Which Arm Workouts Help You Get Slimmer Arms or Bulkier Arms?

Which Arm Workouts Will Help You Get Slimmer Arms?

Whether you want to shrink the overall size of your arms or tone up loose skin on your arms, there are several great ways to do it. The first tip is to get rid of the notion that you should avoid weights. Resistance doesn’t increase the size of your arms when used correctly. Instead, it can improve the ratio of fat to muscle, which helps you burn calories while at rest. SWEAT440 Doral’s HIIT classes are packed with exercises that help you get slimmer arms. 

We incorporate resistance in all of our cardio movements since that increases the number of calories you burn. Compound cardio helps you build muscle while you burn fat, which enhances your metabolism. Depending on your goals, you’ll either do arm exercises with weights or with body resistance. SWEAT440’s HIIT classes are led by trainers who provide individualized instruction. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we’ll make sure you get it done!

Here are a few exercises we recommend for bicep and tricep workouts that produce lean arms.

  • Bicep curls with lunges
  • Hammer curls with squats
  • Pushing sleds
  • Slinging kettlebells
  • Throwing battle ropes
  • Using TRX 
  • SkiErgs
  • Rowers
  • Assault Bikes
  • VersaClimbers 

Which Arm Workouts Help You Get Larger, Sculpted Arms?

Do you want to increase the size of your arms instead? Many of the compound cardio exercises above are still great for getting bigger arm muscles since trimming fat makes large muscles more pronounced. The difference is in the amount of resistance and number of reps. For example, you’ll want to kick up the resistance on rowers and VersaClimbers. You’ll use bigger dumbbells for your hammer curls and stack more plates on your sled before you push it. You’ll throw thicker battle ropes and engage your arms more when pedaling an Assault Bike. Depending on your weight, you’ll most likely do your arm exercises with weights, rather than body resistance.

Tell SWEAT440’s trainers what you hope to accomplish, and we’ll devise a plan. Our founders are trainers who specialize in getting cut, bulking up, and everything in between. We’ll advise you on protein intake, hydration, recovery, and more, so you can get bigger arm muscles quickly. We don’t buy into the concept of arm workouts for men or women. All of our workouts are designed for everyone since they’re completely customizable. 

What Should You Avoid If You Don’t Want to Get Smaller Arms?

If you don’t want smaller arms without muscle tone, avoid steady-state cardio. Things like running, walking, cycling, and swimming can reduce muscle mass in your arms if there’s no resistance. Opt for exercises that incorporate weightlifting, or at least body resistance, like pushups and pullups. People who skip resistance in order to shrink their arms end up with loose skin beneath their biceps over time. Include bicep and tricep workouts with resistance, even if you don’t want bulky arms. 

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What Should You Avoid If You Don’t Want Bigger Arms?

If you don’t want bulky arms, avoid heavy weightlifting and overtraining your arm muscles. It’s important to do workouts like HIIT that alternate which muscle groups you focus on each day. Overtraining certain muscle groups can lead to bulkier muscles, but also to injury. Take breaks between working your arm muscles to let them recover. In addition, keep cardio part of your routine, rather than simply lifting weights. This will prevent you from developing larger arms since you’ll maximize muscles while minimizing fat. Also, assess your diet. Consider swapping empty calories out for these MedlinePlus recommended foods. They will fuel you up without bulking you up.

What Workouts Are Best for Arm Rehab?

If you’re recovering from an arm injury or arm surgery, consult your doctor before attempting any exercise. Then, proceed with caution, starting with less than you think you can do, and easing your way back to pre-injury or pre-surgery strength. At first, you might use very light resistance and minimal reps, just to see how it feels. Many people are ultimately stronger after surgery or injury if a weakness was repaired. So, have patience with yourself during arm rehab, and know that you’ll be back to full speed soon. SWEAT440 is an affordable gym with contract-free memberships, so you can get back into fitness at your own pace. 

Always choose a gym like SWEAT440 with trainer oversight since they can prevent re-injury.  

Try one of SWEAT440’s free HIIT classes to see how we focus on different muscle groups every day of the week. Our classmates work at their own pace through four stations with three exercises in each. Each person uses unique resistance and reps for a customized workout. Our trainers circulate through every class, providing individual guidance. Whether you want arm rehab, smaller arms, bigger arms, or sculpted arms, SWEAT440 Doral has all the tools you need! Visit us near Downtown Doral Park today!

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Which Bicep and Tricep Workouts Will Work for You?

8 Great Arm Workouts to Try:

  1. SkiErgs
  2. Assault Bikes
  3. TRX
  4. Sled pushing
  5. VersaClimbers
  6. Battle ropes
  7. Rowers
  8. Hammer curls

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