Beach Circuit Training Exercises: Sweat440’s Pro Tips

Some people train hard in the gym so they can look their best while lounging at the beach. Others like to relax at the beach, but get a workout in too. If you’re headed on vacation, you might not have access to your gym. Or you might just want to exercise with the sand beneath your toes. Before you attempt beach circuit training exercises, take these tips from the pros at Sweat440. It’s important to stay safe so you can enjoy your fun in the sun!


Pro Tip #1: Safety Comes First With Beach Workouts

The beach is the epitome of relaxation- the place where your cares float away in the balmy sea air. But, in order to keep things fun and stress-free, there are precautions to take with beach workouts. Exercising in the sun and sand is different for your body. Prepare for the environment and listen to your body’s cues.

  • Hydrate YourselfThe beach can be hot! The air temperature raises your body temperature, but so do the direct UV rays and the hot sand sending heat up through your feet. Hydrate thoroughly before, during, and after a beach workout to stay safe.
  • Protect YourselfHeat exhaustion and even heat stroke happen more quickly with sunny workouts. Wear a lightweight hat to keep sun off your face and avoid heavy clothing that isn’t breathable. Dunk your hat in water to cool down, or take a few strides through the surf when you’re heating up. Remember that the heat and the salty water are both dehydrating to your body, so keep water with you at all times, and don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Pace YourselfSand is a very different surface than concrete or a treadmill. You can’t just take off at your same pace, since your feet, ankles, legs and lungs are adjusting to the uneven surface. Start at a modified pace and increase as your body adjusts to the new terrain. Remember to use intervals of intensity, rather than one steady pace, to maximize results and prevent heat exhaustion.
  • Brace YourselfIt’s easier to twist an ankle or pull a hamstring running in the sand. While the surface is softer, making it low-impact, it is also unlevel, which causes unpredictable motions. Start on firm, slightly wet sand to find your footing. If you have weak ankles or prior injuries, consider knee or ankle braces to stabilize yourself in the sand.

Pro Tip #2- Use Intervals of Intensity on the Beach

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective workout in any location. But, on the beach, it takes on more importance, since the heat can be dangerous without proper intervals. In order to achieve maximum results safely, you need to mix intervals of intensity with brief periods of rest.

If you go for a long, steady-paced run on the beach, you risk overheating, as well as underperforming. The varied intervals of intensity allow your body to perform at a higher level and prevent muscle fatigue and poor form. If you want to maximize fat burn, as well as muscle build, use HIIT beach circuit training exercises instead of steady state cardio.

Taking your dog for a jog on the beach can be fun. But as far as top beach workouts, running isn’t the most effective. To get a total body workout at the beach, implement HIIT methods. HIIT combines cardio and resistance for compound circuits that blast fat while building muscle, targeting your VO2 max. This means that even after you work out, you’re burning calories while you lay in the sand, sipping your frosty drink.

Pro Tip #3- Train With the Pros Near the Beach

How long should you hold plank position? Are 15 reps enough? Should your feet be shoulder width apart? Should you keep your knees bent? Are crunches best performed straight forward, or bringing your left elbow to your left knee? These answers are best left to the pros, so don’t head to the beach for a workout without the advice of a trainer.

The safest and most effective way to do beach circuit training exercises is under the supervision of a certified instructor. It’s easy to overdo it in the sun, or to even workout excessively without getting the desired results. HIIT is a specific formula that works best with a qualified trainer. Not to mention, intense workouts are safer when performed in a climate-controlled environment, particularly for beginners.

Great news! Sweat440 offers premium HIIT classes right near all of your favorite beaches! Whether you’re headed to Miami Beach, South Beach, Palm Beach, Key West, Fort Lauderdale Beach, The Hamptons, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn Beach, Oka Beach, Jean-Doré Beach, or Clock Tower Beach, Sweat440 has beach locations in Florida, New York and Montréal!

Stop in one of our convenient HIIT gyms on your way to the beach for the best workout. Our classes start every 10 minutes and last just 40 minutes, so you can get the best workout with the safety of a trainer and protection from the sun, then head out for a day at the beach. We even have showers to freshen up before you go.

Pro Tip #4- Try Sweat440’s Total Body Beach Circuits Today! 

Sweat440’s beach locations make it the perfect gym to achieve your optimal beach body. Our HIIT classes provide a total body workout, and each day has a specific emphasis on certain body parts. Each class works your core, so you can get six pack abs, while achieving toned glutes and thighs, buff biceps, and perfect pecs.

Our trainers circulate through every class, perfecting form and pushing you to be your best, while always keeping you safe. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels, and start every 10 minutes, so stop by today! Our intervals include 4 10-minutes stations of 3 sets of 3 exercises performed for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest. Here’s what to expect.

Sweat440’s Top Circuits for Your Best Beach Body:

  • Monday: Shape- Lower Body- Intense circuits of compound exercises focusing on lower body and core.
  • Tuesday: Shred- Upper Body/Core- Metabolic conditioning circuits with a mix of upper body resistance training and core work to get you ripped fast.
  • Wednesday: Sweat- Core/Conditioning– A mix of high-intensity and core exercises for a heart pounding path to six pack abs.
  • Thursday: Shred- Lower Body/Core- Metabolic conditioning mixed with agility, plyometrics, lower-body resistance, and core work to shred your physique.
  • Friday: Shape- Upper Body/Core– Intense circuits of compound exercise with acute attention to shaping and toning the upper body and core.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Warrior- Total Body Conditioning– A mix of high-intensity intervals and core work for a fast-paced total body workout.


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Top Tips for Beach Circuit Training Exercises:

Safety First with Beach Workouts
  • Hydrate thoroughly at the beach.
  • Wear protective, lightweight clothing.
  • Wear ankle or knee braces for stability.
  • Start at a modified pace for uneven terrain.
  • Use intervals of intensity for safety and efficacy.
  • Use the water to cool down periodically.
  • Seek the advice of a qualified trainer.
  • Train in a climate-controlled gym near the beach for safety.
  • For best results, train near the beach at Sweat440.
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