Top 7 HIIT Cardio Benefits & How to Achieve Them at the Gym

1) There’s No Cardio Like HIIT to Lose Fat Quickly

Have you logged countless hours on the treadmill without a shift of the needle on the scale? Are you toiling away in spin classes, anxiously waiting for your jeans to feel looser? Health is about so much more than weight, however, sometimes we need to drop a few pounds, and there’s nothing better for that than HIIT workouts. Why? Because high intensity interval training (HIIT) doesn’t just trap you on a monotonous machine for 30 minutes. 

HIIT cardio involves all of your muscle groups and varied levels of intensity that maximize oxygen consumption while you simultaneously build muscle. The result? Maximum weight loss in minimal time, since a HIIT routine helps you burn calories even after the workout is done. Click HERE to find a “HIIT gym near me,” and read on to learn why HIIT works!

2) HIIT Cardio Benefits Extend Beyond the Waistline

As mentioned, weight and health are two different entities, and there are benefits to HIIT cardio that extend way beyond weight loss. For instance, HIIT is known for improving blood flow, reducing blood sugar, lowering the resting heart rate, optimizing metabolism, and building muscle. Studies indicate HIIT may also improve sleep and depression. So, whether you do cardio for weight loss, heart health, mental health, or muscle definition, HIIT cardio has everything you need!   

3) Weights and HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss Coexist

Many people assume lifting weights will increase their body weight. This is one potential outcome, if you’re lifting to bulk up. But strength training is also an integral part of successful weight loss. When you increase muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest. So, adding resistance to your workout is essential to improving your metabolism long-term. 

Losing weight without building muscle typically results in the weight creeping back on. The resistance training aspect of HIIT cardio is part of why it’s so effective. Sweat440’s HIIT classes are fully customizable. Our personal trainers set your reps and resistance according to your fitness goals. This is good news for everyone, since some people want to increase muscle mass, while others want to lose weight without boring themselves silly on a treadmill! 

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4) HIIT Cardio Won’t Put You to Sleep

Yes, we’ve heard of the “runner’s high.” But we’ve also heard of the shin splints, muscle atrophy, knee injuries, and sheer boredom that often accompany typical cardio workouts. If you’re dragging yourself to the gym, your fitness routine is probably stale. It’s time to wake up your regime with a HIIT routine that’s the opposite of boring. 

Our classes combine high-energy music with encouraging classmates, inspiring trainers, and ever-changing routines, so you never get sick of the gym. Our class members frequently say they can’t believe how fast the class flew by. Why is this one of the HIIT cardio benefits? Because no matter how great your workout is, it won’t work if you don’t consistently go to the gym!

5) How Long Should a HIIT Workout Be: You’ll Love the Answer 

If you don’t have time to train for a marathon, join the club. One of the benefits of HIIT classes is that you get a powerful workout in 40 tight minutes packed with 3 sets of 12 exercises. High intensity exercise is part of HIIT. But it’s interspersed with recovery periods, so you can catch your breath and lower your heart rate, then keep working at max potential. 

Just when you think you can’t do another set, you don’t have to! You’re moving on to a new exercise. You don’t even need an hour to get a full-body workout at Sweat440. We have free HIIT classes every 10 minutes near Key Biscayne, so you can easily fit exercise into your day. 

6) A HIIT Class Workout Is Super Efficient

If you’re separating cardio from resistance, you’re spending too long in the gym. When you combine aerobic exercises with resistance, you enter an anaerobic state that helps you build muscle while burning fat. HIIT exercises are designed to safely engage your muscles while performing cardio exercises, to achieve your VO2 Max. This is how you maximize oxygen consumption and calorie burn every time.

Contrary to what you find on Google, not everything that involves intensity or intervals is HIIT. The best HIIT workout is a combo of cardio and resistance with specific intervals that optimize your fitness. Simply running at different speeds on a treadmill, or taking breaks between sets is not necessarily HIIT. Try a free class with our experts near Key Biscayne to see how efficient HIIT workouts can be!

7) Sweat440 Classes Near Me Include Free Personal Training 

If you’re looking for an effective and also affordable workout, visit Sweat440. Our founders are personal trainers who know the difference individualized instruction makes in reaching fitness goals. So, they designed Sweat440 as a small-group HIIT gym where everyone gets a customized workout for no additional fee. 

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What Is a HIIT Workout & What Are the Benefits?

HIIT Workout Features:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Cardio and resistance combined
  • Dynamic exercises for all muscle groups
  • Rotation of stations for full-body fitness
  • Efficient tools like Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes & Versa Climbers
  • Compound cardio with sleds, ropes, sliders, and TRX
  • New classes daily to prevent plateau & injury

HIIT Workout Benefits:

  • Maximum calorie burn while you build muscle
  • Varied levels of intensity to hit VO2 Max
  • Customizable for all fitness levels
  • Optimizes blood flow, blood sugar, and heart rate
  • Improves sleep, depression, and mental health
  • Burns fat even at rest
  • More efficient than aerobic exercises