee raises
  8. Jack knives
  9. Windmills
  10. Plank pull-throughs